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  1. I like the names for the trophy’s but it looks easy, it has a skip feature but it should only be used after you’ve beaten the game twice and when your reading old dialogue since there’s so much interesting text, but the only tricky thing is the poems since sometimes when you think a word is for someone it’s for someone else but hopefully someone could put a little guide only just for those couple or the entire game in general, I’m getting it tho and I’m just glad it has a plat It all leads to the same ending but with different text, it might sound bad but it actually isn’t, it’s hard to explain but your choices do matter for the most part which is surprising for a title like this but on your other play through look for new text from characters you haven’t talked much too before
  2. Jokes on you when I played the servers were garbage and it’s been stuck at like 13 percent for months so I’m unsure if I can get it and even if I can I don’t have anyone to do it with
  3. It is so if you have it then your set and don’t need to purchase it
  4. I didn’t buy it at launch but I knew about that scenario so that’s what I’m scared to bite the bullet and get the game since I hate ea, it looks fun enough but idk really
  5. I recently completed Celeste and I’m not gonna say to much since it’s been talked about a ton but basically you play as this girl who deals with anxiety and depression and you try to reach the top of a mountain, I just really liked how realistic it was when she tried to say to her depression that she didn’t need it anymore and that it was stronger than it but it got very aggressive and showed that even when you feel like you’ve beaten it’s still there rather than trying to have this perfect ending with a perfect girl, it was just a really fun platformer that I highly recommend!
  6. Probably not sadly, most ea games are very Grindy and the trophies seem to be that way, it’s probably just best to skip it since it might be another rocket arena situation by it being dead by a month or so Thanks for converting it but yeeaahh I’m not paying that for an Ea title, especially one that seems to be very grindy, thanks again tho
  7. I’m not really a big fan of free games but this could be a fun game to play with my dad so does anyone know if it’s free and if not how much is it, I’m from the US but if your somewhere else just say what it is there and I’ll just figure it out, thanks tho.
  8. Sounds like fun and can help plenty of people, I got a few games I could choose but probably just gonna do Celeste, still excited to do it! Thanks for making this event tho!
  9. You can press the home button and press the sound icon and there’s a button in there that mutes randoms but not people in your party, I’ve used it since I got my ps5, although I’m not sure if it works for this game but worth a shot
  10. Same! Been waiting a whole month for people to start getting the plat for this game!
  11. The day I started playing it on my ps5 was the day this came out, perfect timing 😁
  12. Thanks for the tips, we need as many as we can get since the absolutely overpowered characters make things harder for getting trophies
  13. Id guess since it grew to be this popular game that everyone had seen they’re favorite creatures play, most people probably bought it, had there fun and moved on, I played it on a weekend where I was sick and had no troubles doing it.
  14. Everyone here is looting and rioting while it was my first time playing the 400 days and I had clue there was supposed to be another song
  15. A lot of people have seem to been thinking that this comes with multiple trophy lists but that’s not it sadly, it’s a completely new trophy list and although you get all the main games and dlc, it will take roughly 35-45 hours to get the platinum for this game and some people just don’t want to do that for a telltale game, I love this company but You may find yourself burnt out after playing as am I already after one season.