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  1. Inkoming_Virus Wet Hello,<br /> I have been flagged for getting the "Full-auto Frenzy" trophy and "Shotgun Wallop" trophy with 7 seconds apart. The trophy indicates that you should kill a total of 200 enemies using a special gun. <br /> The guide on states that "If you don’t have all of these by the time you’re finished with your Golden Bullets play-through, you can farm these in the Points Count Mode. A good chapter to farm is Chapter 10." <br /> That is what I did. I got the shotgun kills, switched weapon and only needed 1 for the machine-gun kill.<br /> The same trophy guide also states about kills that: "These are cumulative over all play-through and all modes".
  2. Inkoming_Virus Spec Ops: The Line Hello PSNProfiles,<br /> <br /> The reason that my timestamps for the difficulty trophies Spec Ops: The Line are so close to each other because I was playing on three different savefiles. The first one was for the Normal (easy playtrough) for all other trophies. The second one was on Suicide Mission difficulty and the other savegame i was playing on Fubar difficulty. Every time i completed a part of the game on Suicide difficulty i played the same part on my other savegame on Fubar difficulty. This way i know what was coming every checkpoint and completed the game on Suicide difficulty close to the Fubar difficulty savegame. That's the reason that my timestamps are really close to each other.<br /> <br /> Thanks and we will keep in touch!<br /> <br /> Inkoming_Virus, proud member of PSNprofiles