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  1. All theses MMO's that are gonna be on the PS4 are pretty much cementing me getting one now!

  2. Only 400K xp left in Fear 2 to go almost there.

  3. Microsoft might as well call their new system "Failbox Done"

    1. SitusKiss


      LOL... ouch.

    2. Piggie_Pie


      ummmm, yeah... thats worth an LOL or two!

    3. xVolloxx



  4. Up to 577K xp in FEAR 2

  5. Finishing FEAR 2 multiplayer this month even it it kills me.

    1. SitusKiss


      I'm hoping my group can finish GTA as well ;) It's a long road though, haha.

    2. freddie1989


      It's been nice knowing you though!! LOL

  6. Happy about the very good US Playstation Plus update for June.

  7. Up to 312,000xp in FEAR 2 MP, damn this game is major grind. Only got 688K xp to go.

  8. Is it too much to ask for someone to come out with an Indycar series racing game?

    1. xVolloxx


      No and i'm surprised it's not been done already

    2. x_First2Fight_x


      Unless I'm just utterly mistaken, what's the difference between Indycar and F1?

    3. Paulie1313


      For one, the tracks they run on are different. The cars are heavier, different set up and more parity. F1 more often than not after the 1st turn it is no longer much of a race as whoever is leading usually doesn't lose, whereas in Indy everyone on the track has a chance to win.

  9. The stupid tic-tac game in Machinarium is becoming so frustrating I am thinking about quitting the game! Any Ideas on it cause I have lost like 50 times in a row and am fed up with it?

    1. Nasty_Rory


      if you search for Machinarium on Youtube there is a few good video guides to how to complete those mini-game puzzles

    2. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      just keep swimming

  10. Working on Inversion MP, anyone interested hit me up.

  11. Hope the 2 bucks i spent on Aliens: Colonial Marines from redbox is worth it.

  12. Gonna try to get 5 platinums a month til end of August. Possible? We will see.

    1. snakebit10


      It is possible. I have managed to get 5 in a month 1 time. Last september. I usualy try to get atleast get 2 or 3 amonth.

    2. Dr_Mayus


      As long as you are still having fun playing all those games. You can easily get 5 a month, but you might be playing some less than stellar games.

    3. Sir_Bee


      That is ambitious. Good luck with that :)

  13. Is Crysis 3 worth getting?

    1. Jennifayrie


      In my opinion, no. My boyfriend got it for pc and don't get me wrong it looks beautiful but you can finish the campaign in about 3 hours, it's really disappointing. People say it's ok it's short because the story is 'amazing' i disagree with that too. A friend of ours says PS3 version is very disappointing graphics wise. Maybe some dlc will make it a better purchase or if you reaaally enjoy the multiplayer aspect, but paying full price as we did does make you feel a bi...

    2. Jennifayrie


      "a bit robbed :( " that last bit said lol

    3. Unruly_Warrior


      I had already figured the campaign was gonna be super short, the other two were too. I'm mostly wondering if they did better on the multiplayer for this one than Crysis 2 MP.

  14. Is it just me or has the quality of games gone down lately?

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    2. MrCostari


      Hmm you got a good point there DKR!

    3. TehCro
    4. MrCostari


      Clearly not when looking at above posts

  15. Pondering whether or not to stop playing video games after I get done with my PS3 library. Everything I am reading or seeing about the PS4 is really making me feel disheartened about the direction of console gaming. Also having to start from scratch on the PS4 with everything is really turning me off from it.

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    2. Eddy_C_Kan


      True. But they would have to reengineer PS3 games to make them compatible with the software of the PS4 wouldn't they? That entails extra price for the consumer.

    3. ONUOsFan


      No one who has been paying attention to anything should be surprised by them not including B/C. I'm not sure how that "ruins" console gaming - the PS3 hasn't had it for a long time now - has not being able to play PS2 games on your PS3 ruined anything for you?

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      Sony needs profit right now on anything they can take. No compatibility makes the PS4 its own console, instead of a new shared console. Remember, Sony said they were giving the PS3 a price cut which will make the PS3 just as appealing as the PS4 for anyone who does not have either of these two consoles (aka xbox fanboys, new gamers, nintendo freaks, etc). They are obviously going to try and sell all their stock on the PS3 for a small, yet swift profit, but at the same time appeal to the PS fa...

  16. Soo glad I passed on the new Aliens game, have heard nothing but bad things about it.

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    2. Rowdi


      I feel the same way. I may take another look once it hits $20-$25.

    3. Unruly_Warrior


      Yeah I heard the multiplayer wasn't bad but the campaign sucked royally. Yeah this is definately a bargain game and the reviews I have seen on it soo far tell me this could be a $20 game by the summer.

    4. daniezutton


      I may pick it up for my pa. He likes alien and zombie based games.

  17. Gonna do some medal of Honor boosting tonight, hope it goes smooth.

  18. Why is my backlog of games getting soo big?

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    2. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      welcome to the club man. Our group is growing daily

    3. EliteVega


      You buy too many to keep up.

    4. Unruly_Warrior


      I know I do buy too many games, but not too much lately. All the games anymore are either boring or just plain crap.

  19. Should I get the new Aliens game coming out?

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    2. AlteredFormula


      It always concerns me when there is an embargo on reviews until release, I always think its going to be crap. if its as good as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliens_versus_Predator_(video_game) was, I'd be happy.

    3. AlteredFormula


      especially its multiplayer.

    4. Mr_MovieMan29


      There is an entire TWO HOURS of gameplay on IGN. I am really pumped for it after watching

  20. GTea1017 is a cheater and should be wiped and cleared out. Damn cheaters make me sick. A little obvious when a group of your completed games are completed in same amount of time back to back.

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    2. REDSHIRT64


      Cheating in video games for virtual trophies is so sad and pathetic.

    3. REDSHIRT64


      Cheating in video games for virtual trophies is so sad and pathetic.

    4. daftprophet


      Woops...damn. I just posted about this too :P That's probably the same dude as GreenTea all these people that get past the initial screen are still obvious. no one can earn like 10+ plats at the same time :P