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  1. I agree, it is a huge game but I loved every minute (120 hrs and counting). The visuals are spectacular and it captures the look and feel of Greece perfectly
  2. Champion of the Gods Got all Plats (with GOW3 on both platforms)
  3. The way that I did this was pretty much as above but I did a normal run and all the artefacts first which got me the bronze augment ( earned a massive 6958 !) , then did a nemesis run and not worry too much about the time as this netted the silver augment which helps with Might. When I did my gold run I exited the game after each outpost completed and backed up to USB. Then went back into the game and allowed myself to be killed as it gave me a time check. Reload from USB and do next outpost. I managed to do the 5 outposts in 36 minutes. Add the augments you get from the captains immediately and invest your skill points into number of health pack x 2, 1 on outer gate ( so you can get a good start on the fort ) and the majority in concussion/poison/fire bombs ( as these worked a treat & the main part of my attack strategy) and fill up when ever needed. My run took 51 minutes with a score of 271K. ( And I lost 45 secs due to the strange glitch where Baranor disappeared and no menus worked ) The only "luck" aspect is which augments are dropped.......In Gold run, I had one that allowed me to heal all nearby allies when I used a help pack which was invaluable, I had one that added might on every critical hit which allowed me to do successive executions on captains and had one in silver run that gave 300% + damage to stealth. Another good one was freezing enemies from a concussion bomb. So exploit the augments you are given. Easterlings - I invested my coin in the ones costing 2400, but had one legendary (4800) and one at 1200, did not have a bodyguard and as well as the outposts killed one other captain. I found as I was also getting quickly used to the nemesis difficulty and how to handle it. Hope this helps.
  4. I have the same issue, no option to play and no trophies and its well into 8th May here...
  5. This was the bit I had most problems with.......sometimes would find myself suffering an aerial attack with zero warning (and nothing you can do about this,even happens in rage mode but at least no health lost in rage mode) but if you see her go high then that's the signal. Roll out of the way 3 times did it for me.
  6. I needed a few tries as well and maximising your weapons, upgrade your best armour ( go and farm the resources, its worth it ) Runic attack, strength, defence & cooldown as high as possible as runic attacks was the key for me. Select the runic attacks that do the most damage and make sure they are upgraded to max. For Talisman I used the reduced damage/protective aura. Full rage ready for fight and rage resurrection stone are a must. Also worth learning how to deal with her attacks, where to block and where to dodge. One of her attacks have no defence beyond getting Atreus to shoot her out of the air. Easier said than done, I know. I started with Axe - Heavy Runic, Light Runic, then hold square for Atreus "animal" attack (I had wolves enabled ) and whilst they are attacking you attack with normal hits. Then switch to Blades, runic attacks, but worth saving at least one for when she folds her wings, attack with a runic attack as it does lots of damage and breaks her block. Also Talisman allowed me to be more aggressive knowing damage was reduced. Save Rage until you have little health and go for it but she can still damage you so back off as necessary and pick up health. Her Jump attack when you have to mash circle was a pain, recognise her initiation and evade like mad. It took me 2-3 hours in total to achieve it and was close on many occasions but finally got there. It is one tough fight even on easy.....
  7. This is good line up as have neither of them and had an eye on Bloodborne for some time
  8. "Tongue in cheek" humour as we say here. Having just finished New Order & Old Blood am ready for more as thoroughly enjoyed both, so will be playing New Colossus in the near future. This trophy is what it is and not sure I subscribe to be it being changed given some players have achieve it and well done to them. Whether I can get it or not is questionable as dont get 10-12 hrs in one go ever but we shall see. I am a completionist but I only play games I enjoy and I accept some trophies I will not get.
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn would be my favourite game of 2017 since it was visually beautiful, excellent game play, original/unique and a cracking story to boot ...........Uncharted Lost Legacy second but I am choosing from the games I actually played of course.
  10. Have all the plats for all the games listed ( except Revengance ) and have Ground Zeroes 100%..........
  11. PS - make sure all your captains are high ranking as well - your overall rank = overlord/warchief/captain ranks plus siege upgrades
  12. The way i got it was as follows Stage 10 you have 4 siege defences - make sure you have high ranking orcs as warchiefs/overloard, with all others as bodyguards and get rid of lower ranking orcs i.e. pit fights or garrison, etc. For each of the 4 go to the start point, R1, and ensure all siege upgrades for each of the 6 slots are active, but do not start the mission. I'd alredy completed one of the sieges and managed to get over 2500 with only 3 like this and I only did one online conquest during the 2 weeks i played this.
  13. This is an excellent, thoughtful debate and shows the diversity of opinion in how we all view GoT and its multiple layers of grey. The preview of the next episode is carefully crafted to deceive what happens next to build the anticipation My predictions for how it will be at the end of S7 as follows..... Cersei will fall ( & would not be surprised if its Jaime (who I think survives the watery end of E4 ) that kills her as he knows what she really is ( & history in an ironic twist repeats itself) and there is the prophecy that she dies at the hands of a 'little brother'........also Cersei will not care when told that Tyrion is innocent of Joffreys death and that is what finally decides it for him ) Dany will take the Iron Throne as the world has now seen the awesome destructive power of her dragons ( and an Army in the field can not stand upto them & their superbow did not take Drogon down, only injured ) and dont think she will go 'Mad Queen' ( but wanting something is sometimes better than getting it and it wont meet her expectations ) Jon's true parentage is revealed and actually helps to reconcile the north and south, given he is both a Stark & Targaryan Theon will rescue Yara and kill his Uncle ( Euron will commits some atrocities that would make Ramsay blush) They all unite ready for Night King, who is now south of the Wall with his Army of the Dead Then Season 8 is all about the war with the Walkers Could go on.... I expect lots of deaths, lots of twists, lots of violence, sex and language - but that why we all watch it !!!
  14. So basically the Rich & Famous trophy was not earned Dec 2015 when servers were still open but April 2016 when they were not....
  15. I can't see anything wrong with how Smichhara completed Spartacus, seems legit to me never played UFC so can't comment whether anything is unusual there and after a superficial look at completion times nothing stands out for me