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  1. Excellent, glad it helped. Some of the others do suffer from glitches but are more forgiving relatively. There is another weak spot / headshot trial but only needs 13 of each n there seems to be more than 13 enemies. Some are good n are both challenging n fair in that the game behaves itself.
  2. Odin Mine Hideout - strategy developed from tips in another chat 1. Just focus on headshots as you can farm weak points using final Target 2. Kill first 5 enemies by headshot 3. Pick up one of the bodies and throw it into line of sight of first archer on 'gate', this lures him down and can headshot him when he is crouching down to look at body 4. Lure second archer using whistle & arrows fired into roof, he will also be lured down and can take him out same way as previous 5. Lure the 2 shield/sword enemies by whilst/arrows and when they are outside weak point /headshot them Now climb the 'gate' for first time & you can headshot the marksman ( on a platform ) from a distance without alarming any others. 10 kills down, no one knows you are there. Cilmb the platform, run across the 2 ropes, clockwise round the platform you are now on and there is an archer on a platform opposite. TAKE HIM OUT FIRST. couple of arrows to deplete health and then line up headshot.( He runs into the mine, chase him & get the headshot). This is the archer that kills himself & can take out another enemy in the process. You deal with him first to ensure you have 28 enemies in total 11 kills. Now run all the way back to outside. Go back & start taking them out one at a time. Be patient & don't rush. 7 enemies in one section including 1 Target 4 enemies in section after including 1 Target 6 enemies in last section including 2 Targets Last section - lure out the nearest enemy & kill him in isolation. It is important not to alert the remaining 5. 3 archers are the priority - you can headshot nearest one but then have to deal with other 2 when all others know you are there. Fire a couple of arrows to deplete health so you can one shot headshot kill. DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL ALL 3 ARCHERS ARE DEAD, as they despawn or kills themselves. 2 Targets left - leave the standard bearer until last. You can now farm weak points. If you run all the way back to the gate & then back to Target his weak points are restored. Rinse & repeat until that objective is completed. Then kill by headshot, get the Gold Medal & promptly run around the house waving your arms in celebration. Took me 2 days of play to get this one, it was truly painful.......
  3. Finally completed it myself yesterday and must give credit to both the guide & excellent tips in this forum chat. Overall, this was painful to say the least. Some of the challenges are pretty good & I enjoyed the process of developing a strategy to get the Gold i.e. try new approaches, get a bit further each time, learn what to do next, etc. Some of them though are broken. If I fail to get Gold due to a mistake I made then that's fair but when the game itself does its best to sabotage your run it is not. Glitches I encountered include enemies hiding inside a rock face, enemies spawning in out of map areas, enemies suiciding randomly, attack animations not playing (& me burnt to a crisp as a result), barrels exploding as the trial loaded, etc. One I experienced on a melee trial was the enemies not even attacking & just shouting "yellow dog" at me. Difficult to get stun kills! Restarting a trial does not always reset it properly. You need to log out of the game and reload e.g. "Templebrough Fort - Trial of the Wolf" - a restart resulted in half the barrels exploding which made that objective much more difficult By far the hardest for me was the "Odin Mine Hideout" Raven trial. Eternal thanks to 1) Xilanaz suggested approach on how to take out the "suicide enemy" (whilst I knew what he was doing & rushed that area to kill him before he killed himself. However, when you've already been spotted by the other archers it results in the loss (or none spawning) of another enemy & ruins your run. Or at least thats how it appeared for me. Taking him out using platform = full compliment of enemies.2) Argandalf's guide & BestUsername--- for the weak spot exploit discovery. You saved my sanity! Origins & Odyssey were both superb games & can't recall any issues with them. Was really hyped for Valhalla but my experience started with a world wide game breaking glitch, other missions that would not start/finish & amusing (if sloppy) visual glitches (underwater hares, horses on roofs, cows upside down, pig floating in mid air). Most of impacting glitches have been addressed but it has tarnished my overall enjoyment. C'est La Vie.......
  4. Many thanks, just started these n may well need to refer to your vid
  5. I had same issue n realised after a bit of wandering that you need to place box in a specific spot whether he is there or not. Look for his tent and prompts to place it down. He can then be interacted with to complete.
  6. Me neither...……..one of the best games ever made. Go for it.
  7. At least 12 months after release. Plenty of PS4 games on my backlog to keep me busy but the main reason is many years ago I bought a Sega Saturn on release for £400 which was £150 only 6 months later and so I made a 'vow' to never buy a console on release again...….
  8. Good news in my book, really enjoyed playing the games. No other video game (that I have played of course) has yet surpassed the ending of Infinite, so more of that or something half as good would be good enough for me.
  9. when you complete your first run (on any difficulty) you can select any difficulty you want as part of going to NG+ i.e. play on easy on NG, then to hardest on NG+
  10. According to my stats the main mission / side missions took about 19 hrs. I finally finished yesterday and now shows 68 Hours so as we all know the post game grind is tedious & painful ( a number of times I was seriously tempted to not finish). So I was hoping Patch 1.05 would make this game more tolerable as would not wish that sort of grind on anyone. Hammer grinding - replay Siegturm Plaza & open 2 long boxes, then go into Lab X and open c 4 long boxes. These contain hammer ammo. Speed run it (i.e. turn difficulty to easy & just focus on the boxes) Then replay first mission as most enemies can be one shot. Once your ammo is gone, return to Catacombs and rinse/repeat. Get your masteries up at least, collecting coins for upgrades was the longest. Repeat each bit of Paris opening boxes. As a "half price" game was not expecting much story wise and the missions are good fun but the grind is truly awful.
  11. Have never played any version so can’t comment but the PS4 version is on my to play list. I have read through this and it’s refreshing to read a thoughtful, respectful, civilised and intelligent exchange of viewpoints.
  12. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, I got mine yesterday and would have deleted the mail if I had not seen this
  13. Another farming spot for a Bee Shield is the Treants in 'The Forest' in the Tiny Tina DLC
  14. Many Thanks
  15. Just to be clear: I can export my characters from the PS3 version and reload into my PS4 version ( pretty much same way as the Handsome collection ) and that is legitimate and wont result in my being flagged (since its using game functionality and I have the PS3 trophies)? Would save sometime but as I found with the Handsome collection you still have to play most of the game again Save resigning I believe is crafting a save from someone else / some other source that isn't You and that will get you flagged.