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  1. In case anyone else didn't get 10/29(Natsume Around): Follow the guide for the bad end but pick yellow box(Natsume Around 7) at the start instead. The choices you pick during Natsume specific scenes don't matter(Theme Park, Your Room, Natsume changing). Just make sure when you do have the choice, do not join her. As well as not talking to the D4U as said before.
  2. There was a patch out today, said it fixed something NPC dialog trees. I tried searching around again to see if anything changed. Talked to NPCs, changed dragon size and walked around, searched around everywhere, still no dice. Even went to see if there was something hidden in NPC dialog. Also I'm still missing a recipe fragment for egg in golden sauce, I guess I didn't notice it. If anyone would have any idea where that would be would be awesome to know.
  3. So this game is still chilling at 81% and nobody has completed it yet. I moved on but I was hoping someone else got the plat and figured it out. I'm starting to wonder if the game is really glitched........ Maybe somebody Japanese will be able to figure this game out as it comes out tomorrow there.
  4. I posted this in the other thread but I don't think anything in this game is glitched. Since this game is so niche, it's really hard to find information on this game as there is likely a very small pool of players playing the fame. The developers did not really explain much about the post game or anything for that matter.
  5. I don't think the game is glitched(at least I hope it isn't) I'm also in post game and there really seems to be nothing I can find. I have 141/160 ingredients, 357/400 fragments, and 84 recipes. Is there a hidden area perhaps? Or do you get more ingredients on the map if you fill out that Secret slot in each recipe? That bridge looks to be for lore purposes. It's where the NPCs come from. I got a fairly rare ingredient called XO Sauce from those dragon holes, I'm thinking there might be quite a few in those in the game but not enough that would explain the large chunk of ingredients we are missing. Edit pt.2- So I rechecked my fragments, and I'm missing exactly the amount of recipes that I need with the fragments, so there is exactly 10 recipe complete recipes somewhere on the map. Found a small hidden rock alcove that had some of the recipe fragments I was missing as well but that didn't have any materials or anything else.