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  1. I think this is due to the fact that coins can be earned in different ways, not only through a career (and you can play a career for several characters), but also by playing quick matches and online matches. Apparently the career savefile contains only career progress for the current character. hope this method will help not to give up on this platinum πŸ‘ though it is still a very annoying game
  2. i believe money are saved to a savefile called PROFILE (or smth like that, my console is not in English), you backup and restore only CAREER file. You win a match β†’ some coins saved to "profile" β†’ restore "career" β†’ repeat. Don't restore anything, but careerπŸ˜‰
  3. new solo method (and the quickest one, i think): 1) better have an agent who raises the prize money 2) start the 6-stars tournament 3) reach the last match and leave when you got one point to win (e.g. winning 0-40) 4) backup CAREER savefile to a usb drive 5) return to the game and win the match 6) restore the backuped savefile repeat 5-6 as long as needed Using this method i get 3781 coins per try (3500 + agent bonus). You can get even more if you are lucky enough with the challenges. On PS5 it takes me 2-2.5 minutes per try, thus giving me 100-110k in one hour P.S. don't expect any help from the game. Sometimes AI goes crazy even on the easiest difficulty and serves 200-220kmh. So better start grinding if you win 0-40 or at least 15-40. Otherwise, one good serve from the opponent and you can waste some precious time
  4. thanks πŸ‘
  5. have you done it on the latest update? i have only grinding and school left, wonder if this patch fixes the glitch
  6. sad. a waste of time for me then πŸ˜’
  7. does it count every time the boss character is highlighted when i hit him? even if it's yellow and i don't survive for 30 secs? i can barely hit him twice and then die before 30 sec is gone
  8. i think it's an automatic reply. i contacted WBsupport too and got literally the same answer 5 minutes later