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  1. This is likely one of them that will rumble on until something gets sorted....or it will just rumble on. Hey ho.
  2. So you can effectively just play MP until it pops? You don't have to actively seek out a hacker to help you.
  3. NO! This one is a game you can literally play and the trophy will pop through no work of your own. I am not saying lets all go in and actively hack any game you like..... I got the impression you just play this online as normal and can end up in a game with a hacker unknowingly and BOOM! trophy unlocked?
  4. The big leagues hack is there for everyone to use if they choose to as well though.....
  5. Like I said though a lot of people wouldn't know the difference. Pretty much anyone doing RDR now would be using the hack as it would take forever otherwise.
  6. I never said he wasn't allowed to play it, he just didn't have his own console at the time. I am all for stopping hacking of games and I have no regrets in regards to this one although it has happened to me on a few as well. I just feel that this one is not the fault of the individual and more the people doing it. You can actively and fairly pursue all other trophies and then get stung with this one. People may not know how to avoid it or remove it etc etc and then they are labelled as a cheat on here. A lot of games have fair exploits, RDR being one if I remember rightly. Wasn't that one hacked but is perfectly ok to use??
  7. I am not upset, just not a fan of you and your smug little responses. My younger brother actually played the game prior to having his own console so I have never actually played it. Lighten the fuck up!!
  8. I have no issue with not having the fucking trophy as I stated before, I haven't actually gone back to play the game! I just don't see why people get shafted for others mistakes. Isn't that the point though? Nobody is actually doing the hacking, they are enjoying a game and then said game is hacked. I am totally in agreement that people hacking should be punished.
  9. My issue is more the fact that people are getting punished for others actions. If servers close then they close, that's bad luck. It has happened to me plenty of times. This issue is a totally different one. Nobody is saying 'let people hack and destroy gaming full stop', they are questioning why they get the heat for it when they haven't done it. I have seen people say they have earned the other 89 trophies on this through hard work and yet they have to hide it because some total fuckwit hacked the server. How is that their fault?! PS we drive on the left here LOL
  10. Some people don't have endless amounts of time to play. Personally I have a huge backlog of games and it can take me 4 or 5 years to get to a game. I have a house and a family to look after as well. So people shouldn't play the game they spent their hard earned money on just in case a trophy pops through no fault of their own?!
  11. Agreed, people aren't deliberately doing anything wrong. I personally never got to experience this game online due to this trophy. Why should I get shit and be flagged as a cheat because someone else has hacked the game. This thread will be full of a load of guys who were lucky enough to get it legit early on and are more worried about their rarity being affected than what is truly fair on the rest.
  12. I am total agreement on this one. I literally didn't bother continuing with this game because of this. It is crazy that you get flagged for something out of your control. Why??
  13. I am still stuck on 4 games completed. Not finding much time right now with family shit going on so my odds on doing all 10 are zero to none unless I find a few quick ones to throw in. Just working my way through Thief but it seems to take a while given I have 1 hour a day if that right now.
  14. Just grinding out things on Thief, have to finish up the client jobs and get as many thieving challenges done as I can. Then go back and finish the story off and repeat the earlier chapters for collectibles. Final step will be a 2nd playthrough with no kills or being spotted etc which should be fun. It is a good game in patches but then frustrating at other points. Not got much gaming time at the minute with family stuff etc so not making progress I would like but I will give it my best shot. Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter 100% Saints Row: Gat out of Hell 100% Thief 8% - 21% Batman The Enemy Within 100% What Remains of Edith Finch 100%
  15. If you start it now you are relying on them releasing enough events to hit the mark needed. I'm just going to take a punt and see what happens.