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  1. thats a shit Ton Of money
  2. it thought valkyrie died after sony patched some files
  3. unlees if they hired RPCS3 Devs
  4. Also Tom Henderson says that a State of play will be occurring in the next month but its just a rumor
  5. Any proof?
  6. It Will not work either
  7. One question Are You playing The PS4 versiĆ³n AND not The native ps5 app? Edit: It seems your playing The ps5 ver, Did you set It In graphics mode on your ps5?
  8. Looks So Grindy as hell
  9. LBP Karting Back In 2012
  10. Can Confirm Is Also free On The MX Store
  11. my bad, i found the last one
  12. When I was doing some challenges to complete the game 100% later, one of the sunflowers did not count them no matter what i Did, i restarted The game And no effect whats so ever. Any fix?
  13. i would say It Takes Two, Its a masterpiece
  14. either blame sony or gearbox
  15. You need the base game, lamest shit ever