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  1. Digging the Midnight Black. Hope to see the console itself in that color, too.
  2. For sure. This game isn't even on my radar until it's under $10. Also won't be using cheats if I ever get to playing it. Never played the PS2 game so I have no attachment to this game either way, but I showed my younger brother the lazy ass trophy list a few days ago and then we talked for a bit about how he enjoyed the game years ago so that's enough for me to check it out sometime.
  3. I changed my PSN a few years ago and was recently able to redownload my entire download list for PS3 during the whole store shutdown scare. Didn't affect me personally, though it's possible maybe others had some side effects.
  4. Letting cheats unlock the trophies is pretty lame. This game just turned into another Subnautica that few will actually play, but just run through with the cheats for easy trophies.
  5. I have Love Max on PS3. Didn’t realize there was a vanilla version before now 😆 Parace sounds pretty OP, but going for the plat seems likely if Continuum Shift Plat is successful for me. I can’t imagine trying to play a super precision game like a fighter on the Vita. Thinking about trying to grind out a fighting game plat on one sounds horrifying. Maybe people really good with the Vita can swing it but I definitely need to be able to use my fight stick or at least a proper controller like the Hori Fighting Commander.
  6. I like this challenge! Will be watching to see this pan out. Arcana Heart 3 is in my list of unplayed games. Bought it years ago because waifus but never got around to playing. It sounds like it's pretty tough. Do you have a difficulty rating that you would give it?
  7. Would add Versus for RE5. Everything was great before those forced and ridiculous multiplayer trophies.
  8. So I made the mistake of visiting their website, and... Manga!? Anime!? T-Shirts!?!? You gotta be kidding me, dude...
  9. You got the upper hand there with that Fight Night Plat 🤔
  10. It definitely has. Seeing those UR games inspired me to git gud and I have set goals for myself to start putting in the practice. The next game I will be getting to has a UR fighting plat so the journey is beginning pretty soon.
  11. From someone who also enjoyed GameBoy games, definitely not. I only bothered to watch the first story, but the games have no combat and have less than 10 minutes of playable content each.
  12. Fully agreed. I like to look at profiles to get an idea of someone's tastes, experience or skill level, and it's always disappointing to instead see a stack of 1/10s lined up from top to bottom. I usually learn almost nothing about the player unless they have some really sick trophies on the right side of their page. Even as someone who has given in to being a "dirty farmer" in a competitive online game with similar opportunities to collect "big numbers with little effort" I can't see myself giving in to this playstyle. Nobody would take my profile seriously and I probably wouldn't take it seriously myself at that point.
  13. Wonderful news. Curious to see what the plat rarity settles in at in a couple of months.
  14. You can use upgraded weapons in Village Mercenaries? I might have been making a big deal over nothing then. I thought it was going to be like RE5 Mercenaries where you're stuck with base level weapons. This may be easier than I thought it would be.
  15. Another week that the trophy collecting hobby strays a little further from God's light.