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  1. Anyonehad issues getting into AC Syndicates Jack the Ripper DLC? All installed but just says 'feature unavailableat this time' 

    1. Copanele


      Ah typical Ubisoft quality.

      You started the DLC from the main menu, right? I don't think it can be started from the main game. If it doesn't work, maybe deleting the whole game (+the game data) and reinstalling it would do the trick.

    2. freddie1989


      @Copanele yeah from the main menu as I have the option. I've uninstalled the whole thing once and it still didn't work. Maybe if I do it again then install the whole base game and then the DLC after it might do it.

    3. Cobby


      I don't remember any issues getting in.. The DLC itself tho.. broken, buggy and generally just shit (story)

  2. Hey, Sorry if its been discussed previously but I haven't found the thread. Has anyone experienced issues getting into this? I have installed it fully along with the base game. It appears on my menu to access but I just get 'this feature is unavailable' come up when I try and enter. Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!!
  3. Count me in for this as always even if my last edition was a total disaster!!! Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands 1% Life is Strange 2 0% Far Cry New Dawn 0% Resident Evil 7 0% Rise of the Tomb Raider 16% Borderlands 2 0%
  4. Hey guys, hope all is well. Been a while as I fell of the train due to work etc. Finished the story in Rise of the Tomb Raider, I will add it to my list. Going to start something new today. I'll do my list once I get on my laptop. Cheers
  5. Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing well and keeping themself out of harms way e.g. in front of the console! No update for me at all to show, had a rough time work wise so not played most of March. Got back on it this month and finished story in Rise of the Tomb Raider which isn't on my list. Just installing Infinite Warfare to get back on it.
  6. Final Update as always! Huge shout out to @neospoon, thanks to him I managed to get Watch Dogs 2 to 100% so that is off my list. Been a blast and I will see you in the next one!! The Surge 7% Watch Dogs 100% Far Cry 5 100% Metro 2033 Redux 0% Dying Light 3% Modern Warfare Remastered 100% Walking Dead Final Season 0% Zombi 76% Detroit: Become Human 100% Overcooked 100% Watch Dogs 2 90% - 100% Mortal Kombat X 68%
  7. This is now complete!!
  8. Small update for me but an update nonetheless. Made some progress on MK X working on respect points on KoTH which as with the rest is just a grind! Then played Watch Dogs 2 with @neospoon which has an absurdly cruel trophy that we have almost finished. Did a couple of the other operations today so only 4 trophies left on that. Hoping to finish that and make a bit more MK progress and that will likely be it for me on this challenge, on to Spring! The Surge 7% Watch Dogs 100% Far Cry 5 100% Metro 2033 Redux 0% Dying Light 3% Modern Warfare Remastered 100% Walking Dead Final Season 0% Zombi 76% Detroit: Become Human 100% Overcooked 100% Watch Dogs 2 85% - 90% Mortal Kombat X 63% - 68%
  9. Assassins Creed Unity Borderlands 2 Control Darksiders 2 Evil Within Far Cry New Dawn God of War 14th February 2020 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Infinite Warfare Just Cause 3 Killing Floor 2 Life is Strange 2 Middle Earth Shadow of War Nioh Outlast Prey Q - Spyro Resident Evil 7 Styx: Master of Shadows Tearaway Unfolded Uncharted: The Lost legacy Vampyr Witcher 3 X - Spyro 2 & 3 (additional) Yakuza 0 Zombie Army Trilogy 1st game ticked off for me, God of War and what a game that is!! Assassins Creed Unity has been started as well. Still tidying up things from other events until March so likely more progress after that.
  10. Ultra Rare Sniper Elite 3 Very Rare Dying Light Watch Dogs 5th October 2019 Rare Modern Warfare Remastered 12th October 2019 The Surge Assassins Creed Unity Common/Uncommon Conan Exiles 10th July 2019 The Walking Dead: Final Season God of War 14th February 2020 Horizon Zero Dawn Seems this thread has died a death as this is the 1st post since November! Another one ticked off the list for me, God of War, truly magnificent game. Next up likely AC Unity.
  11. Cheers, appreciate that. Glad the maths worked out being an accountant LOL. I didn't realise it was listed as an RPG when I started it so hadn't made any plan for this challenge.
  12. I haven't quite finished God of War yet but I will next time I get on. I am just trying to work out the scoring element of this event. So at a rough guess I make it 100 + 48 (trophies earned after 1st Feb) - 10 (completion prior to event as a 17/37 trophies basis rather than a %?) - 30.81 (plat rarity as of today) = 107.19 Can anyone let me know where I am right or wrong? If the trophies prior to event are completion percentage how do i get that as of 1st Feb? Cheers
  13. Congrats on the win, it was inevitable
  14. I just read this and thought that's a great idea then I realised I actually earned 30 one year when I had no children so I took the idea back out again LOL. Maybe I will try and beat last year instead.....
  15. God of War right now!! It literally has everything and even post game still keeps you interested. One of the best games of any generation not just this one.