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  1. Naturalization Interview was a success! Just have to wait for a letter about my Oath Ceremony date and then I'm a fully fledged American/ dual citizen

  2. I have my naturalization interview (for U.S. citizenship) a month from today!

  3. Being an old ps3t expat and a legit expat, I would be interested even though my story isn't terribly interesting itself, and I haven't been that active for a few years on here and with gaming in general. Either way, I'll toss my hat in the ring.
  4. Been using a Samsung Galaxy 8+ for the past 3 years or so, I'm looking to upgrade to maybe a S20 FE just because it's cheap for the monthly payments. I may end up with something newer by going in on a buy one, get one free deal through AT&T with my wife, who has a Galaxy S9+.
  5. It looks like there's a boosting gaming session in about a day and a half for Far Cry 2 if you wanted to check that out and work on it.

    1. JoaLoft


      Thanks for the update, man! I'm not sure if I'll have the time to devote myself to Far Cry 2's platinum trophy, because of the huge PS4 backlog I'm still working on, but I do appreciate you reaching out. :)


      Congrats on the platinum btw! Some of those ultra rare platinum trophies on your profile are impressive.

    2. Un-cool Uncle Jamm

      Un-cool Uncle Jamm

      Thanks, It's an oldie, but a goodie. The degrading weapons is a huge turn off for most people aside from the sheet amount of kills it takes to level up all of the weapons. It's my longest plat to date. but I had help from one of my buddies who worked on Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and Red Faction: Guerilla (10k kills for Riddick and 5k kills in RF:G)

      Sheer amount of kills* apparently we can't edit these. Also I get the backlog, My life has taken over a lot of my gaming time so I haven't really worked on games intensely for the past 4 years.

  6. Probably WET or GT6, didn't have the patience for the latter, WET is/was fun but I had issues trying to get the levels completed.
  7. Ratchet & Clank
  8. Maquette. It looks interesting though.
  9. Looks like it's just four of a possible thirty-two: 1. Borderlands 2. Tales From The Borderlands 3. God Of War 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
  10. 15 of 25 in common: L.A. Noire (PS3) Rocket League Tales from the Borderlands (PS4) Saints Row: Gat out of Hell inFamous 2 Saints Row IV Red Dead Redemption inFamous First Light inFamous Second Son inFamous The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Just Cause 2 Heavy Rain Fallout 3 Need for Speed: Undercover
  11. Life and work got in the way of things so I rarely play games but had finished a Stanley cup run on NHL 18. In 2016 i had platted Saints Row: Get Out of Hell for number 49. Haven't gotten many trophies since.
  12. This is my checklist, Gran Turismo 5 style. I'm Jamm, an "average" gamer (not for here, really), focusing more on the fun of the game, than time into the difficult plat. I have tried to strive and plat some games, but generally that makes me frustrated (annoying online, getting stuck and I do all the time, or getting bored in general of the game) and leave said game alone for a while. This tends to be how I play games, it's a love/hate relationship. IF I love the game I will play it for days...weeks, even months (See: Battlefield 3, Gran Tursimo 5) sometimes, this turns into a bad thing. Like listening/hearing the same song on the radio too much - the Overplayed factor. Since moving to the US of A, my gaming life has slowed down considerably. Recently I have been unable to play a lot of games and only get about 5-20 hours in a week. My goal for the year 2014 is to reach 70 75% 80% 85% (81.8) completion, 3,000 3,333 3,500 (3440) trophies, and have 11 15 (15/15) plats. My goal for the year 2015 is to reach 85% 87.5% (85.45%) completion, 3,500 3,666 3900 (3860) trophies and have 6, 8, 10 12 (10/12) plats, one of which to be Far Cry 2 No goals from 2016-2019 Goal for 2020 is to have fun Platinums 48 Golds 212 Silvers 702 Bronzes 2900 Trophy Card First Trophy: All Seeds 01 (Pixeljunk Eden) 27th Aug 2008 at 8:26:28 PM Open all seeds in garden 01, without using continues First Plat: Fallout 3 First PS4 Trophy: Dunn's pride (Battlefield 4) 15th Nov 2013 at 3:15:12 AM Obtain 7 000 points in the Baku mission in the Campaign First PS4 Plat: Battlefield 4 Last PS3 Plat: Medal Of Honor Last PS4 Plat: Tales From the Borderlands Last Trophy: We Had Fun, Didn't We? (Tales From the Borderlands) October 30th, 2015 at 11:27:59 AM Complete Tales From The Borderlands Top Battlefield 4 (100%) December 13, 2013 (November 26, 2014) Fun addition, -though glitchy (had my save corrupt a few times for SP)- to the Battlefield series, very short single player with leveling up and some unique features not seen in many other games (yet). The online trophies are very basic, just level up, win a game on each game type, plant the bomb five times in obliteration and get 45 M1911 kills. All are pretty simple, just take time to level up, as leveling weapons requires using that weapon class to unlock other like weapons. Pistol kills = pistol xp, carbine kills = carbine xp, etc. The DLC made this game considerably longer with some tough assignments and lengthy mandatory play time on maps. Estimated time of completion: 60-90 hours. RESOGUN (64%) January 12, 2014 Pretty sweet space shooter game, interactive side scroller with lots of action at all times. It has tough bosses and some challenging trophies to get. Looking forward to attempting the DLC trophies. Estimated time of completion: 20 hours. Killzone: Shadow Fall (77%) February 25, 2014 This game is fun off and online, with some vibrant maps, dead space-esque levels, and a wide assortment of weapons and abilities. I'll continue to play this game online as it's still quite fun trying to play for the objectives and assorted challenges not related to obtaining platinum. Need to work on the DLC some more to achieve that lovely 100%. Biggest pain in the ass trophy: Jack Of All Trades. Estimated time of completion: 64 hours online, 15-20 offline. Knack (100%) March 6, 2014 Pretty cool launch day game with puzzles and fun problem solving, and a character that can rebuild itself. It's a fun game, though a bit of a grind as plat took me 6.5 playthroughs to obtain, since there are diamond relics you have to grind out of treasure chests that have random drops. Aside from that, a fun plat to get. Estimated time of completion: 25 hours. inFAMOUS Second Son (100%) March 24, 2014 Great addition to the inFamous series, with multiple elements at your disposal (smoke, neon, video and concrete). The gameplay is fairly fast, with a lot less platforming than the first two games, due to your powers letting you fly/run/materialize up the buildings. Probably the most fun I had in the game were doing the Stencil Art "challenges", some of them looked pretty funny and made me chuckle, and even a few of them were cute (one cat pic comes to mind). The bosses were frustrating for a few minutes until I had an idea of how to defeat them and ended up being very easy to beat, compared to inFamous 1's bosses. All in all, a fun game, though short. Estimated time of completion: 20-30 hours. WATCH_DOGS (100%) August 29, 2014 (October 4, 2014) Pretty cool sandbox shooter with some nice technological twists. Great plot, lots of side missions and hacking gets you places normal platforming won't. The hacking combined with stealth made the campaign fun but challenging, the misc challenges made the game more interesting with the drinking challenge so much of a challenge they patched it to make it easier. The online modes I preferred tailing and the races. Bad Blood was a fun DLC that followed the story of T-Bone, and adds a nice bit of co-op to the multiplayer experience. Biggest pain in the ass trophy: Hacktification. Estimated time of completion: 30 hours. inFAMOUS First Light (100%) September 16, 2014 Fun stand-alone prequel DLC from the inFAMOUS series, with Fetch being the main character instead of Delsin. It adds more moves and some arenas along with some new enemies and an interesting story for Fetch. Biggest pain in the ass trophy: Perfectionist (not really hard just time consuming to get all challenges). Estimated time of completion: 12 hours. Apotheon (100%) March 23, 2015 Pretty sweet side scroller with a bunch of weapons, some hidden areas, and some interesting boss battles. I really like the art style and even the gameplay was fun in the fact that you had to continue to pick up new weapons as they would break with use. Biggest pain in the ass trophy: Olympian (Not hard but glitched it ). Estimated time of completion: 15-20 hours. Borderlands 2 (100%) April 14, 2015 (August 7, 2015) With the Handsome Jack edition we get to revisit all of the shenanigans on the PS4. Didn't take long to get plat again, just had to be shifty and use my ps3 to kill terramorphous again with my second character, since when I killed him with my main and an alt account on the ps4, only the alt account got the trophy for all side quests completed. Biggest pain in the ass trophy Done That (Hammerlock's rare animal hunting challenge annoyed me). Estimated time of completion: 30 hours. Styx: Master Of Shadows (100%) July 27, 2015 Got this when it when on Plus for free and really enjoyed going for this plat. The stealth can be difficult and the kills all look cool, with the need to parry if you actually don't catch an enemy by surprise. Finding the collectables wasn't too difficult once I got the Omniscience skill, which lets you see through walls to see enemies and coins. Pain in the ass trophy: Great power... (time consuming as you need to replay levels) Estimated time of completion: 20 hours. Rocket League (93%) July 28, 2015 Got this when it when on Plus for free and really enjoyed going for this plat. It's a fun car based soccer game with a lot of action to be had. I finished multiple seasons as you need to play about 170 games to unlock all of the items, as well as accumulating 500 kms traveled. It has been a somewhat glitched game with the kms not logging correctly and the servers being so overloaded it was almost impossible to get on at times. I do like the car designs, toppers and the antennae that you have to unlock, also there's Sweet Tooth, who doesn't like his car? I need to work on winning a game against an unfair team for 100% to be mine once more. Pain in the ass trophy: Far, Far Away... (mostly because of the glitched tracking on it) Estimated time of completion: 25 hours. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (100%} August 4, 2015 With the Handsome Jack edition we get to revisit all of the shenanigans on the PS4. Took me a while to get the plat again due to leveling up to 50 right before HJ version came out, I then realized I had an older save and just reloaded that one up. Also I needed to work on all of the side missions with another character, which took longer than expected. Pain in the ass trophy: Moon Mission Meister (just had to redo all of the missions) Estimated time of completion: 30 hours. Tales From the Borderlands (100%) October 30, 2015 I saw that the first episode was free so decided that I should round off my Borderlands collection with this story based game. I really enjoyed the story with returning characters from the other games taking a part. It's a fairly quick, linear plat, but I really enjoyed how engaging it was with the action and at times some feels. Estimated time of completion: 10-11 hours Top Flower February 25, 2014 Fun repack of the original game, Pure still is a pain in the ass. The Swapper February 1, 2015 Cool game and concept, with the trophies feeling more like Limbo trophies (hidden things to collect, instead of completing the game). Really liked the puzzles and even needed help with some of them to figure out how to get to certain places. Estimated time of completion: 3 hours (35 mins for trophies after I realized they were just hidden collectibles). Top None to date. Top Counterspy (61%) Great fun game with crossbuy, I love the art and design. There are a lot of missions to work on to save America and Russia from launching nukes at the moon during the Cold War. Still have to beat the game on all difficulties, and complete a mission without being seen. Top Fallout 3 (100%) May 28, 2009 (January 4, 2010) Fallout 3, my very first game to have trophies enabled. Thoroughly enjoyable, I loved the karma trophies, the gameplay (minus the freezing/glitching) and plotline. The DLC was a great touch, Mothership Zeta (once it loaded finally) and Point Lookout were my favourite DLCs for this one. Estimated time of completion: 100 hours, (three playthroughs plus DLC). Burnout Paradise (100%) June 7, 2009 (May 3, 2010) Fun crashemup arcade racer, easy to pick up and play, only a few annoying trophies to get to plat (8 friends meet at wildcat stadium) The added DLC made the game more interesting and with Big Surf Island gave another few hours of gameplay plus online gaming challenges. Estimated time of completion: 30-40 hours, due to online. Up! (100%) June 13, 2009 Fun kiddo game based off the movie, somewhat roughly at times, an easy plat, but enjoyable nonetheless. Estimated time of completion: 8 hours. Dead Space (100%) August 12, 2009 Honestly when I put this game in my PS3 I got 5-10 mins into the first chapter and stopped playing because I was actually scared of the game. I'm awesome I know, but after a few months I picked it up and loved it. The Thrill factor plus the weapons and plotline made this game awesome. Estimated time of completion: 20-30 hours. Borderlands (100%) October 30, 2009 (April 1, 2013) When I saw this was coming out, the screen shots weren't cell shaded and I was pumped for it. Even after it was announced it was cell shaded (to a degree) I still wanted it, and I basically hate the look of cell shaded games. But with the random guns, baddies and fun online it really sucked me into the story. Got all the fun DLC done. Estimated time of completion: 30-40 hours. Battlefield Bad Company 2 (100%) May 12, 2010 (November 13, 2013) Great online experience, funny (in my head) plot, and being able to squad up, makes this game awesome. I currently have over 180 hours logged just online, and I still love the game. Finally got 100% November 13, 2013 Biggest pain in the ass trophy: Demo Man. Estimated time of completion: 100 hours, 200+ with DLC. Portal 2 (100%) June 14th, 2011 Had fun with this one, the co-op gave it a nice touch and at times the puzzles could be a pain to figure out. Estimated time of completion: 15 hours. Fallout: New Vegas (100%) June 24th, 2011 (January 16, 2013) Another great glitchy Bethesda title. Aside from the game stutters and hard PS3 resets, this game was fun, with some great DLC additions. My favourite DLC was the Gun Runners Arsenal, it added some fun mini quests to the story without them being too much of a pain in the ass. Estimated time of completion: 70 hours. Saints Row: The Third (100%) February 6th, 2012 (January 13, 2013) Couldn't stop playing this one, way too many late nights working on getting the districts up to 100%. The DLCs added more character and some difficulty, but great fun. Estimated time of completion: 40 hours. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (100%) January 21st, 2013 (March 13, 2013) Fun game by Bethesda, with an Oblivion-esque feel (Big surprise), the dragons are fun to take down. Well made plot with some fun quests, interesting twists to the story. Finished Dragonborn DLC in a matter of hours, Hearthfire in a day and Dawnguard in about two weeks. Estimated time of completion: 175 hours, with the DLCs: totaling 250. Battlefield 3 (100%) February 21st, 2013 (December 13, 2013) Completed offline, fun plot, awesome online, the DLCs add a lot of time and different aspects into the game. With more guns, more maps and more vehicles, it makes up for some very interesting matches. Estimated time of completion: 200 hours with online plus DLC trophies. Borderlands 2 (100%) February 26th, 2013 (July 2, 2013) Fun game like it's predecessor, I love the look and feel of the game, the latest DLC has been fun, even the circle of slaughter was enjoyable to a degree. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (100%) April 1st, 2013 Great stealth gameplay with a fun DLC and some difficult trophies (Foxiest of the Hounds being the biggest pain in my ass). Took a total of three playthroughs to get foxiest down pat for plat. Estimated time of completion: 40 hours. Red Faction: Guerrilla (100%) April 10th, 2013 Pretty fun game, online is still semi active (mostly boosting sessions and some people who love the game way too much), the offline is a fun mix of great plot with destruction and collectibles which aren't to hard to find. Plat required me to do 2 playthroughs to get all the Guerrilla actions as it messed up on my first playthrough, but it was a fun time and not too much of a chore to get them all. The DLC was fun and had a decent story to it also. Pain in the ass trophy: Revolutionary. Estimated time of completion: 40-60 hours (boosting online) Just Cause 2 (100%) April 28th, 2013 I really enjoy the use of the grapple and gunplay. Great sandbox game with loads upon loads of stuff to do. In the end it became a grind to get to the 75% completion trophy, but it was worth it to get the plat. Pain in the ass trophy: Perfectionist. Estimated time of completion: 90 hours. inFamous (100%) May 1st, 2013 Fun sandbox game, electricity is the key. Good story, decent platforming (at times can be stupid), with lots of collectibles and side missions. Pain in the ass trophy: Evil to the Core. Estimated time of completion: 20-25 hours. Sleeping Dogs (100%) May 6th, 2013 (May 9, 2013) Great fun sandbox game with a good story and decent number of collectibles side jobs. It was almost relaxing to play, with trophies coming quite easily for the main game and DLC. Estimated time of completion: 35 hours (including DLC). L.A. Noire (100%) May 15th, 2013 (May 16, 2013) Pretty fun detective based sandbox. Great story and side missions. I really enjoyed the car hunting and the whole feel of the 40s in this game. Pain in the ass trophy: The City Of Angels. Estimated time of completion: 28-30 hours (including DLC). Heavy Rain (100%) May 20th, 2013 Pretty cool crime thriller with some tech changing (when released) attributes, with QTEs using the sixaxis very well and a nice reward/failure system. Pain in the ass trophy: Perfect Crime. Estimated time of completion: 18-22 hours. Red Dead Redemption (100%) July 6th, 2013 (May 19, 2014) Grand Theft Horsies, it's fun, with a great plot and now cancelled online. I completed the storyline and all of the single player trophies. Still very active online and Rockstar is still doing it's triple XP weekends which makes gaining levels a synch. The DLCs extended the online and single player experiences, I thoroughly enjoyed the Undead SP once I got more into the story. Pain in the ass trophy: Most Wanted (just too annoying for me to do that). Estimated time of completion: 150 hours. Saints Row IV (100%) October 3, 2013 (December 31, 2013) Great game like it's predecessors with some difficult challenges, rifts and fight clubs annoyed me. The simulation was pretty accurate of the old Steelport and involved the storylines/characters/situations of the other games, which made it a blast to play some missions. I loved it but had to put it down a few times attempting to finish up the challenges. Pain in the ass trophy: The Challenge King. Estimated time of completion: 44 hours. inFamous 2 (100%) October 30, 2013 Nice addition and continuation to the original's story, the differences in the good/evil main story lines was clever in the way there were some twists. I liked the newer abilities which made for some interesting methods of completing missions. Fairly quick and easy plat. Pain in the ass trophy: Extreme Makeover (had to try to get this one). Estimated time of completion: 15-20 hours. Shaun White Snowboarding (100%) March 13, 2014 After a few day rental in '09, in which I didn't like the physics of the game that much, I picked it up last year due to wanting to remove a nice low percentage from my list. Turns out I just needed to play the game more and get used to the controls and physics. The online is still somewhat active and is necessary to play with other gamers for a few of the trophies. There are a few glitchable trophies also which make parts of the game relatively faster, like acquiring the respect trophies. Overall a fun game to play though getting some of the coins to upgrade your skills can be a pain. Pain in the ass trophy: OMG! Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (100%) March 28, 2014 After 5 years, and hating the game for a long ass time, I revived my want NEED to get this game platted. All was going well, only had to get a few of the expert fight trophies and beat the game on normal (stackable), hard, and crushing. I took my time playing hard and went straight to crushing, all was good until when I arrived at the final cutscene I didn't get the crushing/plat trophies. I was angered. Luckily I found out I had a save on my cloud from chapter five that wasn't "corrupt" (apparently I saved my game onto an older save that had more medal progress in the history... or something like that, which caused the trophies to be null and void). So, I powered through the game on crushing in one day after my two days of crushing without trophies. Estimated time of completion: 25-28 hours (four playthroughs with the failed crushing). Pain in the ass trophy: Charted! - Crushing. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (100%) April 1, 2014 (May 2, 2014) Also, after 4 years of leaving this game on the shelf, I decided to go back to it and give it another try. It's a great platformer like it's predecessor with an easier (compared to the first) storyline. Though the story is quite entertaining and the puzzles are straightforward but interesting. Only 4 playthroughs this time: Easy (when I first got the game), hard, easy for my remaining treasures and crushing. The online was a grind but nothing as bad as RFG, luckily there were enough boosters making sessions to make things interesting and speed through the kills. Pain in the ass trophy: Cold Blooded Dragon Age: Origins (100%) May 26, 2014 (September 20, 2014) Again, after years of this being on my shelf, after I played the game and didn't enjoy it a whole lot, I picked it up again. It was enjoyable once I got used to the gameplay and different types of skills to use. Though, I think I was hoping for another Elder Scrolls game when I first picked it up (Oblivion...) Plat wasn't too hard to obtain, just minorly lengthy. The DLC made the game more enjoyable and there was definitely a few tough trophies to complete like beating the Harvester on hard/nightmare, it's the hardest boss to kill in the game. Estimated time of completion: 70 hours. Pain in the ass trophy: Perfectionist (time consuming due to a second playthrough) Bulletstorm (100%) June 25, 2014 Loved the leash and gunplay, plot, gore and excessive swearing. The threat of the server closure on June 30th, 2014 got me to toss this back in my system after a few years on the shelf. Fun campaign and co-op mp. Took me a while to beat the game on very hard to get all the difficulty trophies out of the way, and get all the collectible and level specific trophies. Completed all of the DLC, and also obtained all online and echo related trophies before the servers closed down, WOOT. Estimated time of completion: 40 hours (25 online, 7 for campaign, 8 for echoes). Pain in the ass trophy: Enforcer (kept falling short of the 15k in a round) Need For Speed: Undercover (100%) July 22, 2014 Another long delay between getting this game and plat (5 years and a month). Glitchy game but an ok arcade racer, annoying at times for me. The selection of cars is good, with the ability to purchase cars or upgrades with money through your PlayStation wallet (sorta cool idea). The events are also interesting with cop chases, cost to state, destroy cop cruisers, highway battles, outruns, sprints, circuits and checkpoint races. The multiplayer is still somewhat active with some trolls who've platted the game years ago and fuck with boosters (which can be fun or very frustrating), but I finally got my 119 event finishes after a few days of trying to get them out of the way. Finished the "story" which was lacking in a lot of ways, though it had some actors I recognized. Estimated time of completion: 40 hours. Pain in the ass trophy: Notorious (finishing races online can be a drag and very time consuming) God Of War (100%) July 30, 2014 Once again, a long time coming for this plat. It's a great remastered version of the original, with some difficult areas (challenge of the gods, a boss battle or two), and a fun speedrun trophy. The quicktime events are cool and the game has a good story, with some unskippable cinematics. Estimated time of completion: 12 hours. Pain in the ass trophy: I'll Take the Physical Challenge (had me cursing up a storm and just pissed off at the game itself) Bioshock 2 (100%) September 1, 2014 (August 10, 2015) Fun continuation of the Bioshock story with more weapons, plasmids and an online feature added in. I've finished all the multiplayer, beat the game once without using vita chambers, beat the game on hard, and also the Minerva's Den DLC. Finally got the Trials DLC completed after realizing they weren't too difficult from when I tried them last. Estimated time of completion: 60 hours. Pain in the ass trophy: Reincarnation. FUEL (100%) December 28, 2014 Picked this up after having it at a low percentage for years, fun gameplay with a lot of varying types of races modes, vehicle types and collectibles. The online was semi active when I played it last year (boosters only), and the trophies for the online aren't too tough to do (wins on maps you've created/not created, and wins on career races). I liked the large variety of vehicles with their abilities like offroad/road/mixed, acceleration, speed, reliability, etc. Estimated time of completion: 60 hours. Pain in the ass trophy: Obsessional challenger (there are a lot of challenges and a few very frustrating ones) The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena (100%) January 30, 2015 First plat of 2015, a game I originally rented in August '09, didn't like it much at the time for some reason. I had it at 2% for 5 years and found it summer of '14, played all the campaign then worked on the monotonous and tedious grind of the multiplayer... ugh 10000 kills, 1000 wins nonsense. Glad to be finally done this Ultra Rare >1% plat. Great gaming accomplishment. Estimated time of completion: 50-75 hours (MP sucking). Pain in the ass trophy: Winner Level 3 1,000 wins may not sound like much but in this game boosting is the only way to get them. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (100%) April 2, 2015 (April 3, 2015) Great addition to the Borderlands story, showcasing the rise and fall into demise of Handsome Jack. The story was entertaining and the new characters (aside from Claptrap) were fun to play as. Personally I preferred Wilhelm the Enforcer, mainly due to the drones and the ability to regenerate ammo when Wolf and Saint spawn (once skill points were added to that tree). The arena DLCs were not much of a grind and actually were fun though somewhat difficult to defeat. Also Shadow-Trap glitched out on me which was fun and I had to restart the whole DLC from scratch because I couldn't get back to it. Estimated time of completion: 30 hours. Pain in the ass trophy: That Helped, Right? (mostly a luck based action skill from claptrap that sucks) Far Cry 2 (100%) September 17, 2015 This is one of my oldest games with trophies. I previously rented (and hated) it back in '08, then picked it up on psn for cheap one day while my blu ray drive had died. This game is a constant struggle, with the multiplayer being completely ridiculous with the servers being crap, and also the long grindy parts of the singleplayer and collecting items. I'm glad to finally be able to put this game down after 69 hours of multiplayer (thanks goes to jarethgeason for helping me with all of my multikills), and also 32 hours of singleplayer, looking for diamond briefcases and trying not to die when subverting. The singleplayer experience is actually half decent, with a good plot and decent looking graphics. Even on easy I died numerous times due to being swarmed by enemies I couldn't see due to the brush, or random explosions from rocket launchers/mortars that I missed. The multiplayer was slow and boring (I did about 80% of the two person kills by myself with an alt), but once I got help from jare it went faster and we knocked those kills out fast. Estimated time of completion: 100 hours. Pain in the ass trophy: Soldier of Misfortune Medal Of Honor (100%) October 1, 2015 I enjoyed the campaign but the multiplayer was a chore. The plot was pretty interesting with it dealing with somewhat (then) current events. Tier 1 took me a lot longer than it should have as I bailed on it for a few months when I full on tried it only took me a few days to complete. Estimated time of completion: 30 hours. Pain in the ass trophy: Conspicuous Gallantry Top Flower May 10, 2009 Fun game that utilizes the sixaxis and is very relaxing for the most part. Controlling flowers in the breeze is fun, strangely. Pain in the ass trophy: Pure. Estimated time of completion: 2-4 hours. .detuned May 25, 2010 Fairly weird and odd game, somewhat... interesting (played at a friend's, so I didn't waste my money). Estimated time of completion: 10 minutes. Auditorium HD June 3, 2013 Pretty cool musical puzzle game, looking forward to Duet to come out this coming year. Pain in the ass trophy: [ Maestro ]. Estimated time of completion: 3-5 hours. inFAMOUS: Festival Of Blood January 8, 2015 Figured it was about time I added this short stand alone game to finish the franchise. Cool concept, though very short story and no ridiculous collectibles unlike the other inFamous games. Pain in the ass trophy: Bite Club (not a pain, just the last trophy I needed, really). Estimated time of completion: 3 hours. Top Battlefield: Bad Company (95%) Completed offline, enjoy the plot and gameplay. I attempted to boost the online trophies for this, need 30 awards, and 7500 kills for plat, failed at boosting. God Of War II (91%) I only need to complete the challenge of the titans. RAGE (90%) Fun game, got stuck and worked on other games instead of giving this another shot. Got the two online trophies done with a little help from Daigashadokuro. Finished my Nightmare difficulty playthrough, and got the game 100% complete. Still need to work on the co-op and finish level five of five finger fillet for plat, then beat the game on ultra nightmare and get four of a kind in the video poker game for the 100%. Gran Turismo 6 (85%) Definitely an easier game to beat than GT5, with easier licenses and less cars to obtain for plat. It's a fun game with more premium cars than GT5, better physics and a wider selection of tracks to race on. Just need to gold 2 licenses in S (S-4 and S-5), and get the longer distance trophy (12,718 km) for plat. Gran Turismo 5 (79%) I'm nowhere near good enough to plat this game, need to gold/complete all special events, and gold all licenses for plat. Modern Warfare 2 (77%) Need to finish spec ops and finish the Pit in 30 seconds. Dead Space 2 (75%) Beat the game on casual, need to beat the game on zealot and hardcore. Also need to work on upgrading 2 more weapons, dismember another 350 limbs, decompress 12 necros without getting sucked out, along with knocking off all the tripods in the elevator sequence. I've also beaten the Severed DLC on easy and gotten all of the non difficulty trophies completed, just need to play on zealot for the DLC to be 100% done. GTA IV (72%) I got stuck on a mission and didn't want to come back to it. Recently picked it back up, still need to complete it in 30 hours, get team wins, 4.8 million xp, and another 10 race wins online. I've already surpassed the 30 hour mark so I will need to do that on a second playthrough. I have bought the complete edition to work on getting almost 100%, and have already finished The Lost and Damned DLC. Currently working on the Ballad Of Gay Tony. Mercenaries 2: World In Flames (71%) Need to complete the game, and also a few random things I have to deal with, including: Unlock all shop items, verify and capture all HVTs, and piss every faction off. Killzone 2 (70%) Fun online, decent story, which i haven't completed just yet. I have completed all DLC, but still need Grand Valor Cross, and a few more medals for multiplayer. Offline, I need to complete the game, and most of the time limit trophies, find all collectibles, work on some weapon specific trophies and a few other random ones. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (69%) Finished working on all of the online trophies. Just need to work on leveling, golding all races, and also the DLC. LittleBigPlanet (66%) It's a fun game for multiple people in the house or even online. Need to finish the game, find all the prize bubbles, and finish all levels without dying for plat, plus need to work on both DLCs. Bioshock (62%) Need to finish the game, and finish the game on survivor without vita chambers. Started working on some of the DLC missions, got a few things done on those. Rock Band 2 (60%) I've had this game for years, mostly gave up as I have one friend who's pretty good at these games but I can basically only play the guitar on the hard difficulty for songs, so basically I'm screwed for 90% of the remaining trophies. Split/Second (59%) Fun destruction based arcade racer, still need to progress through the game to get the rest of the storyline trophies. Dead Nation (53%) Got it for free a few years ago, recently picked it back up again. Only beaten the game on easy and got the gist of the kills trophies out of the way. Need to finish the game in co-op (have a game with 9/10 missions done on normal), beat the game on grim and morbid, complete a mission on undead, and I also need another 18,000 kills for plat. Call Of Duty Classic (52%) Got stuck on a mission and haven't gone back to the game since. Call Of Duty: Black Ops (47%) Played a lil online with friends, but not a whole lot really. Finished the game on Regular, and got all the intel. I need to beat it on veteran, work on the online and get a few of misc. campaign trophies. Batman: Arkham Asylum (47%) Still need to finish the game, get all riddles, do all predator challenges, get the freeflow combos and complete the challenges and finish miscellaneous boss trophies for plat. I believe I got stuck and gave it up for a while. Medal Of Honor: Frontline (41%) I got stuck trying to take out multiple tanks and would always get screwed over. Need to beat this level and the game, kill I'm not sure how many more enemies for the 1000, use the classic controls scheme for one level, and get 50 kills for 2 separate guns. WET (32%) Fairly fun game with gunplay and good plot. I need to complete the game on Ultra Hard and Golden bullets difficulties, complete all the boneyard challenges, beat the target scores for the points count modes, and get the various 200 kills with certain gunplay trophies. Final Fantasy XIII (30%) Need to fully develop all characters, have every weapon and accessory, deal over 100,000 damage in one attack, do all the Cie'th stone missions, and finish the game. Top This is a section for any games I am working/have worked on where platinums are no longer obtainable, usually due to server closures. DiRT 2 (92%) Picked this up (years later) after a rental in which I didn't like the game for some reason. It's fun but has two unobtainable trophies due to DiRTNet being down since 2012 how sad. Only need to work on the online a bit (level 16 of 30 and win a race against 7 other people). It's been a long time coming since having a 10% since '09. Resistance 2 (37%) I'm horrible at it randomly, but picked it up to try to finish the campaign and weapons trophies, and need all co-op and competitive trophies. Blitz: the League 2 (21%) I thought I would love this game because Blitz on the PS2 was so epic, it's fun, but not what I thought it would be. Need all the MP trophies, finish Div 3 (one game remaining), Div 2 and 1, and most of the other campaign related trophies for plat. Servers closed in June when Gamespy finally let go of it's servers. Top Limbo (90%) Still need to try to beat it in one sitting without dying more than 5 times, which probably won't happen. Counterspy (52%) Great fun game, I love the art and design. There are a lot of missions to work on to save America and Russia from launching nukes at the moon during the Cold War. Still have to beat the game on all difficulties, perform 10 stealth takedowns in one mission, take out five enemies with an explosion, and complete a mission without being seen. Dead Space: Ignition (26%) Interesting game that ties in with Dead Space, I'm not the biggest fan of it. Pixeljunk Eden/Encore (26%) I love this game but haven't had a good chance to get most of the trophies. Blast Factor (13%) Pretty old school arcade game but enjoyable, I'm not very good at it though. PAIN (13%) Fun game but most of the trophies are quite a chore, I got some of them with luck and perseverance. The Last Guy (8%) Fun little top down zombie game, but I just have problems not failing on getting trophies. Top LeeMcD MannyCalavera G-rey Terror Eburk AZ Phene MorseCodeLovin (CodeNameMcLovin) Compy for helping me sort out my mini banners GTRracer001 Sorry if I missed anyone else, you can bitch at me later. Top
  13. Bioshock, I never got the hard and survivor trophies finished
  14. If only I could take off this shock collar.
  15. Portal 2 inFamous infamous 2 Skyrim infamous: First Light
  16. Horizon: Zero Dawn, mostly because I started it earlier this year and haven't made the time to play it and progress in the story.
  17. Complete 50 Snowball Fights in Frozen... I guess that could be hard? 7/10
  18. Tekken 6
  19. I guess I would say Skyrim, but it looks as though you;re working on it so... that would still be my only ask for that lol
  20. Since my avy is actually myself I guess it could go either way. I'd be successful if I tried.
  21. Negatory one of my all time fave RTS games from the 2000s
  22. Just Far Cry 2 plat @ 0.55%
  23. 11/10 for being banned
  24. ehh.. 8/10 for B& peoples and their avy.