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  1. @CB7Tuner91 For scientific research purposes I opened up Castlevania on PSNow using the PS4 to give a try to what you asked about. Checked the world map. Twelve dots (no DLC). XMB gives me the "Saved Data Utility", "Trophy Collection" and "Friend List". No other options to pull in DLC from purchase history. PSNow seems to be completely out as an option for this.
  2. I had no clue that PSNow could tap into your PS3 purchases like that. I'm going to take my PS3 save file tonight and test that out.
  3. I asked about this yesterday and somebody told me that the PSNow version does not have the DLC. I have the free month so I should probably just check it myself too but that's what I've heard so far.
  4. Not sure who will find it useful, but I tested JP Demon's Souls (BCJS70013). It pulled an update to version 1.04. The game seems to have a separate trophy list though so it won't be of much use if you have an incomplete NA list.
  5. You talking about like having NA game data on the console and then using another region disc to try to update it? Now that I think of it I do have a JP copy of Demon's Souls (BCJS70013) along with NA Demon's Souls (BLUS30443GH) that I should do some testing with after work today.
  6. People here yesterday with NA Collection discs were not having any luck downloading patches. At this point the only hope for NA players might be discs from other regions since they seem to share the same trophy page according to PSNP. I bought a cheap UK disc from eBay last night and will be testing that in a couple of weeks when it gets here to see if we can continue our NA trophies with it.
  7. Pretty much this. I don't think trophies are going to be dead the day after store closure but I am treating my legacy trophies like they're on a timer and acting accordingly.
  8. If your PS3 shows version 1.03, go ahead and buy the DLC. If not, don't bother because you can't play it until the patching issue is fixed.
  9. In this case it doesn't help. I opened Castlevania yesterday to see how many dots I have on my world map. Turned on the PS3 just now and all that happened was my save data uploaded to the cloud.
  10. Most games will be okay if they don't have trophy patches, online gameplay, or DLC attached to their patches. The few that will be affected beyond that will be games that are buggy enough to the point that 'x' trophy will be impossible to achieve without updating. Those games are probably rare and I can't think of any off the top of my head but I'm sure somebody will come up with a few.
  11. Basically the feature where your console will boot up once a day to download patches and upload saves. I've had it turned on for my PS3 since before this even started to be an issue and it has not updated itself on Castlevania yet. However if Sony fixes this patch issue sometime soon then we should expect this feature to update most of us overnight (or whenever you set your PS3 to run this feature) Custom DNS sounds like it's going to be the way to go for 99% of people. This reminds me of how people are getting event Pokémon on Nintendo DS Pokémon titles even though online support for the game is long gone. If Sony sits on their hands with this patch issue but fans start working on custom DNS this whole scare we're having could become a non-issue. Good to know.
  12. It really depends on the game. I'm pretty sure Demon's Souls does not require online at all for Platinum so you can probably totally play that unpatched and be okay. The reason some of us are concerned over games like Castlevania is that being unpatched locks us out of playing the DLC, which means 100% could become unobtainable despite us having paid for and having the actual DLC on our console.
  13. So I caved and bought the UK version of Castlevania LoS. Found a copy for right about $20 after tax and shipping, and if this ends up being the ticket for NA players to get 100% I don't want to be stuck paying inflated prices later. My hope is that Sony fixes this patching issue for everyone and I end up having wasted $20. Otherwise, this should be in my mailbox in about two weeks and I'll post my results on how compatible everything is with the NA release. I'll be checking trophy list compatibility, save file compatibility, and DLC compatibility. I'm about 99% sure I'm going to have to rebuy the DLC so I am preparing myself for that but I will test it anyway as I'm sure somebody will want to know.
  14. Check your game data and see if you're above version 1.00. Alternatively, play past the tutorial (use an alt account if you need to) and check your world map to see if it has 14 dots (dlc) versus 12 dots (dlc not recognized). Some points of reference
  15. If the UK version actually works I will end up rebuying too. Fortunately the DLC isn't ridiculously expensive.