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About Me

New to the site. Recently took an interest in getting more trophies. Currently going back to old games in my backlog with unfinished trophy pages to get my completion rate up.


Current goals to achieve a better looking profile:

Overall Goals:

  • Achieve and maintain 90%+ completion
  • Achieve and maintain 99%+ completion


Long-term Goals:

  • PS3: Platinum or 100% on all obtainable trophy pages (excluding games that are now unobtainable)
  • PS4: Platinum or 100% on all games (as of April 2021 this seems to still be possible)


Short-term Goals

  • PS3: Obtain all multiplayer trophies remaining on account (Remaining: Resident Evil 5, BlazBlue)
  • PS4: Obtain all multiplayer trophies remaining on account (Remaining: Call of Duty, TERA)
  • Vita: Platinum Need for Speed: Most Wanted (The only game I have a trophy page for, plus it has online trophies)
    • 4/29/21 Complete


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