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  1. Wow

    Yes. If you're on Windows, when you open a picture saved to your computer, you'll notice a toolbar in the top center of the window. One of the buttons allows you to crop the image. If possible, crop the full size image to cut the section of the image you want to use as your avatar. That alone will get you within distance of the file size limit of the website. If the file size is not small enough after that, use an online image compressor like @CelestialRequiem said to bring the file size down further. Doing that can get you from this (424 KB) to this (88.2 KB), for example.
  2. Wow

    Absolutely a troll thread, but let's forget about that for a minute. How can you call yourself an Anime Gamer Weeb and not have an avatar? You're breaking the rules, friend.
  3. I give the boobs a 10, and the trophy list a 1.
  4. I am a fan of idols, and this looks incredibly interesting. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I'll keep an eye out for details on release.
  5. Thank you mecharobot for sharing your experience, I appreciate it. 😄 Was not aware that Gal*Gun was remastered and localized in English for the Switch (Gal*Gun Returns). That's pretty cool. Gal*Gun (PS3) is indeed Move compatible. I've experienced a couple of PS3 rail shooters before this one, and Move controls make speed and accuracy significantly easier - for me at least. It's pretty much already decided that I'll be playing Gal*Gun 1. I've been on a good streak lately with enjoying the "worst game" in a particular series, so I'll hope to get lucky here as well. I'll definitely play out the rest of the series, though it will be done entirely on PlayStation. Considering the fast pace of gameplay, combined with the difficulty modifiers of arcade mode, I'll go in expecting the higher end of previously voted difficulty, rather than the lower. Thank you again.
  6. If it happens, @enaysoft better get his spot in the credits.
  7. This post is for Gal*Gun (2012, PS3) and is not to be confused with Gal*Gun 2 or Gal*Gun Double Peace So, Gal*Gun is a series I've been meaning to get started on for a long time now. I need another sticker for my Culture Card, if I want to maintain my membership at the Gentleman's Club. As always, I do my research before starting a game, including having a look at PST's Platinum Difficulty Rating thread. Votes sit between 4 and 7. Ignoring the 10 vote as it was obviously cast by a troll. Additionally, time estimates for the game sit between 25 and 50 hours, which feels about right for this type of game. Japanese games like this tend not to get as much talk, despite the language barrier not being as much of an issue compared to other games. As of the time of writing this post, Gal*Gun is sitting at 6.69% Platinum rarity with 224 completions. If any of the 224 (or anybody who has given the game a fair effort) are reading this: what are we in for with Gal*Gun? Looking over the trophy guide, the most intense part of the game seems to be Arcade Mode (more damage taken, less health regeneration, less damage output). I do feel like I can finish the game once I start it, but it would be nice to know if the game spikes in difficulty ahead of time, rather than being surprised by it once I've already taken the plunge. Thanks for reading.
  8. Hey man. Oh, it's me by the way. Real stellar work on the BlazBlue plat. Been an absolute JOY speaking with you. Just remember that even though a certain person on this website - no naming names but we'll call him "CR" - might be a problem, it doesn't mean you have to let him be YOUR problem ; ^       )



    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Thank ya kindly, Mr. Deadly. Mighty nice seeing Litchi's boobies bouncing again after all this time.


      I reckon that CR fella is alright - he did show interest in starting Daytona USA, after all.



    2. Deadly_Ha_Ha


      He's a tricky one so I'd just advise you to keep a watchful eye on the situation. I'll just be right over here if you need me ~~~~~

    3. CelestialRequiem


      This guy sounds like a dumb fuck

  9. I've wanted to see this idea implemented for a long time now, though not for the most noble of reasons. Those curious to know the amount of popcorn that such threads would generate on a daily basis need to look no further than this thread, if not the countless time/difficulty threads over at PST itself. I hope we can at least see standardization of difficulty ratings one of these days. What truly makes a game 5/10 has never been clearly defined, nor agreed upon by the community, and we're seeing the effects of that, with many ratings landing within extremes.
  10. Long games, hard games, and easy games are all great. If EZPZ is referring to trophy delivery software, then it's a no from me. I can't say I care to be Welcome(d) to the World of ZJ the Ball.
  11. Considering his (poor) track record when it comes to enjoying the finer cultures, I have my doubts.
  12. Yes. Take a second look at the M1 - the rifle you can purchase at spawn for 500 points. Once you PAP the M1, it gains an "aimbot" trait that guarantees the hit as long as the enemy is within your hip fire reticle. This means you can mow down waves of zombies, and even hit the Alien's weak spot without ever having to make yourself vulnerable by aiming down sights (L2). Once you attach the Wind Core to the M1, it becomes one of the best guns in the entire map, and is often recommended for high round sessions of Spaceland as well. For the lethal slot, keep the Cryo Grenades if you picked them up from the arcade for 350 tickets for the Yeti battery step. They are great for buying you a couple of seconds during the Seti-Com, or clearing the way for you to hit the Alien boss when he is downed, if you're lacking a Boom Box in your item slot. I'd also recommend fully completing NEIL before heading into the boss fight as well. After completing all three stages of NEIL's challenges, you get access to unlimited revives from the Hoff for 5000 points each for the rest of the session, which is a godsend for a solo attempt. Fully completing NEIL doesn't take that long either in a solo run, since you can play more efficiently without randoms pushing you up to round 25 while getting set up for the boss. While setting up for the boss fight, make sure you're collecting stickers and batteries so that you can create at least one of the map's wonder weapons. I usually don't bring it with me to the boss fight, because having a weapon in my Mule Munchies slot almost always gets me killed when I need to quickly switch from the M1 to the Kendalls for crowd control. Soon as the Alien goes down for good, head over to the display for whatever wonder weapon you've completed and pick it up so you can blast down the UFO at the end of the run. I don't like spending Fortune cards unless I'm going for something serious, so I usually roll with Fate cards: Nade Party (helps with getting one of the batteries), Mana Up, Best for Last, 5 Second Muscle, Stimulus If you do want to use Fortune cards, though, replace the Fate cards with Perk Insured, Second Wind, Reanimated, Explosive Touch, and (Ammo Crate/All The Ammos) if you see yourself running short on Kendall ammo. Yes. Check out the god mode glitch for Shaolin Shuffle. It makes you completely invulnerable to zombies, and they will suffer lethal damage as soon as they touch you, meaning you can sit (semi) AFK until you hit a high enough round that you're ready to cash out with your keys. Also nice for handling any DLC trophies you might have pending on that map (wish I knew how to do the glitch when I was still working on the trophy list, would have been amazing).
  13. DLC characters should help. I remember earning three titles from Biscuit, in particular.
  14. I thought this was the game where you ascend a phallic staircase until you reach, the top.
  15. As long as the thread stays on the topic of the game and its trophy list, it should be fine. As soon as the topic shifts to "the tr**hy syst*m", "the le***rboards", "sh***lware" and so on, then fun time is over, and it only takes one person doing it for the pool to be closed. (Offending words censored to protect the state of the thread)