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  1. I’m having the same issue right now, the game bumps the record to millions and the friend to level 500, what ways you here were able to do it? I tried to accept in game and outside none worked, most of the times I accept the challenge outside the game it doesn’t load it and it simply vanishes
  2. Hello everyone, I'm trying to boost with an online partner and he got the 5 wins trophy and I didn't. I won almost 20 games and nothing, for him it came on the 5th win without major problem. Is anyone facing the same issue? My version is USA and his European. It seems so far that update 1.01 glitchs it because offline trophies were not unlocking as well, I deleted everything and downloaded again, got one trophy went to online and was forced to update and the nightmare returned. Has anyone a clue about that? Thanks in advance
  3. In my tests it seems so, my 2 hidden PS4 games that I use PS4 to hide the first time are not showing at all, the AC3 Liberation that I hid the first time on Vita it's working like a charm.
  4. Guys I made a few tests and I believe I was able to find a source of the problem, lately I hid 3 games, BlazeRush, Dying Light and AC 3 Liberation, I thought only BlazeRush was my problem but I made a test and unhide the other 2, DL through PS4 and AC through PSVita, all trophies for AC3 appeared but the DL ones didn't, I believe when we hid games using PS4 this generates the glitch and for now it doesn't have a way to fix this, I tried to hide and unhide DL and BlazeRush via Vita and it didnt work, but if I keep doing that for AC3 Liberation it works like a charm, PS4 is the problem.
  5. I complained 2 days ago with US Support and after tons of tests and stupid processes they just told me that the problem wasn't related to them and that I should reach out the developers.
  6. I don't know if you solved this issue or not but I want to provide a link for future references for others, I had the same issue and it seems that we need to start over the entire game. Please find the link below with some explanation around this stupid glitch
  7. I won today 7 games with the Spurs and 3 games with the Heat and no trophy for me at all, any tips on it? Does the quarter length and difficult affects it? EDIT: Won more 3 games with Heat and in one of them with a buzzer beater winning shot and NOTHING, this shit game is not unlocking trophies at all, I'm done of it.
  8. I have a Adaptive Camouflage® and want to trade for any other Rare Spirit
  9. I want the trophies as well so feel free to add me, I'm trying a different approach with a user that I found on, let's hope it works. My PSN user is Rodrigo_SSJ