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  1. @Geridian enjoy Red Read Redemption pal, it truly is one of the greatest games ever. @neospoon I can feel your pain pal, nothing worse than grinding through a game and nothing is popping. Not long done Battlefield 4 and the assignments are painful to say the least!!
  2. Does this end the chances of 100% if you haven't started it?
  3. Just a quick Monday morning update from me to remove me from the fact I have another weeks work 😭 Plugging away on the after game grind on Watch Dogs, finished all investigations over the weekend so juts have to do remaining fixer contracts, hideouts and convoys. I do truly love this game though and it has been a pleasure to experience something different. Need to look at making a start with the DLC and the online elements as well soon. Other than that I did a few missions on Far Cry last week but not really got going yet. Hope everyone is having a blast so far with this again. The Surge 0% Watch Dogs 28% - 44% Far Cry 5 1% - 3% Metro 2033 Redux 0% Dying Light 0% Modern Warfare Remastered 25% Walking Dead Final Season 0% Zombi 0% Detroit: Become Human 0% Overcooked 21%
  4. Horizon Complete Edition for £11 isn't too bad as the DLC is normally about £6 alone when on offer. Beyond that.....meh.
  5. So is NG+ a free update? I need to play Darksiders 2 before I do this but I will be all over this at some point.
  6. Deponia series, any good? Seen a few people doing them lately but not sure if they are my sort of thing. The first one is currently on sale for £0.99.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Edunstar84


      For that price I'm willing to try. I just buy the first game, and see how I like it.

    3. DamagingRob


      That's about half what the entire series is on sale for here..

    4. freddie1989


      What the hack, I have just bought them all. Looking around they have never been anywhere near that cheap before. 4 more to the backlog!

  7. One of the best shows I have ever seen!!
  8. Cheers pal, my one yesterday went ok I think so fingers crossed. Need to get some time in on this list though as I have set a tough bar even with time LOL
  9. No real update from me as I can't seem to find time to play at the minute among exams and family etc. I just thought I would add my 1% on Far Cry 5 in just to let you all know I am thinking about you 😂 The Surge 0% Watch Dogs 28% Far Cry 5 0% - 1% Metro 2033 Redux 0% Dying Light 0% Modern Warfare Remastered 25% Walking Dead Final Season 0% Zombi 0% Detroit: Become Human 0% Overcooked 21%
  10. Well I am in for sure! There is a year long set up from January but that is more of an ABC challenge so I would amend that list to fit in some more difficult games for this. Plenty need to be tackled.
  11. Perhaps if the site was doing the updates people request then users wouldn't have to. So instead of being a negative dick about it try a short well done..... Great work pal, much appreciated!
  12. How did I miss this challenge?! This looks really good! Any chance it will be returning?
  13. This guy seems to have some odd looking shit all over the place. Correct me if I am wrong but on Thief he has unlocked the prologue as his last chapter trophy, having done the game that is not physically possible. Not much attempt to hide it!!
  14. It will be a success, it is just getting to the start line that's hard. I am possibly going to pick up a PS3 at Xmas so I may end up changing half my list before the year end anyway.
  15. Ouch!! Looks like you got truly done over here pal. They won't care, they know how it happens but aren't bothered. Just hide it.