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  1. considering 24 people got it i doubt it
  2. can confirm we're all wrong, last night went 72-29 and got the trophy at 19,500 points (for getting the HOF badges at DM tier for the 3rd time) you dont need to get the full 23,000
  3. im leaving this for now. Think they may adjust it since the chemistry is broke. you can only get 100 but the max level is 6? so cant actually get pillar 10
  4. ive been grinding this myself. Its 250 points a win and 150 points a loss ( you need 23,000 points). You need to play basically 100-150 games in 40 day period. You cant boost it either as with the new leaderboards they are locking down on boosting and 23,000 points isnt an easy feat so odds are getting kinda high on getting banned.
  5. unlimited is also a seasonal thing? once we reach the final season level 40 and unlimited will both be available till server close once we reach that final season, like last year and the year before
  6. nothing is time limited like that, only things you could argue are time limited is unlimited and maybe level 40. But those will be around year long, if you dont think you can do unlimited and level 40 in a season (which is relatively easy) You can wait till the last season of the year and you have from then till the servers close.
  7. man im only just seeing this and how i wish i could tell you how lucky you are... I personally actually went through and beat nemesis and didnt get the trophy... and you didnt even have to fight.... 😂
  8. shouldnt be, straight after the update i went 10-0 and got the trophy
  9. the odds are lowered 100%, a few days into the last season everyone was getting gus, i've heard very little people getting the new card after clearing 5+ boards
  10. Trophy seems to be patched, 6 people have it now
  11. Well nba trophy hunters out there I bring good news! 2K JUST CONFIRMED FROM THE START OF SEASON 2 ONWARDS, IF YOU WIN A GAME OF TTO THE POINTS DONT COUNT MAKING THIS TROPHY REALLY EASY! For those who didn’t boost and worked for it *Cough cough Grimy Cough cough* Im sorry but I’m taking the easy way out and doing it in one run!
  12. no the reason for that is because everyone starts in divison 10 in rivals, meaning u gain less points, if you're mid at the game you can very easily get div 7/6 and then get the points no bother i mean you dont need to get that one, just do the others like 100 sbcs thats 2 pitch trophies alone, can just do bronze upgrades over and over, rinse into silver, then to gold etc
  13. i mean paying full price for a yearly cycle game with a bunch of fun, different modes, opens doors for youtube content and twitch streams, the price really isnt that bad
  14. Fair play to EA this is an okay list. You may have to grind for the fut champs points etc but this is a really easy list! If you dont like fifa enough to play 200 games with one player, little tip i learnt last year, find a buddy who has 200 games played with one player, simply finish a co op game with them using their team with that player, trophy will pop for you
  15. This wont work now or at least it will take some time. 2K added a rule in which if u quit too many online games they will suspend you from online play.