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  1. This all looks fine at a glance. Are there really people going through looking for way to go up a place on the leaderboards by sacrificing others over a trophy earned 7 years ago?! WOW!!
  2. Yeah I will pass HAHA
  3. Is it an improvement on the previous version visually as it looks atrocious? Maybe give this a miss I reckon.
  4. Dude you haven't played a game that takes longer than a few hours to complete in months, most of them are well above 50% rarity so yours would be easily identifiable as doable. Whereas someone who is playing The Witcher on the PS4 at the same time as Skyrim on the PS3 all whilst getting the trophies for them is evidently not playing alone.
  5. Just look towards the top of them and it should stick out.
  6. Love the idea, not sure how it work but all for it if ti can be done. Position on the leaderboard is determined by a couple of things, one of them being time available to play and the other being a willingness to play trash just for trophies. I myself am happy with the games I play but know that my place is pretty much where it is now as I don't have the additional time and am not willing to play multiple stacks of the same 15 minute plats to move up because its kind of embarrassing in truth. At least this idea would help move some of them out to a place where they are competing on a level playing field.
  7. For me personally I think Telltale, Life is Strange is the kind of thing I can cope with story wise. If it is Japanese teenagers reading a story while not moving I will likely get bored.
  8. And I believe there was a huge glitch with the side missions not appearing as well which meant starting over to get the plat. I know I had it happen myself!
  9. 43.77% but I will work on it. Need to tidy up some of the older UR games for a start!
  10. Aiden Pearce's awesome phone that allows him to do what the heck he likes and borrow who ever's money he wants with no intention of returning it.
  11. Always on the hunt for new stuff myself but I presume the majority of these are not proper games in the sense of the word. They are just click along stories? There is a thread referring to Steins Gate as 'the perfect game' but videos online don't have any playing involved just reading. Do any of them even have some QTEs in etc?
  12. From memory it seems like a fairly standard list for the series. They are always worth playing albeit not brilliant and I will certainly pick this up down the line.
  13. Just check the latest earned list. I did this last week so they are still running them.
  14. Which DLC is this pal? I will definitely be doing this at some point if you need a partner but I don't know when I will be buying it.
  15. Plenty of PS3 on that list pal, makes me realise I need to buy one and get back to some of them old games! Bioshock Infinite and Brutal Legend are 2 particular ones that I started and never finished. If I haven't started them yet I will do PS4 but the incomplete ones just stare at me 😂 good luck to you!