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  1. Game: Lost Ruins Trophy Name: The Conqueror Of Ruins PSNP Rarity As Of Posting: 16.81% Thoughts: I actually hated this game at first. Thought it was clunky abd weird and quit after one trophy. Told myself I'd clear some other games and come back. Pretty glad I did, one I started understanding equipment and how to approach enemies better the game became a lot of fun and one I'd recommend.
  2. I have a few easy plats but I'm not ashamed because I also have quite a few difficult ones. It's not shameful to play a few games like that to unwind sometimes, it'd shameful when it's your whole profile
  3. It's because bosses are invulnerable at specific times. If you swing during that time you will miss.
  4. Yeah its not like its called challenge mode because it's supposed to be...the more challenging mode or something 🙄
  5. Game: Tales Of Symphonia Remastered Trophy Name: Symphonia Master PSNP Rarity As Of Writing: 5.83% Thoughts: This was my favorite game as a kid and the first JRPG I fell in love with, so it was a lot of fun revisiting the story and playing all over again. None of the trophies are "hard" but they are most certainly time consuming and at times annoying. I was a fool and didn't follow the guide, so I took a few extra plays to get everything done. By the end I was really ready to be done but also had no regrets about the process.
  6. There's nothing wrong with that of course. To me, video games have always been a skill I'm better at than most people. I don't mean most hard-core gamers, just the population in general. So to me, part of the skill building is accomplishing all the tasks available. I've personally not been able to have real "fun" with most games in the current era bc I'm a fan of platformers...and while there are quite a few good modern ones they don't compare to older games IMO and try to have too much story.
  7. You know if you want to play a game and not mess up your trophy stats you can just create a second for fun profile on your system and use that.
  8. Game: Sonic Colors: Ultimate Trophy Name: Big Fantastic Achievement! PSNP Rarity As Of Writing: 17.33% Thoughts: I played this one directly after Forces, didn't like it and shelved it for a while. I came back to do the trophies and realized I actually really enjoyed this game more than Forces.
  9. Old post but it's still a popularish game based on recent players. S ranks aren't that bad. You don't even need all 5 red rings on many of the stages so far I've tried. Really you just need between 3-5 depending on the level and to use all the wisp powers you can. I thought it was going to be an annoying grind but once you know the level layout it's not that bad if you're using wisps.
  10. Platty #60! Game: Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack Trophy Name: A Bolt Out Of The Blue PSNP Rarity: 9.13% as of writing. Thoughts: I absolutely love and recommend the Gunvolt series to anyone who was a fan of Megaman/Megaman X. I've played all the available Gunvolt games except Azure Striker 3 and there isn't a dud among them in my opinion. Clearing the stages isn't that hard in itself but you can modify your own difficulty scale by the type of scoring system you use and pushing for the challenges in game and or platinum trophy. Platinum difficulty wise, the games involved in the pack are very different. Azure Striker 1 is much harder because you need to S+ rank every level. There are ways to cheese it to a degree, but assuming you didn't Id give it a 7.5 of 10. Azure Striker 2 is a lot easier as you only need an S rank on each level and they generally aren't as hard to achieve in game as in Striker 1. Probably like a 4 out of 10. Loved them both though.
  11. Finished up the trophies on Gunvolt 1 last night. If you play easy mode after your first clear (NOT KUDOS GUTLESS, Easy mode!) the S+ ranks become pretty cake. It becomes more about your own creativity in attacking multiple enemies at once vs the regular run where one hit and you're hitting restart. A few miscellaneous tips: 1) You can Google the jewels locations. They are easy to get. 2) A few tips for challenges: Do them in Easy mode bc they contain the S+ ranks. A: Early bird. You need to triple jump or get creative up to a higher platform in the level, it's fairly early on before any wormholes. You'll only go through one this way. B: Bug Zapper: Just go slow and keep using the flashfield anytime the flies appear. C: Firearms only - Use Urban run or the first level. No Firearms - Super easy because your flashfield in easy mode kills just about anything. 3) Songs - 1,000 Kudos in all levels but not special missions. You need to CLEAR the level for it to count I'm pretty sure. The other song you need is the anthem song, talk to joule then die in a level. 4) S+ Ranks: These become pretty trivial in easy mode. Create the Lethal Leviawhatever + and just make sure you clear the level quickly. It's better to miss a couple enemies than miss the 5* time due to the multiplier. That said don't miss too many and try to kill them all.
  12. Plat should be easily achievable with the advice above. You just need to make sure you're being efficient with your kills and racking up as many triples and electric bonuses as possible. To make it even easier, craft the necklace that gives Kudos bonuses. The main levels are easy enough to play through on your first run through but you'll thank the Easy mode if you gave issues dodging some of the bosses like I do.
  13. I'm actually really against this. If a person needs to glitch a trophy they don't deserve it, in my opinion. And yes that's just my opinion before anyone claims I'm being elitist. It doesn't keep me up at night, I don't care, I just find it cheap.
  14. 7 levels shouldn't be -too- horrible but still sucks lol. Most levels seemed to take 45 minutes to 1hr depending how fast I was with it.
  15. Haha no it was totally intentional, I'm a cheesy dude 😂