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  1. Just to add, a dude on the sessions channel got in touch last night, I added as a friend, they then set a lap of 1.04 on a track and messaged me what number their time was in the rankings. I then posted a lap as close as possible to that to limit the one by one scrolling to find their time on leaderboard. Found their lap, hit x button, it said there was no ghost data but I could just try and beat the time. I clicked yes. Beat the lap time and then trophy popped immediately. there is a session for this trophy arranged for tomorrow that you will be able to join in sessions page if you wanna pick it up quickly.
  2. Nice. Not heard of this game, but given what’s been written in these forums I think this is definitely worth a 20 quid punt. My head has been turned. Cheers dudes, will pick this up in the week.
  3. I just want to offer a little defence of sonic team racing and the guide writer. I’ve only been playing the game for two or three days, but I’m nearly done and I’m not buying this ( racing and Grand Prix) as completely down to random number generating. It’s just not true. And I also want to give a bit of credit to the guide writer as I’ve used knuckles the entire time and not had any problems at all on races or Grand Prix on either hard or expert. Only maybe restarting one Grand Prix so far in nearly two complete playthroughs. In fact, I’d agree with others, for some reason expert is much easier to win than hard. To the honourable gentleman who said boosting isn’t that frequent so don’t use a power character, I’d respectfully repute that. You can pretty much drift and boost the entire track of every single race, so having the power character is extremely useful, and as the guide writer suggests, this gives you an advantage in the races if you drift 80% of the race. No need to wait for the super boost, you can just keep using the first boost from the drift and you should decimate the field. you have rear view option for rivals coming up behind, you can fire backwards on. We have a map of circuit that shows where rivals are in the race and we have all the team play mechanics. Utilising all of these things along with drifting boosts. I think it’s a false claim to suggest rng and rubber banding dominate this game. They don’t. At least not from what I’ve seen. the challenges can be tricky to get platinum medals in. Like others, I’ve poured time into a couple of events that just felt like I was never going to beat....until I did and it felt great lol. The ones that took me the longest were two of the traffic attack ones. The one in either stage six or seven was easily the challenge I spent the longest on.
  4. I’m in uk. Playing on ps5. I got this over several days, I just reset my ps5 clock to any Tuesday in the past prior to each time I booted it up and turned off the setting for automatic time update via internet. I never turned internet off or disconnected LAN cable from ps5. Game was on pause screen for the majority of the 24 hrs and controllers disconnected of their own accord. i think the only important part is to change the clock setting before booting up the game, not changing it whilst in the game already. You do have to change the date to a Tuesday in the past. popped no problem. Hope everybody else gets it sorted.
  5. Yeah that’s looking like the way to go, but I rarely play games twice - even for legitimate trophies. This is another plat I’ll walk away from, no way I’m playing the game again. Good luck though dude, hope it all goes bug free for you
  6. If anybody else does run into this issue then all I did was restart game and reload my save. There was still nothing in the safe, but what was supposed to be in there had now spontaneously appeared in the pedestal room once I had restarted. Trophy still popped with this bit of madness so alls well that ends well.
  7. So I’ve got to end of the game and am collecting final four pieces for the pedestals to ensure they are fixed and I get the good ending. however, I have a problem in that when I open the safe in Annie’s bedroom, there is nothing in it for me to pick up and add to the photography pedestal. I’ve checked a YouTube vid of someone completing the game, and sure enough, when they take off the safe panel there is an object for them to possess. In my game I have nothing there. Safe is empty. has anyone else had this happen? Is there an alternative area to locate what I need?
  8. Tried again today after another recent update. The three mouse droids I need are still messed up. Still locked out of plat.
  9. I’m in 2nd season in career, won every competition my teams (Essex, all formats, Southend all formats and red-backs) have played in, I’ve played two test series for England, won both of them. Won individual player leaderboards in all those competitions, yet not got this trophy and cannot find anyway in game to see all trophies I have won. any sage advice on how to unlock this trophy?
  10. Just to add, I got this with having Celerity 1, 2, 3 & 4. I didn’t have level 5 celerity and Emem still managed to defeat Hilda.
  11. Like I said in my posts, it’s never been about me thinking it was a bad game or that I was bored beyond belief. its about me coming into playing this game having read everything about it, and having the impression this was going to be something above and beyond, something to remember, something to stand out. When I finally played it, well it was just alright. Middle of the road. Nothing unique. And that is what I questioned. Just feels to me fans and critics alike seem to go overboard for this game. There’s nothing groundbreaking, there’s nothing new and there isn’t really that much originality. And like @ZenaxPure has mentioned, it certainly has flaws (just like most games) (and I totally agree about the heat system, very irritating) ive played hundreds of games. And about 90% of them I’m not bored. So not being bored isn’t unusual or of any great credit to a a game I don’t think anyway. That’s the minimum. This wasnt set set up as me having a go or disliking hades. I just felt as I was playing it that, wow, why does this have such wild acclaim. It’s just a good game I felt. Like many other out there. Not really seeing why it should be separated as anything extra extra special. I asked about over hyped because I wondered if anyone felt the same. But over hyped doesn’t mean bad. I just feel like there is a lot of hyperbole around this particular game when I came to play it. But maybe that’s just my personal experience leading into playing it.
  12. Yeah I’ve tried all of that. Many times. The same locations they supposed to spawn in as well as the entire area. Which isn’t fun in the federal district as it’s massive. ive seen a few tip videos on YouTube about how to find missing droids, but it’s become obvious to me that only works if you have never shot them. I’ve killed all the mouse droids. There are no longer any search areas that show up on the places I need them because the game thinks I’ve killed them. the one I found yesterday on jakku wasn’t in either area it’s supposed to be, it was in the big open area halfway between landing site and the market town just driving around
  13. This is so irritating. Tried again today after the patch. The one on Jakku was there. So I’m down to three notvrespawning since I first shot them. Spent nearly 2 hours going over and over and over Mos Espa and federal district, but the final 3 are still not spawning again. this glitch or problem of not registering the mouse droids I’ve already shot locks me out of the complete all challenges trophy and the upgrade all character classes trophy because I need another brick to complete the final upgrade. maybe someone knows of a rouge brick I can get elsewhere other than the reward for mouse droid hunt?
  14. I’m so with the people who are saying don’t let what some stranger thinks get to you. The same person who is moaning at you about mimic is probably running around with rivers of blood or vykes spear spamming a different button to you is all. Somebody else out there will think they are the ones cheesing. So let them face off on a nonsense exchange and keep well away. these forums In Particular are full of elitist gatekeepers in my experience on here anyway. Barking at people about what is the wrong and right way to play a game. Telling us what games are good and what are bad. And then go on to offer some ‘evidence’ about why their nonsense is so much more correct than my nonsense. Utter drivel at times, wrapped up in years of telling themselves they are pure gamer and better than anyone else who doesn’t play everything on crushing mode or has a trophy which is extra rare or some other pointless, meaningless reasoning that justifies why they are that much better. If they are better than you or I at games, does it really matter? At the end of the day, the data spreadsheet record will still say platinum trophy for both of you, whatever way you got there. I’d say Just always make sure you enjoyed how you did it. The rest don’t matter.
  15. Will definitely take you up on that offer kind sir/madam. Think I only have four or five more weapons to get to have them all, and yes, this pain in the arse is still one of them. If we’d done it a week ago I could have reciprocated with the skull and saved you some time in turn.