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  1. For "Weakness Finder", I believe it's just that. Find the enemy weakness for 40 enemies for the first time. If you look at the rarity of Steam Achievements and the first guy to achieve this on here it suggests, you don't have to completly fill the "weakness card" of 40 enemies. The rarity is just too high and early in the game to include that. Thing is, we are fucked, because we already filled most of our weakness cards. And I, for that matter, have a lot of enemies missing from the beastiary even though I completely filled their weakness card. As for the Crystal Fruits, I already went the whole map twice before I discovered this is bugged, so I didn't wanna try again today. In conclusion, this Plat will elude me, because I can't be arsed to play this piece of shit game again. EDIT: The treasure trophy is easy. Just load a save where you are sure you have looted over 140 chests, but not all and loot a chest, the trophy will pop instantly. If you didn't make a save every chapter for instance, then you are fucked for this trophy too, except you walk every map again and look for a missed chest. EDIT2: Did I mention this game is garbage? What happened to QA? Back in the day with Cartridges or even CDs you had one chance to make it right. Nowadays everyone just fucks up and thinks "Hey, I can patch this shit". Ubisoft, Bioware, whatever, I can understand, they are big enough to take the hit, they don't care. But Indie devs? What the fuck? They need all the support they can get. I'd wager even ten less buyers mean something for them. All the more reason to fucking QA your fucking piece of shit game. How difficult is it to once, just once, Platinum or XBOX equivalent 100% your own game to prove you didn't fuck up?
  2. Well, maybe your PS5 is garbage then. The only crashes I had were with garbage titles like this one and Cybershit 1066. While we are talking about garbage, Witcher 3 on PS4 always crashed when you entered the shop while having configured a bigger font than standard. It's 99% the devs that are garbage.
  3. Naahhh.. there is just not that feeling of impending doom, like it was in the first title.. It's just slice of life for most of the game.. the first entry atleast had a purpose BtS > LiS 1 >>>> LiS 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LiS 2 The second title was a piece of shit though
  4. tbh, the auto-pop isn't bugged. It's just that people didn't save after getting plat. I always strive for a "perfect save", so after I get a plat, I save one last time instead of insta-quitting. My take is, that people who have problems, insta-quitted after getting the plat and now they have these problems
  5. No thats not what I said.. You can absoluletly do it with Battle Shortcut turned on, I did it that way, so why are you contradicting me? From my 2000th kill until my 4998th kill I had Battle Shortcut turned on and just turned it off for the last 2 kills and I got the trophy, so why are you lying?
  6. I had the same issue on my vanilla PS3 while playing Hunted: The Demon's Forge My PS3 was set to EN-US and apparently the game kept defaulting to french. I then set it to EN-UK and it played in english.
  7. Steam Community :: Guide :: I Saw Black Clouds Achievements (WIP 14/15) Comment 30 and 31
  8. I'm seeing everyone is moving to 90%, am I the only one that got bugged out of the denial ending or am I doing something wrong? Just followed the Steam Guide and got the missing trophies - except Help ofcourse
  9. Yeah... it's bugged. What a shame though, for me this is (was?) the best FMV game I ever played... This could have been really fun, trying out different things to get different outcomes, but learning that it's bugged killed this game for me. I'm gonna wait for the patch, finish ASAP and delete this forever. I already did all of those things in my previous runs and didn't get the respective endings or trophies. To be sure I just did exactly what was required for Denial and it ended in Unfinished.
  10. I was just playing around yesterday with a few different choices and I happened to unlock them consecutively and seeing as these two are quite difficult I thought I'd upload these runs. I also tried to get denial ending, but I got unfinished instead. I had 100% denial, but I think my relationship with Charlotte was too low at 30% or 40%. I tried to get every ghost encounter - this seems to boost denial (maybe not, just tried in the bedroom, it boosts acceptance in this instance). Maybe I'm gonna try again today or tomorrow. EDIT: Just did a run with denial at 95% and Charlotte at 80% still got unfinished ending, I dunno.. altough I did everything I could to piss that rapist off, maybe thats wrong?
  11. Clear Unfinished If you can't makeout the choice I skipped the choice via R1 - default choice
  12. "Ok, Boomer", "Yeet" Who translated this, a 15 year old kid?
  13. Contrary to what some guides say, it's entirely possible to get the trophy for defeating 5000 enemies with "Battle Shortcut" turned on. I had it turned on since defeating 2000 enemies up to precisely my 5000th kill, which I did in manual mode (I was spooked because of the guides, so I didn't wanna leave it to chance).
  14. Didn't know there was such a thread, as per the thread it doesn't seem to be the case, but I wonder. Maybe the "hard" content was cut in development phase. I mean USK0, seriously? Even Death End Request is USK12 and I wondered why, because it has so graphical descriptions of death. For a game which main selling point is live - die - repeat, to have USK0, that seems to be a reach not to be censored I think so too
  15. Is the game censored? A quick google search couldn't answer my question. Add to that, that the game is USK0 (Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle it's like PEGI for Germany, so it would be equivalent to PEGI 0). That means a 2 year old child could play the game. Actually I am at the end of the first loop - I think - and I have yet to see a single corpse. The closest thing to a body I got to see was a Chibi model bleeding.