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  1. I’m guessing it’ll be based on how many times youve won manager of the month rather than what you’ve won competition wise. Manager of the year is based on pound for pound having the best management performance in premier league. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing the more times you’ve won manager of the month, the more likely you are to pop this trophy. Really don’t think it’s got anything to do with how many competitions your team win
  2. So happy this game is on ps5. I haven’t played a football manager entry since 2017, but before that I was playing from the original championship manager all those years ago. It’s the only game ever that I’ve just kept playing. Love it. but ive just started this edition and am struggling to see how I can replicate my youth when playing this game, which is taking over Man Utd with a 2nd Manager, selling all my reserves to them for all of their money whilst also selling off their best players and then retiring the patsy manager from the game. ....not sure I’ve ever played a season of champ man without totally ruining Man Utd....if I can’t do that will I enjoy it as much? Lol, it’s almost as much fun as watching my team be successful So does anyone know if there is a way to add a temporary 2nd Manager?
  3. No problem, 7th colour confirmed Green - Need for Speed Unbound Brown - Forspoken Pink - Chicory: A Colourful Tale White - Cricket 22 Tan - Weird West Black - Dark Souls: Remastered Grey - PGA Tour 2k23
  4. Forspoken (PS5) Anticipation - 4/5 First big game release of ‘23 and I was looking forward to playing it more than anything else that’s due in Jan/Feb (apart from football manager next month). Hadn’t seen or read any reviews before I bought it so wasn’t fully aware of the criticism it had received before I started playing and I haven’t played a demo in my life. All the promotional teaser trailers and such that I had seen in the previous two years to it’s release always made me think back to the open world of just cause 3 for some reason, and how you traversed so fluidly around that world with the wing suit etc. I don’t know why, but it just seemed to strike that just cause 3 fluidity-chord with me, however tenuous the link maybe. And I loved that game. So yeah, I was looking forward to playing this. Enjoyment - 4/5 Overall, I’d have to say, it was really quite enjoyable to play. It’s completely lost on me why there is such criticism of the voice acting. If I wasn’t aware of the backlash against it, I never would have blinked twice at it. It’s not award winning by any means, but at same time, I could discern no difference from this game and any other run-of-the-mill script with run-of-the-mill exposition and run-of-the-mill dialogue. It was all pretty standard. Certainly not terrible anyways. Yeah, there is lots of annoying repetition of the same scripted lines when repeating actions...but again, not exactly the only high profile release to cut some corners or save costs in this way. Outside of that, the gameplay is good I thought. It starts off a little janky in the beginning and can feel very stop-start with the unwelcome coupling of input delays between actions & interacting with npc’s and the opening couple of hours being very cut-scene heavy, so I do understand why some may not have persevered. But as soon as you get through the intro stuff and start upgrading the spells, expanding your spell knowledge and get to grips with the timings of button inputs, it becomes a real delight to parkour around the open world. Tussling with enemies feels very dynamic and energetic too. The fight mechanics themselves and the attack options available to you are varied enough to never get dull, and I absolutely loved having some of the ‘collectables’ be a series of actions to complete rather than every single item on the ‘collectable’ checklist requiring you to trapse to the four corners of the world and everywhere in between like most recent open world titles. This really encourages you to vary the spells you are using which all adds to the interest being kept high. Retrospect - 3/5 i enjoyed my time with this game. Nothing in it felt like a grind, and just as I may have been starting to approach boredom with collecting cats and whatnot, I found I pretty much had them all. So probably got the balance just about right. Probably. The movement and traversal were fluid (after the initial 2/3 hours), the spells were much more fun and interesting then say a, Ghostwire: Tokyo and on the whole I couldn’t really not recommend this game. Sure, there are a few areas it could do better on, as is the case for many, many other games, but I can’t get away from the fact I didn’t find a serious failing (beyond the initial stop-start and traversal jankiness) with this game that was sustained throughout my play through. And it’s the first game I’ve played on day one release, in what must be well over 12 months now, that didn’t glitch or crash once.
  5. I’ll definitely take purple if that would pass the submission requirements. Hopefully others will agree with that suggestion. Thanks, yeah, we got a long way to go yet so you got plenty of time to fill your list out. And yeah, there are a few out there that could quite correctly be put in two or three different categories as they have colours in equal measure....I just need to play a few more of them lol
  6. PS5 - Forspoken Ok, got my 7th game for challenge complete, am struggling with the colour allocation though. Wanted to use the gold colouring to squeeze it in under yellow, but realise that may be stretching it. Other colours I’ve already used are below. Any acceptable colours I can use this for you think? Green - Need for Speed Unbound Pink - Chicory: A Colourful Tale White - Cricket 22 Tan - Weird West Black - Dark Souls: Remastered Grey - PGA Tour 2k23
  7. Gutted when this was delayed. Cannot wait to get this....the hrs and hrs I spent on this game in 90s and Noughties was pretty naughty
  8. A lot has been said above with how I feel about the game, so won’t say too much. im about ten hours in now. Id agree that the opening to the game is way to cut scene heavy. I wouldn’t agree that it’s the worst voice acting ever or anything close, but there are too many. I don’t have anything bad to say about the voice acting in general, I don’t really understand where all the specific dislike for this aspect is coming from. It’s not award winning or anything, but it’s just standard, run of the mill game dialogue and exposition that I couldn’t honestly say is any worse than any other standard, run of the mill in game dialogue forum countless other titles. What is terrible is the obligatory 5 second pause after you say or do anything. Every single time. Not the voice acting itself in my opinion. This constant stop and pause aspect to the game is by far my biggest grumble. For a game that pivots on its speed and in game world traversal, this incessant stop-start the player sits through grinds away at you and prevents, to some level at least , full immersion in the game. Other than that, everything else is pretty good to play. When you first start off I felt the parkour felt janky, but as soon as you get some more spells and upgrades that definitely smooths out I felt. I really like that the upgrade system is based around defeating enemies etc rather than actually collecting things - a welcome change up. And yeah, the world can seem a little under populated, but honestly it’s not even close to something like sonic frontiers, which I couldn’t even stick with because the world is so completely devoid of pretty much anything... but that’s another subject all together. For me, so far at least, the world has just the right amount of enemies etc. Anymore and I think it would begin to feel like a repetitive slog if it was encounter after encounter after encounter whilst trying to billy whizz around the world. My advice would be for anyone interested in playing this is not to make a decision based on opinions on one thing like the voice over acting etc. I’ve played a lot of the new releases in recent times and this is nowhere near the bottom end in terms of quality, gameplay and enjoyment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not pushing Ragnarok or midnight suns from the top end of my list, but equally it certainly wouldn’t be troubling any of the ones at the bottom either. And for a game I started playing on day one, I haven’t encountered a single bug or crash etc. I know that should be the minimum standard of expectation, but honestly, I don’t think that has been the case with any other game I’ve played in the last six months, so I’m definitely appreciative of that.
  9. Chicory: A Colourful Tale (PS5) Anticipation - 1/5 ...well I wasn’t really. Truth be told I started this because it free, because it was short and could plug a gap between games until forspoken released, I knew it had some critical acclaim and had a colourful game tile that gave me options on a challenge event running on this site. So yeah, not exactly eagerly anticipated. Enjoyment - 4/5 I didn’t really think this would keep interest high before I started, only other kind of colouring in game I had tried before was de blob, and I found that awful. This however was anything but. Shares a lot of it asethics with toem for those that have played that recently, and has similarly simple mechanics. What I wasn’t expecting was the puzzle solving gameplay which was intertwined with traversal around the screens. Was lots of fun working through these, and it was this element which secured my attention being held throughout the game and heightened the experience as a whole. I hadn’t expected problem solving to feature so significantly in the gameplay and I found it really quite fun. Although not difficult by any stretch of the imagination, the boss fights also offered something to think about, with one which involved fighting it with mirrored controls being particularly tricky. Again, very satisfying in this area and not as one dimensional as I perhaps had expected. And although I probably didn’t colour in half of the 200 or so screens in the game, it was still gratifying to throw a splash of colour over things every once in a while. On the whole, an enjoyable time spent on this plat. Retrospect - 2/5 Its probably a tad too collectible heavy. Just a tad. Was wasting time looking for last few bits of rubbish (a collectable) and an outfit so did go consult a guide for these. I have no problems with guides at all nor the use of them, but up until this point it hadn’t been needed. Without it I could have wasted hours trying to work out that one particular character drops one outfit, but this character only shows up randomly, and only in places where you have placed furniture. Ultimately it was an enjoyable, but brief excursion from the games I was really looking forward to play. I think once you are in it, it’s a game most people would get something out of, but if this is something you would never normally be interested in, gap filler or not, then there probably won’t be enough here to change your mind.
  10. Admittedly I’m only a couple of hours in, but I have to say I can’t really see any issue with the voice acting etc, certainly not to the levels I had read about prior to starting. I certainly would urge others to not make the decision to not play this based on that aspect alone. What I am finding though is the general gameplay mechanics are anything but smooth. For what I thought was a game based on movement and traversing speed, this seems especially cumbersome. Just parkouring up a straight wall feels janky at best. I am finding this disappointing so far. Hopefully this picks up. And again, only a couple of hours in, so hopefully this improves too, but so far all the cutscenes involving another character have a fade to black pause, only to fade back in again at exactly the same point in the conversation as it faded out to and the conversation continues? It’s so distracting and disengaging.
  11. 6th game for challenge done, thought it a natural choice for this challenge. There are three equal choices I think for this one for what colour I could have put this down for, but for now have used it for pink Green - Need for Speed Unbound Pink - Chicory: A Colourful Tale White - Cricket 22 Tan - Weird West Black - Dark Souls: Remastered Grey - PGA Tour 2k23
  12. Just came across your username on the site, made me lol in the real world. Nice to start the day with a smile. Well done Tony1, well done 👍🏿 

  13. Yeah...I’ve alteady done a tan too. Weird West has filled that one. ok, no worries. I knew it was a fail as soon as I saw the tile. I’ll pick this challenge up again once forspoken is done....or I’ll just have to bump devil in me off my planned list as that was down for brown. before this challenge I’d never realised how game tiles were dominated by black, grey, white, brown and blue. It’s actually trickier than you would think to fill these with games I actually want to play for some of the colours. thanks for your time dude
  14. ...yeah...I guessed that if you had eyes then you’d most likely say that. ...it’s not what I wanna hear though as black is done and brown is pencilled in.....are you sure if you keep looking away and back that the gold isn’t popping for you? Lol
  15. @DrBloodmoney what would your ruling be on the forspoken ps5 tile? i was hoping for a purple shade, but it looks much darker than that. Gonna be a big time sink and looking like I may not be able to use it for this challenge. Would you accept yellow for all the gold font and cuff colour on show?