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  1. Love the PGA review. Knowing you can turn off wind to freely shoot for aces and birdies sounds amazing, and that online session was hilarious. You may have just put this game on my list of things to play.
  2. If that 1.18% is Infinite Warfare, you can safely tell your friend that he can't flex it if he skipped the hardest part of the game (the Zombies DLC).
  3. Tier 2 Sonic Adventure (2.03%) - 3% Sports Champions (0.53%) - 3% The Shoot (0.39%) - 100% Rocksmith (0.42% / 0.25%) - 4% KickBeat (0.41%) - 0% Just finished The Shoot. An otherwise excellent rail shooter completely ruined by the inclusion of Challenges that have nothing to do with rail shooting. Avoid this game at all costs.
  4. Right before the Deleted Scene inside of the train (when you shoot the explosive briefcase), you'll meet a group of three flying robots. Shoot all three of them once so that they split off into their "child" forms. Before any of them can get away, quickly hit the whole group with a Shockwave and you'll get that Show Stopper.
  5. Tier 1 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (2.73% / 1.79%) - 100% Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (1.19% / 0.26%) - 100% Catherine (2.00%) - 100% The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut (1.16%) - 100% PlayStation Move Heroes (4.30%) - 100% Happy to report that House of the Dead: Overkill is done, and with that, my Tier 1 as well. Excellent game for anybody interested in a good rail shooter for the PlayStation Move. I'm going to go ahead and post my Tier 2 as well. Tier 2 Sonic Adventure (2.03%) - 3% Sports Champions (0.53%) - 3% The Shoot (0.39%) - 8% Rocksmith (0.42% / 0.25%) - 4% KickBeat (0.41%) - 0%
  6. It's one of the older games in the Sakura series. You can see a full list on Winged Cloud's wiki page.
  7. Looks like an (almost) all Japanese games sale. Weebs and Men of Culture, assemble.
  8. Fake DLC rarity is a problem because it means that countless trophies are being inaccurately represented in people's statistics. Considering that DLC trophies are often more challenging or tedious than the base game, it fails to even accomplish the task of making the rarities of those trophies "feel right". Every time I open up a trophy page to check out the DLC trophies, I immediately use PSNP+'s Global Rarity toggle to filter out the default ratings.
  9. With the amount of Bronze trophies on the list, you could have told me Capcom did the port and I would have believed it.
  10. Tier 1 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (2.73% / 1.79%) - 100% Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (1.19% / 0.26%) - 100% Catherine (2.00%) - 100% The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut (1.16%) - 5% PlayStation Move Heroes (4.30%) - 100% Done with PlayStation Move Heroes! Despite the modest two Ultra Rare trophies in the game's trophy list, the 24 Very Rare trophies still did a lot for my stats, improving my Average Rarity by almost a full percent. Don't sleep on those Very Rares if you're trying to improve that rarity stat! Just one more to go now for Tier 1.
  11. :platinum: Platinum #13 - PlayStation Move Heroes


    Platinum Trophy
    PlayStation®Move Hero
    "Obtain All Trophies"


    Rarity: 4.28% (Ultra Rare)
    Time to Completion: 9 years, 11 months
    Difficulty: No PSNP guide, PST Guide Rating 4/10 (link)


    PlayStation Move Heroes. If you're anything like me, no doubt you'll see this or a game like this on somebody's profile and immediately go "What the (expletive) is this (expletive)!?" 


    Hopefully your questions can be answered in today's write-up. I was a bit nervous going into this one, because there were just so many unknowns about the game and the Platinum experience overall. I went in almost certain that something would rear its ugly head and bring this Platinum attempt to a screeching halt. Fortunately, the Platinum still got done, so let's see if I can make you at least a slightly more informed gamer on the topic of PlayStation Move Heroes.


    PlayStation Move Heroes is an Action-Adventure game developed by Nihilistic Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2011 for the PlayStation 3. The game released during a time when Sony was really pushing the PlayStation Move onto the PlayStation playerbase, in their earnest attempt to capture some of the magic (and sales) of Nintendo's wildly successful Wii console. A full Move setup is required here, players will not be able to play this game with only a DualShock 3. Trophy hunters especially should be aware that a second wand controller is required if you want to obtain the game's Platinum trophy.



    It wasn't enough to push sales of Move units, Subway also needed to sell more sandwiches. Play Hard, Eat Fresh!


    Let's get right to it, then. One of few things most inquiring trophy hunters are probably wondering is "Is the game any good though? How is it?" If I can summarize my enjoyment of PlayStation Move Heroes with a single word, it would be:




    Meh. The perfect word to describe my experience. In defense of PlayStation Move Heroes, the game isn't terrible: Controls are, for the most part, pretty tight and responsive. The gameplay, unambitious as it is, is at least consistent throughout and doesn't throw too many curveballs at the player on the way through. On the other side of the coin, though, PlayStation Move Heroes really fails to capture the player with an experience that most players would consider fun or memorable. You're just kind of... there. You're there, whipping your Move Wand around in front of the camera through game modes resembling party games that you've probably played on the Wii in a mildly engaging walk to the finish line. 


    While we're here I will briefly describe the gameplay. PlayStation Move Heroes has you playing through about 60 levels with a cross-over cast of characters from Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and Sly Cooper. Gameplay modes include Disc Tossing (Controlling discs midair with the wand to free Whibbles from cages), Whip Combat (Action stages using whips as melee weapons), Bowling (Throwing and controlling the path of a bowling ball with the wand), Shooting (third-person style combat with a gun or grenade launcher), and lastly Melee Combat (Your standard hack'n'slash with hammer, axe and cane). For each level your goal is to achieve the Gold Medal (which is often little more than simply completing the level), and for most levels early on you also are on the search for hidden collectibles which unlock costumes and, ultimately, trophies. 



    Each character has access to helpful special abilities, which I assume are all inspired by each character's source game


    Your own enjoyment with PlayStation Move Heroes is going to come down to how fun you find the gameplay modes I described above. The game did eventually grow on me a little bit, and some modes, such as shooting and disc tossing, did eventually come to resemble something very remotely similar to fun. However, I dreaded dealing with Melee and Whip stages, as all the quick waving motions in front of the camera often got painful after a while, and occasionally I found that a whip attack may not respond when I really needed it to in the heat of things.


    I should also mention that I have, as of this point, played none of the series being crossed-over in PlayStation Move Heroes. My searches online for impressions by other players largely consisted of highly disappointed fans, sad that the cross-over they waited years for had to be the bland, forgettable experience that is this game. Characters here do manage to be entertaining and interesting, but I can't say that I was hyped or motivated by PlayStation Move Heroes to play any of the games its characters came from.


    This is probably the section most trophy hunters really want to see. I get it, you're looking at a seemingly easy game with an Ultra Rare Platinum that you could possibly be sizing up to see if it's worth your own time to Platinum. 

    Overall, PlayStation Move Heroes is not a terribly difficult game. I wouldn't say that it's a total cakewalk, though. There are a few moments the game will make you sweat. For example, the much feared "no damage clear" (for a single level) trophy is present here, with all the frustrating and stressful BS that comes with it. Additionally, difficulty does start to ramp up considerably as you progress into the game's Diamond Challenges, which are additional challenges in previously played levels with less conveniences than before such as lack of health powerups. 


    Reading the above paragraph probably made it sound like I just described a game that is more like a 6/7 out of 10. Don't worry, PlayStation Move Heroes isn't that hard. Even the game's most challenging moments are quickly conquered with some time spent retrying, and by the time you get to the Diamond Challenges, you've had so much practice that you're mostly breezing through them even with the increased difficulty. If anything, I mostly had the feeling that the developers were holding back, because this game actually had plenty of room to be absolutely brutal in difficulty, while being within acceptable limits that I wouldn't have been able to call out the developers for. With a game like this, though, I'm more than glad the decision was made to keep things simple. My review would be a lot more sour if this game opted to overstay its welcome, requiring hours of practice to slam-dunk perfect runs on levels that amounted to little more than Wii minigames. 



    The dreaded whip levels, which had me painfully waving my arm around like a crazy person. The things we do for trophies.


    As mentioned before, you'll need two Move Wand controllers to get the Platinum in this game. This is because the game has a Team Play mode where you can play through every single level with a second player, who, fortunately for trophy hunters trying to solo, is simply another crosshair on the screen. In Team Play, the second player has the ability to assist the first player by shooting projectiles at enemies, or feeding bonuses to the first player such as health or time extensions for timed missions. This can turn every single mission in the game into an absolute cakewalk where you have virtually unlimited time and unlimited health to breeze through every level. If you have a friend, partner, sibling or spouse willing to endure this game with you, a second player will definitely help out a lot. 


    Should You Play PlayStation Move Heroes?
    Probably the most important question of today's review. For the large majority of players out there, I'm going to say no. If you don't already have the full setup necessary, you're going to be spending quite a bit of money for what will most likely end up a disappointing or boring experience. If, like me, you popped two trophies in this game ten years ago and want to come back for completion, you'll be relieved to know that the game is at least pretty quickly completed, and most players will be done with PlayStation Move Heroes within 2-5 days, depending on how much you devote yourself to marathoning all of the missions. 

    Ultimately though, most players should skip this one, especially the hardcore fans of the franchises being crossed over here. There's way too much to lose and your chances of disappointment and frustration are way higher than what I endured as an outsider to it all. Unless you've already started and need to finish, your time and money are better spent elsewhere.




    See you next time. 

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    2. Flubberwunked


      Yeah it was a meh experience, but you at least got a UR plat of it, so it was kinda worth it I guess lol. I would definitely try this game out because I'm a huge fan of all 3 of the series, but the price will always be an issue. The game sounds pretty repetitive and the only thing that kept you going was occasionally hearing the trophy sound effect lmao. At least it wasn't that long and tiresome. It could've been a worse experience with you saying that the game could've been a lot harder, so be thankful for your  m e h  experience lol.


      Congrats on the plat and what game is next up on the list Aiha?

    3. AihaLoveleaf


      @MidnightDragon Thank you Dragon!

      @ihadalifeb4this Thanks!

      @snakebit10 Thanks snakebit! 

      @yuber1234 Thanks yuber! That's hilarious, man. 😆 Subway will be joyed to know that a collaboration from 2010 managed to generate a sale in 2021. 

      @FreshFromThaDeli Thanks Deli! You made the right move skipping this one. I don't think you would have enjoyed it at all. :lol: I don't think the Move is a completely lost cause, though. My distant memory tells me that shooting games were incredibly fun to play, and some of those will definitely be getting reviewed at some point, so hopefully I can dig up something fun to put your Move setup to work. 

      @The Arizona Ranger Thank you sir! 🙌

      @Honor_Hand Thank you Honor! Definitely pass on this one. Reading your updates, I know you've played a lot of meh games by now, and PlayStation Move Heroes definitely doesn't need to join those ranks. 😆 You can save those Move wands for a game of culture like Gal Gun 😎 as soon as I run through it to see how thick the language barrier is. 

      @Flubberwunked Thanks Flubberwunked! I'll definitely take another UR for the cabinet, and if we look purely at the trophy benefits here, Move Heroes did some pretty positive things for my stats, so it was worth the ~3 days I put into it. 😄 Funny that you mention the trophy dings, because the game gives you opportunities to have as many as four trophies pop at the same time in sequence, so it was actually pretty satisfying when I managed to pull some of those off. 😛


      If you ever end up with the Move setup to try it, it's definitely not the worst Platinum experience you'll ever have (from recent memory I believe Toro! Let's Party! firmly holds that position). You'll definitely breeze right through it, regardless of how boring or fun you end up finding it. As for the next game, I decided to show my right arm some mercy before the next Move game, and went back to finish up Demon's Souls. The younger me was kind enough to pop the game's hardest trophy already, so at this point I'm just cleaning things up, which I expect should just be a few more days. 🤔

    4. Honor_Hand


      @AihaLoveleaf You can bet I'll be debuting those Move wands with Gal Gun first. Lots of fun to be had there. 👀

  12. :platinum: Platinum #12 - Final Fantasy VII


    Platinum Trophy
    Gaia's Guardian
    "Obtain all trophies"


    Rarity: 24.88% (Uncommon)
    Time to Completion: 2 years, 9 months
    Guide Difficulty: 3/10 (link)


    In continuation of my journey to clean up the old games on my trophy list, I picked up Final Fantasy 7 for my 12th Platinum. It's been several years at this point since I've played through the game, and I had way more fun than I expected coming back to finish this one up.


    Final Fantasy 7 is a Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG) developed and published by Square (and Sony in other regions) in 1997 for the original PlayStation console. The target of today's review is the 2015 PlayStation 4 release of the PC version, updated and developed by DotEmu. Newer releases of the game contain notable conveniences such as the ability to play the game in 3x speed, disable random encounters and a god-mode toggle to make your characters (almost) invincible. 


    An overhead view of Midgar, one of the game's most important locations


    As for the game itself, the impact it had is undeniable. The upgrade from the Super Nintendo to the PlayStation allowed Square to create a game of grand scale, unlike anything the genre had seen before then. The increased storage and processing power of the console allowed for highly detailed environments, a gigantic 3D world map, and several pre-rendered FMVs (Full Motion Video), among other things. All of this, combined with the game's epic, cinematic storytelling and entertaining cast of characters catapulted Final Fantasy 7 to legendary status and continues to be a fan-favorite of the series to this day. 


    Even with the numerous advancements in gaming since release in 1997, Final Fantasy 7 still holds up today. The story is every bit as epic now as I remember it being when I was much younger. On top of that, gameplay here is seriously addicting. Once I got rolling, I went through days of marathon sessions with the game, finding it hard to put down. Despite the trophy list having a couple of particularly very grindy trophies, it didn't feel like much of a drag, as I was able to make use of the time to grind my characters out to the exact level of OP-ness that I wanted, including maxing most stats (STR, VIT, DEX, LUCK) and crafting two full sets of Master Materia from scratch with only a couple extra hours of grinding after obtaining the trophy for 99,999,999 Gil. The 3x game speed increase was an absolute godsend here for grinding, and I made extensive use of it, while ignoring the No-Encounter and God Mode toggles. 


    The average trophy hunter accurately depicted, years before the introduction of the trophy system


    One of the most enjoyable parts of my playthrough was the discovery of new ways to tackle (or cheese) parts of the game that were previously a challenge in past playthroughs. First was my discovery of a method to cheese the Fort Condor minigame by simply spawning units rapidly down the map to quickly win the game. The second major discovery was a Chocobo breeding method using basic RNG manipulation, allowing a player to obtain a Gold Chocobo as early as Disc 2, during the brief period of time where your main character is out of the party, enabling players to grab the game's most powerful summon (Knights of the Round) much earlier and with much more ease as well. The last major discovery was related to W-Item glitching. Most people know by now about how easy it is to use the W-Item Materia to duplicate items consumable in battle. What I did not know about, however, is that W-Item can also be used to duplicate non-consumable items, such as stat increasing items. This discovery allowed me to quickly max the most important stats of my main party, basically breaking the rest of the game wide open. 


    Grabbing the Knights of the Round Materia, during a part of the game where Chocobo Racing is still inaccessible


    Just like with Catherine, it had been so long since I last played Final Fantasy 7 that several major plot points that I had completely forgotten about felt new again. Even if you already know of the game's biggest moment, there's still a lot to take you by surprise here. There are several gigantic plot twists introduced throughout the game that are not talked about by the general gaming public that will hit you pretty hard if you didn't see them coming. It was a real joy going through FF7's story again, and the refresher will be useful, considering newer content such as the remake that I have yet to play through.


    As with most JRPGs, Final Fantasy 7 is a time consuming, but relatively easy Platinum. Compared to other entries such as Final Fantasy 9's insane Jump Rope challenge, minigames here are easily conquered. Additionally, as with a lot of JRPGs, the game's most threatening challenges can be trivialized by simply grinding your stats and gear, or hitting the god mode toggle. 


    The most stressful trophy on the list is easily the Best Bromance trophy. There is an event relatively early in the game where Cloud is accompanied by one of the party members. Which party member that will be is decided by who has the most "affection points", determined mostly by your choices in dialogue. Due to the initial point distribution, it will more often than not be one of the females chosen for the event. The trophy requires you to ensure this event happens with one of the male characters, and due to him starting with an initial value of 0, you have to carefully monitor your progress basically as soon as you start the game. Popping this trophy was a real sigh of relief for me, as I could finally relax and enjoy the rest of the game afterwards. Make sure to keep multiple save files along the way, in case you mess up.


    Getting Transcendant Convoker the hard way 


    Like I've hinted to before, I ended up playing way beyond the requirements for the Platinum. I find breaking the game wide open and grinding out an OP party to be highly entertaining, both during the actual grind as well as the satisfying results afterwards. Highlights of some of the extra feats achieved included maxing the stats of my main party, and crafting two sets of Master Materia before stepping foot into the Emerald Weapon fight. This setup allowed me to take a different approach from my usual spam of Knights of the Round from start to finish. I opted instead to equip three Fury Rings to put my characters into permanent Berserk status, and played the entire fight hands-free from start to finish. I found the result to be pretty entertaining.


    My own clip of the optional Emerald Weapon boss fight. Equipment and Materia details in the description


    Should you play Final Fantasy VII? 
    Absolutely. If you're a JRPG fan or a Final Fantasy fan, then the original release is still worth playing through in 2021. If you're not a fan of JRPGs, I'm not so sure that Final Fantasy 7 would convert you. There are a lot of typical JRPG tropes here that detractors would likely be annoyed at, but you may still find a playthrough of the biggest game in the genre to be a useful history lesson, if you're open to the experience. Most players should expect to put in about 40-80 hours, depending on their pace or how much you decide to deviate from the Platinum to boost your party even further.


    See you next time.

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    2. FreshFromThaDeli


      Well done Aiha! Good to hear you enjoyed yourself and created self inflicted challenges to make the experience better for yourself.


      I played FF7 for the second time this year with the remake. I never got too much into the game when I played it for the first time many years ago so a lot of what I experienced in the remake was all brand new to me. I still have a long way to go with this story, I know what happens in the final cut scene in vanilla FF7 because of how famous that cut scene is but apart from that I have no idea what happens after Midgar.


      Eagerly anticipating the next part of the remake so I can see more of this world and story.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Awesome work and write-up, man. Well done.


      Sadly, I don't know a single thing about the FF series in general so there's very little I can comment about it. I did find it interesting how so many exploits and strategies have appeared over the years in this popular game to help you break it open so early on. A testament to its popularity and the dedication fans have put into it over the years.


      Maybe I'll pick it up and experience it one of these days to see what is it all about, especially now that it has that 3x Speed boost. :D

    4. AihaLoveleaf


      @kindajustin Thank you Justin! I am playing through with cautious optimism and hope that things don't get too rough. 😅

      @ihadalifeb4this Thank you! 

      @Flubberwunked Thanks! The 3x Speed modifier makes such a difference. I wonder how I tolerated the slowness of the PS1 version, I am spoiled now.  😆 Hope you'll give it a try sometime, the game sounds like a great fit for you! As for Best Bromance, I suppose I would say you're about a quarter of the way in when you finally get it. It's early enough that you still have plenty of game left afterwards, but it feels like forever because of the stress of hoping you got it, lol. The trophy guide does do very well to make sure you get it though as long as you don't make any mistakes. 


      Good luck with PlayStation Move Heroes. I've always been super curious about it. Some people say it's a bland game that has good characters trapped in it lmao.

      I'll try to reserve judgements until the end to give the game a chance to see if it grows on me, but this is a hilarious description. 😆

      @yuber1234 Thanks yuber! That was one reason I experimented with making the Fury Rings work. Ain't nobody got time to sit and press Mime for 20 minutes, lol. 

      @MidnightDragon Thank you!

      @FreshFromThaDeli Thanks Deli! Considering how expansive the original world and story were, I'd be surprised if Square ever manages to completely remake the entire game. I would love to be wrong, though, and have the chance to play a complete remake of the full story. 

      @Honor_Hand Thank you Honor! The Final Fantasy community is incredibly dedicated and it feels like I learn something new with every playthrough, whether it's some new cheese or something awesome about the story. Hopefully you'll play FF7 too. From what I know of your tastes, I think you'll enjoy it! 

  13. This is pretty lame. Some people have an easy enough life to afford the free time to make fun of bad video games, and that's fine. I'm not going to worry myself about things I can't possibly fix. I just want to play video games.
  14. Congrats on the plat yuber! Seems like this game would have done decently enough over here, with all the people begging for a Smash like experience on the PlayStation. I'm sure like all ArcSys games, though, we'd still be looking at a dead online mode today. 😅 Good thing all of their games have immortal online servers. Have fun with the next game. Hopefully it's easier, and in English too. 😛
  15. Props to the developers for a humorous and self-aware trophy list. They know who they're marketing to, and boosting profiles with 45 trophies instead of 11 while offering a comparable point total is probably something we'll be seeing more of moving forward. Got to love the reference here, too. That's where my praise ends. Has anybody watched a video of Baseball Bout's gameplay yet? The entire game, from start to Platinum, takes place on this same even plane with no variance whatsoever. I can't believe I'm saying this, but, ZJ The Ball actually has more platforming than Baseball Bout.