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  1. As per Aliwh93's update, you will have to fight the end boss a few times. There isn't a way, as far as I can tell, to make a save before making the last choice, so you will have to fight him each time you want to get a different ending.
  2. Is he a easy kill for the time invested? Reason I didn't try to farm the corrupted Odur is because dying would be time wasted.
  3. Needs one to reach lvl 50. I have done all levels save the last one and finished at lvl 33 so would have to grind the last 17. Hermes Fortress - Sub Quest 1 Farmed the enemies in the church as it gives you about 1,671 memory shards for a 5 min run. If you farm the additional enemies down the stairs you can get a further 700 memory shards Don't know whether there is a faster farming section.
  4. Trophy eventually synced up
  5. Same just happened to me on Loretta, King of the Haligtree. Have a recording of the trophy popping, trophy shows on my profile when I go offline, but as soon as I go online and try to sync with PSN, it doesn't show.
  6. Thank you for the info
  7. Anyone know whether it is allowed to do the continuous speed run with Infinite Ammo & InstaKill tweaks or must it be done normally?
  8. It eventually popped when I restarted the game.
  9. Does anyone know whether the Fashion Shells trophy for unlocking all Shell Shades for The Virtuous Cycle is bugged? I have unlocked all shades but the trophy didn't pop (PS5)
  10. The Pure Bladestone isnt that hard to get... Get PBWT in World 4 and farm the Black Phantom Duel Katana Skeleton that one gets when running back from the Old Hero. I would do a few runs every few days since I didnt feel like putting in hours at the same time. Didn't take too long to unlock.