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  1. Next update and a much better one at that. Platinum done on AC Origins and I have to say an excellent addition to the series. Combat changes were really enjoyable and the scenery change was nice. Overall really good. Just got DLC to knock out on this one. Next up will be Spyro as ive installed it just not played it yet. Also Far Cry 6 is long overdue some action as well. Assassin's Creed Origins 39% - 74% Far Cry 6 0% Resident Evil 7 7% Spyro 0% Battlefield V 0% Mass Effect Andromeda 0%
  2. First update as I told myself I want more regular ones going forward. Unfortunately I don't have much to update on😬 When AC Origins says 'complete all locations' i didn't realise just how many there was! It is giving me nightmares about the Unity chests again!! Hopefully once we get there it will be better progress onwards. Other than that I'm looking to start Spyro for something quicker and easier and may even add the other titles in if I enjoy it. Happy hunting people! Assassin's Creed Origins 33% - 39% Far Cry 6 0% Resident Evil 7 7% Spyro 0% Battlefield V 0% Mass Effect Andromeda 0%
  3. God of War is truly one of the top 5 games of the generation. Just a great game from top to bottom. Looks good, plays good. Beyond that the others are not for me.
  4. Final update!! Not my best challenge admittedly but between Medan being just the bain of my life and Origins being long I've struggled a touch for motivation in this one at times. Origins I have finished the story so I am on post game grind now so once locations are done that should move along fast and its eligible to carry to the next one. Beyond that i dont have anything else to report so catch you all in the next one! As always thanks to @MidnightDragon for hosting. Hugely appreciated! Far Cry 6 0% Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 100% Dishonored Death of an Outsider 100% Fallout 4 4% AC Origins 16% - 33% Man of Medan 100%
  5. I am in as always, likely tweaking this prior to start. Assassin's Creed Origins 33% Far Cry 6 0% Resident Evil 7 7% Spyro 0% Battlefield V 0% Mass Effect Andromeda 0%
  6. FINALLY!! I can actually do an update now Medan is finished!! I am left with very mixed feelings about this game. At first I thought the concept was good and the story was quite enjoyable. Then came the rinse and repeat side of it which has no flexibility. The save system is abysmal. It left me doing run after run of the same thing which gets tedious. Then the collectibles glitched on shared story so that involved another playthrough. So overall a very mixed bag. Beyond that only touched a little bit of AC Origins as Medan killed my want to game at that point. Also been doing some tidying up on Battlefield 1 in prep for the next challenge as its half finished and I want to start V. Happy hunting people!! Far Cry 6 0% Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 100% Dishonored Death of an Outsider 100% Fallout 4 4% AC Origins 14% - 16% Man of Medan 44% - 100%
  7. Hey guys, on the hunt for someone that's finished Man of Medan that could help me chapter select shared story for a couple of glitches collectibles? Hugely appreciated and should only take 15 mins or so. Cheers
  8. Greetings people, I trust you are all good!!! I'm in need of a mahoosive favour! Has anyone completed the shared story on Man of Medan that couple do a quick chapter select for a couple of collectibles? My partner seems to gave ghosted me this weekend and I need someone to host for a glitched one. Cheers
  9. Another one to the list on here. Slowly adding up. In truth a poor game that should get at least a 7 for the runaround it gives you. Man of Medan likely next which is 2/10 on here. Middle Earth: Shadow of War 3/10 14th Jan AC Unity 4/10 4th Feb Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 5/10 20th April
  10. Update! I switched Metro out as once again I haven't gotten round to playing it through this challenge. Added in AC Origins which I am absolutely loving. Just overall really enjoyable so far. The combat is superb, story is good and the change of scenery from previous makes for a nice change. Hoping to make some progress on Medan soon as well as that has stalled. Finally managed to get Far Cry running after the update froze and then killed access to the game so I had to uninstall and start over. Far Cry 6 0% Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 100% Dishonored Death of an Outsider 100% Fallout 4 4% AC Origins 0% - 14% Man of Medan 44%
  11. Update time finally!! A positive one albeit cant say much in the way of excitement! Man of Medan I knocked out another playthrough where everyone survived so only a couple more to go. Next one is kill the lot and then shared story but I'd say I've lost interest as it has no real replay value. Sniper Ghost Warrior I managed to get that completed but again the replay value is not really there. You have to keep replaying missions for bounties and challenges as you cant use the same playstyle to get them all. Pondering on the sequel as this is the first one I truly disliked. Thoughts? Going to make a start on Far Cry 6 tonight which I'm excited for!! Hope all is well and hunting is good! Far Cry 6 0% Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 33% - 100% Dishonored Death of an Outsider 100% Fallout 4 4% Metro 2033 1% Man of Medan 20% - 44%
  12. Update time! Not much going on for me in this one in truth. Made a start on Fallout 4 which I'm enjoying so far. Getting used to its dreadful combat mechanism though takes some doing. Finished playthrough 1 of Man of Medan and made a total hash of that missing a choice as I went so likely added more time to completion. Not sure whether i like the story itself and i dont see much replay value. Not a bad game overall for what it is and I will play the others. Far Cry 6 0% Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 33% Dishonored Death of an Outsider 100% Fallout 4 0% - 4% Metro 2033 1% Man of Medan 0% - 20%
  13. Update time, first of the challenge for me!! Death of An Outsider is finished off. Its a bit meh to be truthful. It has its fun moments bur it's also got an absolute boat load of silly flaws. Not really much more to be said on that one. Next up is gonna be Farcry 6 I think Far Cry 6 0% Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 28% - 33% Dishonored Death of an Outsider 0% - 100% Fallout 4 0% Metro 2033 1% Man of Medan 0%
  14. I heard so much bad stuff about this and personally I had a blast with it mate. Enjoy!
  15. Final update for the challenge! Not much to report this time as I spent a lot of my time lately on the 30 hours if DLC content they put into Wildlands which i loved. Finished each mission through once on Sniper Ghost Warrior which is a car crash compared to the previous ones. Will plug away at this slowly to clean it up but on to the new games now. Overall not too bad for me, I managed 7 platinum, cleaned up some DLC and made some progress on others so I'm happy with that. Given the length of Days Gone which took me a while I can't grumble. Always a pleasure to read your updates and take inspiration from them. Enjoy the new challenge!! ME: Shadow of War 100% Days Gone 70% Worms Battlegrounds 100% Sonic Mania 23% Emily Wants to Play 0% Assassin's Creed Unity 100% Late Shift 100% The Last of Us Remastered 3% Need for Speed Payback 93% Borderlands Pre Sequel 41% Sims 4 27% Plague Tale 100% Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 10% - 28%