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  1. An add to a lvl 50 crew or close would be nice - stuck in a crew with only 3 people playing and still level 39 ... PSN is leprodigalson
  2. As you dont have to input your Birthday, I dont see why it would be a bad thing
  3. Dont come in for a few months and many changes... ho hum

    1. CasaDeBen


      Its still mostly the same

  4. Xcom 2 not coming to consoles ? damn

  5. not without labelling them as a cheater, which they clearly are not, so no
  6. just heard about batman AK DLC - oh well, goty I guess

    1. StrickenBiged


      WB man... They're getting to be the worst publisher as far as this Pre-order, Season Pass bullsh*t goes.

  7. For some reason I think this thread may go astray. Probably down to déjà-vu. To be quite frank Mayus; better hackers don't get caught at all, so I wouldn't worry too much about the top spots
  8. Seeing the drivel UBI has released the last few years and the issues they have had with their piracy systems, I'm not sure which will die first ...
  9. Meh - NFS is always fun, but the online these days is pretty boring
  10. finished muraski baby - I have no idea what it was about

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    2. Memnoch


      trophies don't always pop (I got halfway through before realising they hadn't), but worked fine when I played that way ;)

    3. soniq


      Good to know, thanks!

    4. Memnoch


      welcome - I wish I'd checked before !

  11. hasn't the system been discontinued ?
  12. 1 - You guys get way too worried about hackers, I even know someone who likens them to murderers (although he'd probably befriend a murderer quicker than someone who he knew had hacked trophies) 2 - These people wouldn't use the right forum part in the first place, you can bet your ass they would just post in this general part of the forums in any case !
  13. As a guide user, I only favorite them to have easy access to them. I remove favorite as soon as I won't use the guide (stars are used for saying what I think of a guide)
  14. @blindmango, still not sure if Sly will do it, it's not as if many were willing to help pay for it ... to OP - sony doesn't track time spent in game, so it is impossible - the closest you can get is time from first to last trophy.
  15. God eff, you do like to make a storm in a teacup. The recapture has been added to fix 10k hits on the site for bots. If you actually pained yourself to read threads than blurt this out, you would have noticed that this is a quick fix to avoid the site being taken down by massive hits. Sly does intent to tweak it. Next time dont get so irrate and actually check what is happening