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  1. just trying to keep the block on my profile small. Don't really care for the leaderboard. Also feel free to check the timestamps
  2. Yeah, already flagged for Final Fantasy XIII, Naughty Bear, Final Fantasy XIII-2, DmC Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy X HD but I'm not gonna bother disputing those. Was wondering about Dead Space though
  3. Reason: Chapter trophies are way out of order, trophy for chapter 3 before chapter 2 etc and somehow managed to finish game on hardest setting without more than one playthrough.
  4. TIGER_2408 Dead Space Whoever reported this is obviously not capable of reading since the trophies are all listed in perfect order and I don't really see how the reporter can't comprehend how it is possible to beat the game on the highest difficulty one day after beating it on a regular difficulty
  5. Deleting the savegame should give you the chance to obtain the trophies again