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  1. Digging the Midnight Black. Hope to see the console itself in that color, too.
  2. For sure. This game isn't even on my radar until it's under $10. Also won't be using cheats if I ever get to playing it. Never played the PS2 game so I have no attachment to this game either way, but I showed my younger brother the lazy ass trophy list a few days ago and then we talked for a bit about how he enjoyed the game years ago so that's enough for me to check it out sometime.
  3. I changed my PSN a few years ago and was recently able to redownload my entire download list for PS3 during the whole store shutdown scare. Didn't affect me personally, though it's possible maybe others had some side effects.
  4. Letting cheats unlock the trophies is pretty lame. This game just turned into another Subnautica that few will actually play, but just run through with the cheats for easy trophies.
  5. I have Love Max on PS3. Didn’t realize there was a vanilla version before now 😆 Parace sounds pretty OP, but going for the plat seems likely if Continuum Shift Plat is successful for me. I can’t imagine trying to play a super precision game like a fighter on the Vita. Thinking about trying to grind out a fighting game plat on one sounds horrifying. Maybe people really good with the Vita can swing it but I definitely need to be able to use my fight stick or at least a proper controller like the Hori Fighting Commander.
  6. I like this challenge! Will be watching to see this pan out. Arcana Heart 3 is in my list of unplayed games. Bought it years ago because waifus but never got around to playing. It sounds like it's pretty tough. Do you have a difficulty rating that you would give it?
  7. Would add Versus for RE5. Everything was great before those forced and ridiculous multiplayer trophies.
  8. So I made the mistake of visiting their website, and... Manga!? Anime!? T-Shirts!?!? You gotta be kidding me, dude...
  9. You got the upper hand there with that Fight Night Plat 🤔
  10. It definitely has. Seeing those UR games inspired me to git gud and I have set goals for myself to start putting in the practice. The next game I will be getting to has a UR fighting plat so the journey is beginning pretty soon.
  11. From someone who also enjoyed GameBoy games, definitely not. I only bothered to watch the first story, but the games have no combat and have less than 10 minutes of playable content each.
  12. Fully agreed. I like to look at profiles to get an idea of someone's tastes, experience or skill level, and it's always disappointing to instead see a stack of 1/10s lined up from top to bottom. I usually learn almost nothing about the player unless they have some really sick trophies on the right side of their page. Even as someone who has given in to being a "dirty farmer" in a competitive online game with similar opportunities to collect "big numbers with little effort" I can't see myself giving in to this playstyle. Nobody would take my profile seriously and I probably wouldn't take it seriously myself at that point.
  13. Wonderful news. Curious to see what the plat rarity settles in at in a couple of months.
  14. You can use upgraded weapons in Village Mercenaries? I might have been making a big deal over nothing then. I thought it was going to be like RE5 Mercenaries where you're stuck with base level weapons. This may be easier than I thought it would be.
  15. Another week that the trophy collecting hobby strays a little further from God's light.
  16. I peek at a lot of profiles here. I usually silently give people props when I see insane or rare trophies/platinums, or platinums in genres of games I would like to be better at, like those UR Fighting game plats.
  17. If you're good at Mercenaries you can go for Village. Otherwise go for RE7 as I didn't see it as a requirement when I scanned over it.
  18. Guide writers are doing god's work out here. One can go somewhere like GameFAQs and get a guide to get through the story mode of a game, or collect all the missables and collectibles. Those guides often aren't written with trophies in mind though so it's likely you'll miss one or get one way later or less efficiently than you otherwise could have. I do also love having a quickly accessible meter of difficulty because anybody that's earned a single Platinum knows the difficulty of just "beating the game" often comes nowhere close to the difficulty of 100%ing the trophy list. Thank you writers for what you do. Hopefully there will be a better reward system for you all at some point, but until then I will start doing my part to help writers feel appreciated.
  19. Thanks for this. Couldn't find Pantsu Hunter on the Vita but did manage to buy it via the PS3's clunky store interface.
  20. I saw this thread and thought "the trophy list can't be that bad" I was wrong.
  21. That's lame. Good to know old patches will still be there so that I can expand my Vita library beyond the couple of games I do have. Will just make sure to do thorough research to make sure whatever games I get still have obtainable plats.
  22. I know how you feel here. These Pretty Girls games are right up my alley and would have been an instant buy in a Steam sale if I was playing there instead of PlayStation. However I absolutely do not like the this current trend of giving all Golds and a Plat for games that are 2/10 at best. I wish these games would have released with appropriate 100% lists that fully explored the game instead. I'd love to wear these games on my profile as a weeby badge of honor, but when people are clearing them in 10 minutes and skipping all of the gameplay it turns them into cheap farming trinkets at best. I'm not adding new games to my profile right now so I have plenty of time to think about what I want to do, but right now I'd say I'm a bit conflicted with the whole thing and unsure if I want to financially support what I believe to be something doing more bad for the hobby overall than good.
  23. Yes. When I was younger I felt compelled to go for all the collectibles in platformers like Crash and Spyro. I was also motivated (or maybe obsessed) with meticulously playing JRPGs and getting most or all of the missables like what is present in a lot of Final Fantasy games for example. The attitude carried over into other genres, like going for perfect scores in rhythm games that I'm good enough to do it in. Nowadays I'm highly interested in getting my old games to 100%/Plat and making those as perfect as possible, too.
  24. PSNP right now


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      @Honor_Hand There is a thread going on where somebody was disappointed that DLC counted towards game completion % and wanted it to be changed. It's blown up into a multi-page ordeal by now, which led to a stroke of inspiration to make this meme.

    3. Honor_Hand


      @AihaLoveleaf Reading through it right now, thanks. What a trainwreck of a thread. At least it makes for some fun reading. 😂 That meme is pure genius, well done. ;)

    4. Dreggit


      :hmm: the topic, last I checked, has moved away from the original purpose of the thread and might better serve to be its own separate discussion at this point.

  25. I personally like that PSNProfiles is consistent with how Sony deals with DLC, as I like knowing where I stand in terms of completion as far as Sony sees it. If Sony ever revisits how they see completion % in a game then by all means change things up, but it wouldn't feel right to have a higher % here and a lower % on PSN just because of something arbitrary.