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  1. Why another guide? Three reasons. 1. Like 2. Comment 3. Subscribe 4. Ad revenue
  2. Man, wasn't expecting the Hakumen trophy to be difficult. That's just crazy. I almost thought I was going to catch a break on Carl too since I didn't see the seven seconds airborne requirement. Given the time you had to put in tough it sounds like The Clap would have been easier to go for instead. Pretty long combo there on Tsubaki too. Shame I can't just reuse what I learned from Continuum Shift. It'll still get done, though. Hopefully we see that Platinum tonight. 😄
  3. Link to June update July Update BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (86% -> 100%) Never mind what I said last month. BlazBlue is done. This seems to happen every time I overshoot my time estimate on how long it will take to finish a game, but I'll certainly take it. I have a PS4 game to take care of, but after that the PS3 trophies should really start picking up again as I finally start getting to some of my shorter, easier to finish PS3 games. No new PS3 games purchased this month. Current progress on incomplete games Backlog for this month
  4. Hot damn, you did it! Highlander Assult sounds terrible, brutal, and all kinds of other things, but glad to see you finally nailed it! Considering the mediocre challenge mode requirements, probably safe to say the Platinum is in the bag now. 🙌
  5. Owning a UPS is absolutely the way to go. I have three of them from CyberPower, all set up to protect my gaming/electronics setups. I've lost hard drives, motherboards and routers to surges and storms and there's no way I'm letting that happen again. Fourteen weeks is definitely a short run, but I'd count myself lucky if my UPS got fried instead of my precious electronics. Do your best to get that thing properly replaced by the manufacturer or vendor. All three of my UPS have been doing great, just a battery replacement every few years if one of them finally stops charging.
  6. Jesus, dude... After reading this Black Beast description all I can think is "bring on Tager 19 and 20, at least those are humanly possible". I hope for both of our sakes that this whole thing has some sweet Copanele strats, or it's going to be a rough time.
  7. It won't be a budget title anymore if valuable development time is spent creating unnecessary assets like wheels.
  8. Tier 1 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (2.73% / 1.79%) - 100% Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (1.19% / 0.26%) - 33% Catherine (2.00%) - 55% The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut (1.16%) - 5% PlayStation Move Heroes (4.30%) - 2% Continuum Shift is done! My first fighting game conquered. Now to finish up Infinite Warfare.
  9. I love to see Carl kept to the bare minimum. 😎
  10. Could have been worse. At least you didn't play any Breakthrough games.
  11. Throw ball was too hard. I throw towel instead and enjoy the decline right here from my leaderboard rank of 1.2 million. 😌
  12. :platinum: Platinum #8 - BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 

    Platinum Trophy

    All Others Are #2 or Lower
    "All Others Are Number Two or Lower"


    Rarity: 2.73% (Ultra Rare)
    Time to Completion: 9 years, 9 months
    Actual Playtime: About two months


    In a concentrated burst of gaming energy over the weekend, I conquered the remaining Challenges to earn my remaining two trophies in Continuum Shift! I am speechless. I really thought this was going to take at least another month, if not longer. During my weekend session, my skill finally reached a peak, and everything finally clicked. After that, I started nailing combos back to back, including some really tough ones such as Carl #5 (Screw you Nirvana), Lambda #5 (Getting the placement of her sabers just right feels like 3D chess), and Bang #5 (This may be the most insane challenge yet, the timing window to input combos is SO SHORT). My last two challenges ended up being with Noel (#4 and #5), which I procrastinated on because her 3C -> 2CC combo was not something I enjoyed doing. Anyway, here is the final tally for my Challenges.




    As of July 26th, 100% of Continuum Shift's trophies are now unlocked! DLC included.


    On to the Platinum review! First, I would like to acknowledge some great people that significantly contributed to me earning this Platinum. If it wasn't for these guys, I may not have even earned it. Names are listed in alphabetical order.

    @Copanele Your enormous depth of knowledge and skill was an amazing asset to have during this playthrough. Your Tager guide for Score Attack saved me from potentially taking an extended break from the game out of frustration. Your deep knowledge of combo trials most certainly saved my inexperienced ass multiple times and I am very grateful for it.

    @Honor_Hand You helped out big time sticking it out for the two weeks of boosting it took us to get the online trophies done. Getting to level 50 from scratch is no joke, literally thousands of matches, but we got it done! I appreciate all the moral support along the way as well. I hope I'm able to give you some useful tips as you go through Challenge mode, too.

    @yuber1234 You've believed in me since day 1 and supported me all the way to the end. Getting that early motivation from a skilled player really made the difference early on, and your knowledge from Challenge mode obtained from playing all the other BlazBlues was immensely helpful as well. Thanks, man!




    Enjoyment 10/10
    I absolutely loved the time I spent with Continuum Shift. From start to finish, I never got bored or felt ready to put this game away to play something else. This is easily one of the most important games I have ever played, and it has opened up a whole new world of games for me: Fighting Games! Fighters are not a genre known for compelling storylines, but BlazBlue does great work not only making you care about the plot but the characters as well. On top of that, the comedy in Continuum Shift is top-notch. I cannot believe how much a fighting game managed to make me laugh. If you enjoy anime comedy, you are going to love it. I am now fully invested into the BlazBlue universe and am so eager to experience more. I need to see where things really go with this series.


    Difficulty ???/10
    There is no published guide difficulty on PSNP to refer to for Continuum Shift. The difficulty in Continuum Shift EXTEND is massively nerfed (4/10 guide rating) compared to the original, so you can safely ignore that for this part of the review. I can attempt to put a number to this game, and early on I had my own opinions on what that number would be (don't worry, I never reached 10), but due to my massive lack of experience in the genre I am ultimately deciding to not put a number on Continuum Shift right now. 


    What I will do, is compare this to other gaming challenges and tell you how I feel about the experience. Before now, my most difficult Platinum was on a game with a guide rating of 7/10. The 7/10 was in a different genre (Racing), mind you, but we'll use it anyway. If I compare the feeling of difficulty between both games, Continuum Shift was tougher by far. I can't accurately quantify it by saying it was "one" or "two" points more difficult, as there was just too high of a mountain I had to climb to get to this Platinum. Not only did I have to learn to play a Fighting game, but then I had to platinum a tough fighting game along the way. Continuum Shift took me so far out of my comfort zone in gaming it was ridiculous. The journey for this Platinum is, as of right now, in the top three of most difficult things I have ever had to do in a video game.


    With great difficulty comes great reward, however. Few gaming accomplishments in the past have felt as rewarding as this does right now. I am so excited to dabble in Fighting games from multiple series and see where my skills can really go. This experience has really put hair on my chest, the 100 challenges are no joke, and the busted AI in Score Attack really took me to my mental limits. As Ragna would say, though, it's "Not Over Yet!" and I will be back for more pain. 




    Finally, an Ultra Rare Fighting Platinum! 
    It feels pretty unreal to finally have one of these on my profile. Just a few months ago I was hoping and wishing to achieve one of these for myself. I look at a lot of profiles on this site, and I always stopped to admire those with tough Fighting Game Platinums on their profile. I always saw it as one of those things that automatically made a profile and the associated gamer good by default. To be fair, it's still like that, even now, you Fighting gamers out there are awesome. Keep it up!


    Now that I have my first, I want more! I do have to pick my battles carefully, though. No way I'm ready for the likes of Super Street Fighter IV or Persona 4: Arena. If I find great games that push my limits though, then maybe I'll feel brave enough to take on something crazy someday, we'll see. 


    Would I Recommend Continuum Shift to Others? 
    Absolutely, without a doubt. If you're a BlazBlue fan, then it's a no brainer, play this game and get your Platinum. If you're a beginner to fighting games though, I can't recommend this game enough. It really has everything you need to grow some muscles in the genre. You have the ridiculous AI challenges in the form of Arcade Mode and Score Attack, and you've got plenty of combo challenges that will more than whip you into shape by the time you've cleared your 100th challenge for the Platinum. Be careful, though, this is a TOUGH game for a new player. This is not the safe 3/10 where you dip your toes into the water to see how a new genre feels. If this is your first fighting game, you will struggle and you will suffer, but you'll be a much better gamer in the end for it. I have to stress here that this is really the first fighting game I have ever played to a serious level, no "tee hee I'm so bad at fighters" while having ten Ultra Rare Fighting Platinums already, no 15 years of competitive Street Fighter/Smash Bros experience to note, I'm as fresh as it gets. You can do it, you got this. 




    The Future of My Status Updates
    You might be wondering if I'll do more updates like I did while playing Continuum Shift. It depends on the game. Part of what made writing updates about Continuum Shift interesting was that there was a true uncertainty about whether I could actually achieve the Platinum. If I'm breezing through a 4/10 I probably won't try to pretend like I'm having some herculean struggle where I need community support to get through it. Exceptions to that can be made if I'm having a lot of fun with the game, though, and feel like I have something really fun to share with the community. It's fun to get a laugh out of others, so there will be more of that! There's still at least one other game I have unfinished trophies for that gives me a similar feeling of uncertainty as Continuum Shift did. That game won't be happening soon, but when I get to it, you'll know. 


    More Fighting Games in the Future?
    Most definitely! Now that I've honed my skills and reduced my mashing (thank you Master Copanele) I want to try a bit of everything. A bit of Tekken, a bit of Street Fighter. I'd like to dip my toes into most of the major franchises out there. Fortunately, this time I'll be able to start off easy with the "baby mode" games in those franchises. You can expect it to happen after I've cleaned up the rest of the unfinished games on my profile. It's going to be a ton of fun! 


    In Closing

    Thank you to everyone that's participated and shown support along this journey. Even those who just left a like, it means a lot. The motivation I had from my friends and the community really kept me from ever wanting to give up. You all are awesome. 


    Glorious artwork by @Copanele


    See you next time 

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    2. AihaLoveleaf


      @Honor_Hand Thank you Honor! You were there with me all the way too, and I appreciate the support. 😌


      I'm glad a tough one like Continuum Shift was my first. The skills I gained have me feeling ballsy enough to go for other challenges like Chronophantasma Extend with the dreaded Tager 19 trial, or even simpler yet annoying ones like Strive with that Nagoyuki fight. Perks of getting thrown into the deep end of the pool and told to "start swimming", I guess. 😄


      Making those status updates was super fun! I can find ways to make them happen for other games, even if they are particularly easy. I'm aiming to put out two more Status Updates about other things before the end of the week, so that is coming soon! 🙌


      Team Ukemi is the ultimate! We're all going to be Black Belt PSNP fighters by the time we're done here. Bang will be proud. 😎

    3. xxEliteCDxx


      Congratulations !!! :)

    4. AihaLoveleaf


      @xxEliteCDxx Thanks Elite! Nice seeing you here! I appreciate it. 😄

  13. Yuber! How are you doing on the Platinum for this? Admittedly, even with Baker's guide I am still having such a rough time. I bought this for the Christian waifu because my Pastor told me this would be less sinful of a milestone than a Senran Kagura game. I may just not be up for this one.
  14. Wonderful guide, Baker, thank you. I love that we have this community of amazing people, helping each other out so that we can all get these quick and easy Platinums. I just hope that the stat shamers, haters, and trolls don't come here to shitpost again like they always do.
  15. A rarity leaderboard is going to have its flaws, but who honestly cares at this point? Your chances of seeing actually impressive profiles is going to be exponentially higher than it is with the current leaderboard. There are a lot of profiles near the top of the current leaderboard with Average Rarity stats upwards of 80% or higher. The most ridiculous case I personally witnessed was a profile with over 1,000 Platinums and the rarest trophy earned was 20%! For a system that originally focused on rewarding players for achievements of skill and effort, I don't think it's that big of a stretch to say that it would be far more interesting to see a leaderboard where you're much more likely to see a profile that makes you go "Wow, this person is really good at video games."