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  1. I platinumed X-COM yesterday after 2 years of playing it, love that game! My son taught me all about the world of Minecraft this morning!
  2. Ha with all these games you've recommended I probably won't need to bother buying a PS4 until the PS5 is released lol... Thanks for the input everyone...
  3. Hi I'm just wondering what games I should add to my backlog of games to play/plat before I switch to the PS4. I did quite well not buying the PS4 at launch but I will upgrade (at some stage) but I don't want to miss out on any must play PS3 games. I've got a few already on my list so by looking at that it might give you an idea on what I like to play 1. XCOM: Enemy Within 2. Borderlands 2 GOTY edition 3. Sleeping Dogs 4. Uncharted 2 & 3 5 Dead Island 6. Payday 2 7. Batman Arkham Asylum & Origins 8. Deus Ex human revolution 9. The Mass Effect Trilogy 10. Vanquish If you could give me a short reason why I need to play any of the games you recommend it would help me understand why I need to play them, it might also help if you look at my trophy list to see what games I've played & platted thanks for any input ;0)
  4. ...and then, while you're adding all these bloody milestones, why not stick a massive trophy tombstone at the end...
  5. Lol I get it now, I thought I'd been hacked as well...
  6. Operation flashpoint red river dosen't have a header image Here's a candidate:
  7. I used to play the original on Amiga & the remake on PC, I was a bit dubious with this being a first person shooter, but for £6 at Blockbuster I thought what the hell! Despite average reviews I've found the game to be really good, definately worth a blast if you can pick it up cheap... P.S. great header image & trophy card ;0)
  8. I think the trophy card image for Syndicate could do with being updated with a better one if possible: Here is another good image for syndicate as well:
  9. I know you can do it solo, I was just trying to get a team effort going for a bit of fun, going solo just isn't as entertaining...
  10. It isn't the header image that needs changing for this game, it's the game image ( Wolfenstien) Currently it's a collection of trophy images, can you change it to something with the name of the game on it like from below: The release date is wrong as well it states 1992 when it should say 2009 (Wolfenstien)
  11. Chinbad (& gave him a massive f*ck off chin)...
  12. I think online is one of the best experiences I've had for teamwork, racing, even the mini games are fun. As posted above you can change the settings of lobbies to make the races fair & even "skill match" players. The PSNprofiles crew is a good one as well, we have some real team players, I've helped numerous crew members escape bounties & I'll always back up a crew member in trouble. I haven't been able to do that in any other online game I've played. It makes me feel like the good guy. Even the idiots who try to ram you if they can't win you in races can be dealt with if you have the know how! Knowledge is power my friend...
  13. I'm looking for PSNPROFILES crew members only to help me with the "hideout cleared" award in the game. Ideally I want 2 teams of 4 (so 8 crew members in total) to clear out 5 hideouts within the game in one session & in the space of a day. More crew members will equal a faster clear time & give us an idea how well we can co-ordinate with each other. So if you are interested please post here. I'm sure my partner in crime (lol) Blckburn123 will be interested in this as it will give us a platinum award upon completion that counts towards the 30 you need for a trophy. If this goes to plan we can organise further team efforts for other platinum awards in GTA V at a later date. So we need dedicated players only, no messers! This will be a closed crew session only. 2 fire teams in 2, 4 door vehicles, mics would be an advantage but not necessary as long as you can understand the person giving orders. If everyone who joins this "mission" could wear the blue crew t-shirt, as well so we don't have any "friendly fire" incidents... So 6 crew members needed after the 2 listed below... ChaseHQ Blckburn123
  14. Wrecked: Revenge Revisited dosen't have a page header, here's one...
  15. You get more rep points & more money if you don't hit anyone whilst standard racing, I've played plenty of races where 1st & 2nd got equal pride money for clean racing ($11,000). The opposite is true if you race like an idiot & are trying to cause death by dangerous driving, i.e. using your vehicle as a homing missile, then you get penalized with lower rep points & prize money. So it's an incentive to race clean...