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  1. Somehow TLOU mtiplayer is the game/mode I have sank more time in the recent years. On PS4 alone 350 hours. And probably the same ammount or more on PS3. I even got every multiplayer DLC trophy without even going for them. I was very annoyed when they announced that the game was not going to come out with a multiplayer "on release" but they worded it hinting that it was still coming at a later date. A whopping year later and we don't even have news 😕 I feel like the whole multiplayer thing was scrapped altogether and they decided to leave us on the dark and eventually forget about it. Feels sad man
  2. 2 or 3 out of 10 difficulty wise. Very easy. But the only reason I played/platinumed it is because my nephew started it on my main account and earned a trophy so my OCD kicked in. Game was garbage and I'd rather play something actually fun lmao
  3. This is old and OP probably got an answer but I can clarify for other people who might stumble on this thread. There are 2 versions of Borderlands on PS Now. One is the standard game and the other one is the GOTY edition. They share BOTH savedata and trophies. Something I tried out of curiosity. I saved the game inside a DLC area on the Goty version. Then loaded the game on the standard version. The game displayed a message saying that the game was saved on a dlc not currently installed and teleported me back to the first area of the game.
  4. Living Legend from Sports Champions. It's the platinum trophy with %0.54 achievers. The game has like 5 trophies that are a eran. pain the butt to earn.