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  1. Can you do the present day ones though as I can't seem to spot them? Cheers
  2. Save doing a new topic. I had the trophy for the present day mission 3 'Getting Weird Around Here' not pop. This is a story related one. Can it be replayed or am i starting over? Cheers
  3. It has been a craxzy amount of time since I posted on here!! Here are my last couple #137 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 I enjoyed this one overall having finished the previous two installments. I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't glitched on me and left to run through the entire thing again. Enjoyable gameplay but glitchy mess!! #138 Deadly Tower of Monsters Meh, not my kind of game in truth but simple plat so knocked it out once I could bring myself to turn it on again.
  4. Count me back in!!
  5. Good to hear there is going to be a round 4!! I intend to make Far Cry 2 my first victim on the list. Need to tidy up some of the old backlog before servers vanish forever!!
  6. Cheers pal, shame you have to use them on me as I didn't even realise the league had started again so my score will likely be a tremendous 0. Enjoy the rain though, went a bit wayward for me this time due to Amalur being addictive.
  7. A decent horror movie would be nice, it's been about a decade!! Other than that there have to be some good ones coming out I'm unaware of. Dunkirk looks superb. Anything that makes me feel my age rather than shit like Power Rangers!!
  8. No matter how good the trailer looks (not watched it) I just cannot get beyond the fact I am not 8 years old anymore....
  9. Is The Bunker one you would recommend pal? Congrats on GTA even if it went astray early.
  10. Am I missing something here? Goro is on the disc, where else would he be?!
  11. WOW!! Of all the crap that gets released every year and you have people saying Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy!! I suggest watching more movies!! For the record I thought Suicide Squad was pretty good and Guardians was absolutely superb!!
  12. To be honest I stuck with Warrior pretty much all the way through. Longsword and bow combination. Thought I had messed it up towards the end when I hadn't done enough persuasions but luckily I had a few side quests with them available to get by. Almost on my knees in tears at that point HAHA!!
  13. FINALLY!!! Kingdoms of Amalur is ready to plat!! What a cracking game, enjoyed every minute of it!! Now on to something new, what that is I am not sure of yet.
  14. Hey, I am still following the thread and will start making progress soon. I have been playing Amalur and wow that is hard to put down. Should catch up in swift time over Xmas hopefully or at least make a dent in it.
  15. I suppose too many decent months was hopeful