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  1. I used the regular career mode for the trophy. I only found the playground maps when doing the afk for 1k miles trophy. Idk if these maps can pop the trophy. The one I played had a ton of these pink boxes placed. The points just skyrocketed. Though, it's worth a shot.
  2. Also check in from time to time. There is not a single map that you wont get stuck. Happened to me a few times.
  3. Search on Playground for Trophy 30k There are a couple of maps that give you easy 150k points with no effort. Might work.
  4. Same here too. Before the current patch all events were finished, but no trophy. With the update one event wasn't. I finished it and the trophy popped
  5. Yes. No wonder it screwed up my transfer to PS5
  6. I can't get the No Event Left Behind Trophy to unlock. When I moved my PS4 to PS5 I lost progress and some events had a lock on them. I had driven all of them, including the final one, and yet no trophy popped Any idea?
  7. I just booted up Dirt 5 (PS4) and now it says I only played 10hrs45min. and only driven 425 miles I clearly have driven more then 1000 miles, played around 20hrs and finished all events. What the hell... how can this be? After the last time I've played, I haven't touched the safes, meaning no deleting or some sort. This is some serious BS! 😡
  8. If you buy Hitman 1 GOTY + Hitman 2 Gold Edition, then you're on the safe side and you'll get these two games content in Hitman 3 for free.
  9. If you buy H1 GOTY and H2 GOLD you get full access to all the content that is available in H3 from these games. You can safely buy them. You're not owning the previous games when you buy the access passes. So with getting the H1 and/or H2 access pass wont give you the right to download the actual H1/H2 games. Those access passes are considered DLC. However if you own the actual games, you get the access for free. If IOI will make a 4th Hitman, we can assume you will get another access pass if they choose so. But we don't know and speculating on something that might come in a couple of years makes no sense.
  10. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order didn't auto pop all trophies for me. I had to re-do Kicking Back and Not so fast. I heard from others similar things.
  11. 1: Hitman 1 doesn't carry over to Hitman 3, except if you played Hitman 1 content in Hitman 2 2: If you own Hitman 2, includes PS+ version, you get free access to the content in Hitman 3. You need to download the Hitman 3: Hitman 2 access pass. Doesn't matter if you have it digital or disc (game disc required to unlock content). So no need to rebuy any Hitman 2 content if you still have the game at hand If you no longer have Hitman 2, because you had it as a disc, there is sale currently Hitman 2 Gold Edition $20 Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 2 Standard $14
  12. To 100% Hitman 1 with PS+ version you need the legacy maps. Do what I wrote and you'll get 100%
  13. I'm already at 190hrs and I don't have a single DLC yet 😆
  14. To clarify if you only have Hitman 2 and you want 100% on H2 with PS+ (Standard Edition) you'll need the following - Hitman 2 Expansion Pass - Hitman - GOTY Legacy Pack
  15. Guys, in order to get the legacy collection maps in Hitman 1 you need Hitman 2 (full game or free starter pack). - Install H1 and H2 (full or free starter) - Start H1 at least once <- might not be needed, but do it just in case - Start H2 and go to the shop -> select Legacy Maps and start download (no need to finish) - After getting all the maps unlocked go back to the store within H1. Now you can download the maps in there This is the ONLY way to get the maps for free in H1, including PS+ version You wont get Patient Zero or any of the extra content. If you want those, you need to buy the GOTY upgrade for H1 or buy them separately. And yes, you can upgrade PS+ version to GOTY as well.