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  1. I completed Retro Renegade and Secret Hunter and I got the hats for them in game, but I didn't get the trophies for them.


    Also, I completed a few story tracks with Larry but I didn't get the hat or Hobo Hero. Not sure if this one is tied to a specific track although it does say "any track".


    Anyone else getting the same issues?


  2. I only played this recently, but I too completed the story first without beating it in one sitting. I didn't reset progress and instead just popped in the main disk, did each level from the level select, and after the last level, I got the "complete the game in one sitting" trophy. I did a couple of the levels out of order and I may have done a few twice because I couldn't remember if I did them, but the trophy still popped.


  3. Yeah this sometimes happens with vita games. You can see your trophies for the game on the vita in the "ps vita system" tab but we'll just have to wait for the server to be updated to see the trophies on the "PlayStation network" tab.


  4. Got the trophy just fine sniping the enemies at the Sacred Skies Youth Camp as I came from the Chan residence. I think the enemy was 160 to 180m away when I got the headshot. Also completed the in-game challenge here for the 150+ meter kills since there were plenty of enemies. It was hard know the exact distance of the enemies which is why I tried to keep at least 160m away.


  5. 41 minutes ago, Neef-GT5 said:

    Honestly I have trouble understanding how you could spend so much time on such a shitty game...


    14 minutes ago, Devil-Danna said:

    For me the only thing stopping me to try this game is the lack of any save feature. I don't care about playing a bad game and how shitty it is, sometimes it can be funny. But having to beat the whole game in one sitting, with the possibilty of crashes and death for no reason, no way. 

    Maybe if they add a save in a future update or something I'll give it a try, but that's very unlikely, I guess the devs don't care at all about their own game.


    We all have our quirks lol. I shared the same reasoning as Devil-Danna, but I wasn't aware of how long the battles would be or how much of an impact the lack of saving would have. The only videos or info available covered the first two enemies at most. Would have been cool being the first person to get a plat, too, cause I have no chance getting that for any normal game. I'd go back in if there was a save feature. I feel that may be a bug because the developer's last game had it (it's just one guy making bad games).


    I was able to spend a lot of the time doing other stuff (watching movies, assembling IKEA furniture, random duties around the house) cause you really need to do is shoot arrows while the enemy is too far to notice you. It took up a lot of my time but also gave me more time for other things!


  6. You just have to beat the final room of the last castle on hardcore, not the whole castle. First beat the last castle on any difficulty to unlock hardcore (4 skulls). Then go into the last castle again on any difficulty, let yourself die, change the difficulty to hardcore, go into the last castle again but choose continue. This will put you in the last room with the boss. There are only a few of the "Link" enemies in the room with him so it's not a tough battle. I was able to use the level 19 fire equipment (pretty good attack, but low defence) to take him down.