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  1. Good news in my book, really enjoyed playing the games. No other video game (that I have played of course) has yet surpassed the ending of Infinite, so more of that or something half as good would be good enough for me.
  2. when you complete your first run (on any difficulty) you can select any difficulty you want as part of going to NG+ i.e. play on easy on NG, then to hardest on NG+
  3. According to my stats the main mission / side missions took about 19 hrs. I finally finished yesterday and now shows 68 Hours so as we all know the post game grind is tedious & painful ( a number of times I was seriously tempted to not finish). So I was hoping Patch 1.05 would make this game more tolerable as would not wish that sort of grind on anyone. Hammer grinding - replay Siegturm Plaza & open 2 long boxes, then go into Lab X and open c 4 long boxes. These contain hammer ammo. Speed run it (i.e. turn difficulty to easy & just focus on the boxes) Then replay first mission as most enemies can be one shot. Once your ammo is gone, return to Catacombs and rinse/repeat. Get your masteries up at least, collecting coins for upgrades was the longest. Repeat each bit of Paris opening boxes. As a "half price" game was not expecting much story wise and the missions are good fun but the grind is truly awful.
  4. Have never played any version so can’t comment but the PS4 version is on my to play list. I have read through this and it’s refreshing to read a thoughtful, respectful, civilised and intelligent exchange of viewpoints.
  5. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, I got mine yesterday and would have deleted the mail if I had not seen this
  6. Another farming spot for a Bee Shield is the Treants in 'The Forest' in the Tiny Tina DLC
  7. Many Thanks
  8. Just to be clear: I can export my characters from the PS3 version and reload into my PS4 version ( pretty much same way as the Handsome collection ) and that is legitimate and wont result in my being flagged (since its using game functionality and I have the PS3 trophies)? Would save sometime but as I found with the Handsome collection you still have to play most of the game again Save resigning I believe is crafting a save from someone else / some other source that isn't You and that will get you flagged.
  9. I get all that and there are much more efficient ways to do it but my way should work for anyone regardless of how good at the game they are....
  10. It is a pain and took me 2 days, hence why I wanted to capture the end of my pain. Level 52 Axton on normal difficulty. Preparation : You need to complete the DLC main mission for it to be available as a side quest from Sir Hammerlock1) Get the 'mouthwash' relic the Paradise Found mission in 'Paradise Sanctum' - believe you get this by default 2) You have to do other side quests to make 'The Hunt is Vaughan' available 3) Progress this mission until you have to kills the 2 spider queens but before doing that bit of the mission back up your character and profile. 4) Get the 'toothpick' assault rifle from the 2 spider queens part of the mission. If it does not drop reload your save and do the mission again. 5) I had a stack of 'eridium' from playing this a couple of years ago and invested all in the Assault rifle storage leaving enough for the boss fight ( but you can repeat the DLC locations and they are pretty generous with eridium ). This maximises the storage capacity of the 'toothpick' 6) I reloaded my character onto 'True Vault Hunter Mode' and farmed the Treants in 'The Forest' (Tiny Tina DLC) to get a 'Bee Shield' (dropped first time, never used one before !) 7) Reset my 'skill/attributes' and choice those that enhanced 'Assault Rifles' and 'Gun Damage' Note : There is a 'retainer' shield that you can get but did not use it in the end ( it does make you super quick moving about and think is meant to assist in stopping the regeneration by giving you a chance to hit him) Started the mission (for xxth time) and ran across the platforms to be diagonally opposite the speakers. There is a ledge off at the left / back as you are running towards it that you can crouch and drop onto. This is a near perfect "safe spot" although not entirely damage free. But its good to keep your shield fully charged (which is important to maximise what the Bee Shield does with enhanced damage). Wait until the beasty comes up the nearest vent and you have a brief window to hit his crit spot. Even observe and watch and train your gun ready for the next time. If you miss wait until he appears in that spot again. Once hit he then drops into a stun for c 10 seconds during which you keep on firing. I took half his health without ever hitting his crit spot again. He then pops up twice more and you unload both times, each one took another 25 %. (After 3 he goes into the regeneration cycle so if it has a sliver of health keep on firing). Hope this helps, it was frustrating but good to play Borderlands 2 again...….
  11. Love the rank and location mate, winter is coming.

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      We have the same. xD

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      lol, best place to be 

  12. Top would be from Bloodbourne The Witcher 3 God of War The Last of Us (Remastered) Uncharted 4 Horizon Zero Dawn Dark Souls 3 Assassins Creed Odyssey Top of the pile = The Last of Us
  13. Looks that way....
  14. Not sure it is a world concensus but did have moments like that and did get through the story faster than it needed Brienne being knighted was justice served. Battle of Winterfell - Epic in my view, really well done and held the tension to the end. Given the number of twists there was a point where I though they would lose. I got frustrated with the next episode - having known they had been betrayed by Cersei they casually return to Dragonstone not anticipating an ambush and then what is essentially a giant crossbow has "homing" arrows that take out a dragon in a few seconds. Then losing Messandei….. What happened at Kings Landing was not Dany going mad but getting angry and even and using psychological warfare on Cersei by getting to her witness the destruction she had sown. Revenge is a dish best served cold as they say. Her anger was to be expected after all she had lost getting to this point. Soldiers murdering and raping a sacked city was everyday stuff in the Middle Ages. The episode was also epic. She went 'Mad' when she made the speech in the last episode for me and Jon had no choice. The small council was a little 'Disney' fied for my taste but was designed to show hope. And Jon back with Ghost was magic Nerd time : Nobles choosing a King on merit rather than being the son of the previous King was called a 'Witan' in ye olde England.....I know that as I watch the "Last Kingdom" as well. Look at the overall experience over 8 seasons and it is the best TV show ever made with the possible exception of "The Sopranos" The books are superb and worth the read, the TV version deviated along time ago Anyway, that's my view.....
  15. Thanks, done it now. 15.04...not as professional as your good self but good enough for the trophy and made one minor 'wall bang'. Could not get your first 'flashbang' room done in the way in the video, always ended up in a pickle / wall but did use your tip about the grenade launcher which I used on the final room. I used the MP5 until the final room. After throwing the flashbang I ran out forward (not backward) and pressed left on D Pad which automatically puts you in grenade mode on the Launcher, turned and fired at the back of the room which took them both out. I also made sure there was only 1 grenade (got rid of the rest in advance) to avoid it trying to reload which slows you down. I then ran like the wind. Time of 15.04 and it took a life time ( 3 secs ) for the trophy to pop in which I aged 10 years, promptly followed by me running round the house screaming !! Anyway, thank you for your video and tips, they helped me considerably and credit where it is due.