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  1. Smart smart, cheers! just knew last year u could sim it all but looks like u have no choice but to play this time
  2. nah, join the same team every time, the only way you can up your progression is playing or "global icon" you can only do 1 global icon upgrade per year, and can only up chemistry once per year
  3. How are you guys getting it this year? I know the whole simulate then choose the options at the end but it seems u need to use 10 or so years for the chemistry, meaning you cant get progression to 10 before running into the end of the career (2040) im probably missing something really obvious so if you know what it is please let me know
  4. the first day i had a run with 22 points to go, i agree its possible but its a god hell trophy, the thing that annoys me about this mode most is they literally punish you even if you win
  5. now people have got it i doubt they will change it.
  6. Honestly, its partially RNG dont forget that, thats gonna be the biggest problem here, all it takes is for one really good player and bang thats 21 points down the drain
  7. Yea thats true, tbh im just happy that the game is good (gameplay wise) idk about you but i think its the best 2k we've had in a long time and they have no intention to patch gameplay
  8. yea i believe i was mistaken, its such random match making, cheesing works for 1 game then u play an insane team, i think its not even skill based. I think im at the point where i might have to write this trophy and plat off like this aint worth the stress when people hit 4 whites a game etc
  9. just a heads up, Line up cheesing does work, when i used 2 rubys and a saphire i played 2 full ruby teams, Lower that to 1 ruby 2 emeralds i match emeralds and saphires
  10. atm, trae ruby evo, emerald larry nance jr and emerald jaren jackson, I was thinking about maybe using dame, cade and lamelo, but they all very expensive atm
  11. its so bugged man, someone rage quit against me earlier and i lost 21 for it
  12. Nah man, if u havent heard they removed bronze and silvers from the game, i tried earlier and i finished all 10 with 21 point remaining so it is possible also in regards of draft its really easy, i got the trophy earlier, player base over there is very casual, got lots of rage quits real fast
  13. So I have been playing NBA for quite some time, we're talking like 8 years now with heavy hours of online, I just wanted to warn some of you more casual players, the trophy "This Is Sparta!" is going to be a tough one. I would recommend doing this trophy ASAP however, because for those of you who know MyTeam you will know about how interesting it can be late year when all the amazing cards come out and people start to get bailed. But with all said defence seems to be MASSIVELY improved this year so tho its tough i think it is possible, If anyone has any tips to bring into this please leave bellow as i think it will massively help us all out
  14. nah its okay, im just gonna leave it alone and say bye bye to the final trophy, i play 2k every year, the cards i have which i cant sell mean more to be than a trophy, it is what it is
  15. i know, it sucks, should be a simple fix too, oh well it is what it is