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  1. If the Dramatic Edition content is yet to be seen in any prior release of Sol Cresta, then I wager the Dramatic Edition will be considered different enough to end up with its own stack.
  2. Appreciate the write-up for this one. An arcade shooter complete with combos, multipliers, points, star ratings, and all that good stuff is so totally my kind of thing. What a shame the game was delisted, with no physical in sight, however. If the game ever pops back up with the remaster/port treatment -- and preferably with the same trophy list -- then I'm in.
  3. Hey Jt, I really appreciate you sharing your experience so far. For some reason I was thinking that Time Challenge 80 was 55 minutes, rather than 55 seconds (lol) - so you've improved my understanding of the game at least. At 35 owners, Chameneon didn't really take off, so I guess it's going to be a while before we start seeing solutions for level 80.
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  5. Thank you, Honor! Had a blast for sure, and am having even more fun now that I can just play without touching the DIVA Room. 😛 The DIVA F list you opened up a while ago is fortunately far less grindy, while still being a fun game. I'll do my best to help you get the most of it when you come back around for it. No rush, though -- you've got a lot of projects ahead of you. I was away from both my PS3 and computer last week, but I'm still in there with F and F 2nd! My Edits are all finished, and just about ready to upload, but I'm going to playtest them for a few more days to make sure they're fit for the public. I'll send you a private message in a few days when it's time for testing. 😄
  6. Thanks for the assistance. I'll be sure to return the favor should you decide to start Babylon's Fall. 

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Imagine a developer with a catalog like Platinum's, and some poor sucker makes Baby Falls his first game from them. Absolutely can't be me.

    2. CelestialRequiem


      It really is an experience like no other, lol. 

  7. You're so right; just playing the game is a joy in itself, and I found myself with such a massive surplus of DIVA Points from playing Extremes that it made me regret bothering with Challenge Items on Normal and Hard -- could have focused on squeezing out a few more Perfects instead! I do like how there are still Titles unlocking after the Platinum, though; it gives me the same lizard brain tickle that a trophy pop does, lol. I found out fairly recently that Dreamy Theater actually is 60 FPS, and it made my jaw drop a little. Insane that the series took a massive step backwards in terms of performance during the PS3 era. Happy that Sega got their act together for the PS4 games with a proper 60, at least. Lack of Practice Mode really is suffering. 😅 Tricky sections aside, I also enjoyed drilling the end of a map in Future Tone, just to keep my nerves from getting the best of me on a good run. I've already been bit a few times screwing up an easy note at the end, lol, but that's just part of the process. I think I'm with you on this one, too. 😛 When I had to play through Normal and Hard I figured "Well I probably need the extra DIVA Points anyway" but considering the massive surplus of points I had afterwards, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. I'm afraid we would have gotten stuck with a Normal and Hard playthrough regardless, though, since Titles probably don't stack--based on Easy mode's Title not stacking with Normal. Anyway, Future Tone got pretty close by letting us play Hard right away, so maybe the next DIVA game will finally let us get right to the good stuff. Thank you! Feeling pretty good about DIVA X at this point, so it's been bumped up the queue. Even X is baby stuff compared to what's being asked for in Dreamy Theater. Speaking of which - thank you for letting me know about the Extreme charts in DT. 😄 I only looked at Intense Voice and Two-Sided Lovers to compare the PSP charts to F 2nd--didn't have time to scan every single Extreme chart on those games, so it's great to hear they're mostly manageable. Intense Voice really is no joke, though! I can't believe Sega unleashed that chart on PSP players in 2010, lol - insane. I took a peek at the DIVA X guide/forum a few days ago and... the DIVA Room does sound horrible. 😱 At least before I could just hoard gifts with my points, but I heard you have to RNG for gifts as loot drops from songs now--ridiculous! I've also witnessed some horror stories of a few people having to play the same song a few hundred times just to get through the DIVA Room... really hoping there's a way to avoid that; if I can go score-chasing like I did in F 2nd while taking care of the DIVA Room, that will at least make the experience a little easier to bear. The medleys/requests do look fun, though, based on what I saw on YouTube; I'm looking forward to playing those. It's worth it! Not gonna lie - Future Tone really demotivated me for a bit with the steep uphill climb provided by those multi-notes; it felt pretty ridiculous to even be gated out of 8 star Perfects when the flurry of multi-notes eventually arrived late in the song. I'll come back for Future Tone eventually, but... F/F 2nd just feels so good right now -- the straightforward progression I'm getting out of the two games really has me obsessed, and since Dreamy Theater charts are "old DIVA", I can play the old games 100% guilt free, which is amazing. I can imagine. 😅 Not that Easy/Normal charts are insane or anything, but the lack of note density can catch me off-guard at times, and lead to me getting SAFE due to mistiming a note that I didn't expect lined up on an offbeat. Having to replay an entire 1-3 star chart - possibly multiple times - due to silly mistakes like that can get real old real quick, I would think. You're definitely braver than I. 😛 Dreamy Theater 2nd and Extend will eventually show up on my list, but I want to make sure I at least have a fighting chance first. I do feel pretty confident about DT1 at this point though, and may be popping that trophy list sometime in 2023, if I can get all the necessary components lined up for it. Speaking of Dreamy Theater 2nd: I'm working on a set of Edits for F 2nd right now meant to help build up the skill needed for DT2/Extend, and I'm already noticing improvements in my own ability just from playtesting them. It'll probably be a week or so before I finish them up, but I'm interested in having a good player test them out, if you're going back to the DIVA F games. If so, I'll hit you up once they're ready. Thank you for the heads-up here, too. I did tend to hold off on DIVA Room for the most part, aside from occasional headpat, at least while I was working on the bulk of the Rhythm Game. It sounds like I better get educated early on for X, though, given the level of grind. 😅 I'll try to get familiar with gifting from the beginning, and keep my cloud saves regularly updated just in case
  8. Thank you! I appreciate it. 😄 Thanks Yuber! The Diva room occasionally redeemed itself with a cute or funny moment here and there, and I was actually pretty okay with it for the item events and 50 requests, but discovering I needed 28 more requests afterwards finally broke me, lol. Happier now than ever that there is only one stack for F 2nd. Still never got that 100% on level 3 Patty Cake, but I think the only way it would happen is if I could remap the analog sticks to buttons on my HORI mini controller. Maybe someday if I ever come back for the rest of the titles. Definitely. Any concerns I had about the game are pretty much completely evaporated at this point. I'm thinking that DIVA X will be the next milestone, unless something crazy happens to make me reconsider.
  9. Platinum #40 - Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd (13.36%) Completion Time: 1 week, 3 days Game Time: 83 Hours (Records - Play Info) Project DIVA F 2nd is a bit of a unique experience for me: the trophy list is a 4/10 if done to the bare minimum, but with all the optional challenge I put myself to, and all the skill-based milestones I happened to achieve, I feel more like I stepped out of an 8/10 playthrough. This is a game that you can get as much or little out of as you want to -- safe to say I got a ton out of my playthrough, and re-lit my spark for the series in general. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd released in all regions in 2014 for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, and serves as a sequel to Project DIVA F. Like the title before it, DIVA F 2nd is a rhythm game that has you tapping PlayStation icons on screen to the rhythm of the music. If you've played DIVA F beforehand, you can import your save data to carry over items unlocked in the previous game. Save import won't cause any trophies to autopop, nor does it seem to actually contribute to any trophy progress (despite what the guide might say), but it does allow you to bring over your costumes and furniture items. Core gameplay in F 2nd is largely unchanged, but there are still a number of noteworthy changes to be pointed out. The tracklist features 40 new songs - various flavors of J-Pop with a blend of other genres including electro, trance, eurobeat, punk, and so on. Theme song for the game this time around is Decorator by kz (livetune) - a treat to see and hear, as kz is one of my favorite Vocaloid producers. Additionally, game data will install upon your first boot, which helps with loading times (and there will be a lot of them). Additional subtitle options are present for songs now, giving you a choice between Romaji and English translation. I would have liked to see proper 日本語 as an option too, but it's no big deal as you rarely have time to look at the lyrics regardless. Lastly, a set of unlockables have been integrated into each song, granting replayability and encouraging coming back to songs that you may otherwise have skipped over after the first play. Unfortunately, some irritating downsides are still present. The most obvious flaw is that F 2nd is still 30 FPS - something I really hate to see in a rhythm game. Framerate is something that really should have been given priority here, even if other visuals would have needed to be cut back as a consequence. Lack of an actual practice mode also burns, especially when you're trying to obtain Perfect scores (AKA full combo). Once you're at the skill level to Perfect a chart, it's often the Chance Time, or a single Technical Zone that is likely to trip you up - something that usually amounts to seconds of a song at most. Being able to drill difficult sections to perfection, without having to pull up a video on YouTube would have been amazing. Restarting songs during play is almost sinfully brutal, as you have to sit through a loading screen and another confirmation screen afterwards; restarts should always take you right to the beginning of the song - ready to play. But at least the loading screens are cute Now, coming back to the good stuff: you're going to be spending a lot more time than before in the Rhythm Game of F 2nd, meaning the part where you're slapping buttons to the beat - we'll get to the DIVA Room later. Part of this is due to the mandatory playthroughs of all 40 songs on Normal and Hard difficulty, which is also a requirement present in Project DIVA F. Unlockables for each song are where most of your time will be spent for this part of the game. Conditions will need to be met for each song - such as cumulative scores of 3,900,000, or cumulative combo of varying amounts across multiple plays - in order to unlock Modules (AKA costumes) and other things. The extra song plays required for all the unlocks can be tedious, and can be a grind... but only if you let it. It is possible to play for most of the unlockables on Normal or Hard difficulty, mindlessly repeating charts that don't engage you for an experience that will likely bore you to tears. Don't do that. Given that you have to play through the full tracklist on Hard mode anyway, you're being set up with the skills needed to push forward into Extreme charts, assuming you didn't have them before - so take advantage of that. Rhythm Games are their most engaging - their most brain-ticklingly addicting - when you're pushing the limits of your ability, and learning to do what you couldn't do before. The roughly 60 hours I spent in DIVA F 2nd's Rhythm Game were some of the most fruitful I've experienced in gaming in quite a while. I managed to pull off a total of 12 Extreme Perfects - just a little over 1/4th of the total tracklist. My skill ceiling also finally progressed to the point of getting my first actual passes on the game's two 10 star charts (The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku, and 2D Dream Fever). I was also able to obtain an Excellent rating in Two-Sided Lovers, which - despite being just a 9 star - happens to be one of the hardest charts in the notoriously difficult Dreamy Theater series; something that makes me quite optimistic for the future. I could have saved some time here by playing a little more optimally, but I've got no regrets, considering how much it paid off in skill progression. My current highest star Perfect (8.5★) - pleased that it was done on such a fun chart DIVA F 2nd sees the welcome return of some neat features, like Edit Mode. Edits allow users to create brand new charts using songs already in the game, or mp3s that you import yourself to the PS3's hard drive. Provided you pick good edits from decent chart makers, this extends playability wonderfully, and opens you up to great practice opportunities, such as Let's Say the P Names - which I was able to push through to the end of... though my score wasn't pretty. You've also got Studio Mode, giving you the ability to pose the Vocaloids whatever way you like for cute photo opportunities. Most will likely quickly snap their 10 photos for the trophy and move on, but those that care to take the time might make something they like. Studio Live also returns from DIVA F, allowing you once again to enjoy stage performances of songs previously performed for a live audience. J-Pop done with a live band is always a real treat to hear, so if that happens to be your thing, you'll likely find these live songs to be a charming experience. Speaking of returning features: DIVA Room also rears its ugly head once again, and it's even worse than last time. DIVA Room isn't a terrible concept on paper -- it actually is entertaining if enjoyed casually, but unfortunately, having trophies tied to it mostly sours that part of the experience. For those that don't know: DIVA Room is a 3D space where you watch and interact with each member of the Project DIVA roster individually. You can pat their heads, give them gifts, or play mini-games with them to raise affection points in a dating sim-esque manner in order to unlock most of what you need in terms of trophies. In the first DIVA game, the DIVA Room wasn't a big investment, and I was able to finish within a few hours. Unfortunately, F 2nd's DIVA Room took me about 20 hours to finish. There are two big reasons that DIVA Room drags on for so long this time around: firstly, you're put on a cooldown timer after patting and gifting -- if you want to raise affection levels, or see all the gift item events, you have to wait. This leads to you awkwardly idling in the DIVA Room for hours on end, or playing songs while waiting on your cooldowns to pass. Fortunately, you can purchase an extra DLC character that doesn't have a cooldown on gifting; this saves hours on the DIVA Room grind, and is 100% worth the value, but you're still going to be working on those unlocks for a while. Secondly, the DIVA Room has a ridiculously high amount of requests you have to fulfill: 78 in all! Requests are events that occur randomly after patting or gifting a character - they may ask to play games with you like Patty Cake, or to change the music or furniture. You have no real control over when a request happens, and you have to deal with the patting/gifting cooldown, which equates to hours of awkwardly idling the DIVA Room and praying for requests. This all makes for a rather sour portion of what is otherwise an amazing experience, though certainly not sour enough for me to regret playing. At least KAITO knows what's good for his DIVA Room, though Like the game before it, DIVA F 2nd's trophy difficulty is nothing major. If played to the bare minimum, you're only required to play on Normal and Hard, with only a few of the easier Extreme charts being asked for along the way. Help Items are there to make songs easier if needed, and don't void any trophies - so feel free to use them. If you've already gotten the Platinum for Project DIVA F, you won't have any problems here, and even those new to the genre will likely pick up pretty quickly. DIVA F 2nd has been a rewarding experience - not just for the trophy milestone, but the skill-based milestones I reached in the game as well. This playthrough re-lit my fire for the series, and I'm excited to see where I can go with continued practice. Chances are that I'll continue to play DIVA F and F 2nd, and continue working towards more Extreme Perfects. If I eventually work up the skill and confidence to go for the biggest boys in the DIVA franchise, I'll let you guys know, but for now I'll just keep practicing and having fun.
  10. Any updates on the experience? A few weeks have passed, with no Platinum achievers. I see that OP and @Jtdaboss1211 are really the only ones that gave the game a fair shot. The floppy disks and batteries have been found, but nobody has finished Time Challenge 80 as of yet.
  11. Looks really cute. Hopefully the trophy list is achievable within non-VR mode. Looking forward to meeting Kizuna AI in the virtual space.
  12. Perfect - great to know we're not missing out on something critical. Thanks Katt.
  13. I'll be getting the PS4 physical version while it's still affordable. Assuming the DLC has already been delisted - anybody know how helpful any of it was for getting the platinum? Nice to know beforehand if new players that can only access the base game are coming in at a disadvantage.
  14. The PC version of Rocksmith 2014 is your game. No subscription, and CDLC (custom DLC) brings those songs you're looking for, as long as somebody has charted it beforehand.
  15. Do you happen to have an AV Receiver? Having your audio come from it -- whether speakers or headphones -- solves the lag issue as well. I bought an unopened spare cable last year, and it still has a 2012 copyright and advertisement for the 2011 game. I don't believe the cables have been updated.