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  1. Mark me down as another who couldn't get the Cajon Pass training trophy to unlock. 👋
  2. It's okay, I was able to unlock them by making a livery for the ICE3 and running a custom scenario on Schnellfahrstrecke Koln. Not sure why they didn't work for Cajon Pass. Oh well!
  3. I can't get any of the livery or custom scenario trophies to pop. Made a custom livery for the SD40-2. Made a custom scenario for Cajon Pass. Finished the scenario with the custom livery, but not trophies. Has someone who has earned them share which loco/routes they used?
  4. Just updated to Version 1.01 which includes this: "Fixed possible issues with trophies." However, upon completing a route in career mode the trophy still didn't trigger.
  5. Unless it unlocks under weird circumstances it seems the "Complete a route" trophy is bugged. No one has unlocked it on any of the trophy tracking platforms I've looked at.
  6. Loving this list so far. I really loved KoF XIII for the hard trials. Glad this one is a bit easier. However I'm confused about the two and three person mission trials. I don't see these anywhere! Do they unlock later or am I just missing something obvious?
  7. You can also fix this by going to the start menu, choosing "switch workshops," and then switch to any workshop (you can even choose the one you're already in). It'll load in and then you should be able to add parts to the case.