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  1. Damn Blue Ribbon trophy is still in Infinite. I'll wait to confirm the glitch for that is still active before I consider even touching that game on ps4. I hate horde modes.
  2. I don't have to offer. Just looking for a certified item that's easy like wins, goals, shots, clears. I'll gladly fib it back after I get the two trophies. Only rare items I have are frostbite, wildcat ears, and royalty decal
  3. BLOPS3 has dlc timed exclusivity and rocket league isn't an established franchise. Not all exclusivity is created equal. But I don't need to convince you. Like I said: my money, my decision.
  4. Yes, I'll be petty. I'm deciding to spend my money in a way that tells them it was a poor business decision.
  5. I can't wait to buy a used copy of this game. SE won't see a penny from me for it.
  6. no unfortunately you will have all campaign progress including challenges and allocates reset
  7. Hey I was finally able to get this to unlock. But you have to reset your campaign data. After you do that, make sure you exit and relaunch the game then you can go to chapter 3 safe house and try.
  8. I feel ya. I have the same issue. I have reset my data and tried multiple times and it won't unlock. Basically I'm not going to do anymore of the SP trophies until this is fixed.
  9. Feed the streets.

    1. MatCauthon
    2. Hamburger Helper

      Hamburger Helper

      Looking back at my past

      Man I done did a lot

      Only thing I didn’t do was

      Ever ever get caught

    3. Hamburger Helper

      Hamburger Helper

      Buy sum muhfuggen Hamburger Helper, nigga.

  10. This is still glitched. Well over 40k multiple times and stuck on tier 2/3 of running the gauntlet challenge.
  11. Wanna take a ride with me?

    1. Superstarmaste1r


      Say my name Paul Walker! :D

    2. MatCauthon


      No. I hear you're a dangerous driver.

  12. #141 Fallout 4 Platinum Trophy 13.50% - Rare
  13. I have nine. GOT TWD S1 TWD S2 TWAU TFTB BTTF Sam and Max Devils Playhouse Tales From Monkey Island Jurassic Park
  14. You been hittin' yo macros, fam? Kind of worried you're not a card carrying member of the 1000 lb club.