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  1. Well for me only one game comes to mind and that is FEAR 2, the MP is god awful and the servers are ridiculous. But usually I only plat the games I really enjoy and then others just get what I can and I don't get plat i don't get the plat. I really like going for the ultra rare plats. By end of next month should have FEAR 2 one and Crysis 2 one. Hell may even go crazy and try to get Far Cry 2 one too.
  2. All theses MMO's that are gonna be on the PS4 are pretty much cementing me getting one now!

  3. Only 400K xp left in Fear 2 to go almost there.

  4. Microsoft might as well call their new system "Failbox Done"

    1. SitusKiss


      LOL... ouch.

    2. Piggie_Pie


      ummmm, yeah... thats worth an LOL or two!

    3. xVolloxx



  5. Up to 577K xp in FEAR 2

  6. Finishing FEAR 2 multiplayer this month even it it kills me.

    1. SitusKiss


      I'm hoping my group can finish GTA as well ;) It's a long road though, haha.

    2. freddie1989


      It's been nice knowing you though!! LOL

  7. Happy about the very good US Playstation Plus update for June.

  8. Up to 312,000xp in FEAR 2 MP, damn this game is major grind. Only got 688K xp to go.

  9. Is it too much to ask for someone to come out with an Indycar series racing game?

    1. xVolloxx


      No and i'm surprised it's not been done already

    2. x_First2Fight_x


      Unless I'm just utterly mistaken, what's the difference between Indycar and F1?

    3. Paulie1313


      For one, the tracks they run on are different. The cars are heavier, different set up and more parity. F1 more often than not after the 1st turn it is no longer much of a race as whoever is leading usually doesn't lose, whereas in Indy everyone on the track has a chance to win.

  10. Dude I have had a problem with EA servers in any game they publish that I have played. There servers suck bad.
  11. Wow and the only sad part about this product is people are actually gonna pay money for it.
  12. No there are still players quite a few players playing this.
  13. The FEAR 2 one where you have to get to 1,000,000 XP, that damn thing is taking forever.
  14. The stupid tic-tac game in Machinarium is becoming so frustrating I am thinking about quitting the game! Any Ideas on it cause I have lost like 50 times in a row and am fed up with it?

    1. Nasty_Rory


      if you search for Machinarium on Youtube there is a few good video guides to how to complete those mini-game puzzles

    2. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      just keep swimming

  15. Mine is people who have prestiged multiple times in a game and take the fun out of playing MP in some games. For example, last night I was playing AC Revelations and there was a guy that joined that was level 50 prestige 32 and starting raping everyone. Sorry but they need there own lobby cause that shit makes me want to shut it off and quit playing it for good. It's like dude we get your point your a tool and got no friends. Just saying.