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  1. The multiplayer is what spoilt it for me and possibly scares future players off. Going up against PC players was no fun, and as far as I can remember there was never no handicap given to the PC players. I've still got the game but I've never played again since I completed it.
  2. Is there a chapter select? I don’t know if to give up and start again. I’ve got to chapter 6 and there’s no flames and no wailing crucifix and some of the black shoe prints are missing
  3. This was way more difficult than I expected. I just couldn't get more than half way through the last 3 or 4 levels. My eyes and reactions are just not that good. So to anyone else who struggles there is still a way to 100% it if that's your aim. I farmed the hell out of levels 1-5 and built up around 250 lives, played as far as I could into the levels that were difficult and just as I was about to lose I would just keep hitting . You don't need the same number of lives as how many points (button presses or whatever they are) remain to hit, it's not 1 life for one button miss, for example if there was 200 button hits left you'd need around 100 lives. It's not that time consuming either, takes about an hour to farm 200 lives. It's how me and my old man eyes and hands did it anyway.
  4. I didn't see many bad reviews of the game, I got it with PS+ and I enjoyed it but after doing 2 play throughs to 100% it I'd had enough. I didn't think it was that challenging (except for the DLC challenges, now they ARE challenging) and I didn't get any game breaking glitches, just the occasional 'stuck in the surroundings'. I agree with one of the other posts that says some aspects of the story didn't make sense and were illogical. Continuing with the game after the credits is a must especially the O'Brian cutscene and with that would want me to play 'Days Gone 2' I played on both PS4 Pro and PS5 and didn't notice any difference graphically to be honest.
  5. I've been playing it for about 2 hours and haven't got a clue what's going on. I've not looked at a guide or forum threads as to not spoil the story/game. Is there a decent story and explanation as the game progresses?
  6. So I've just watched the trailer and I can't see why it would be an April fool joke. I haven't played the game so can't see why it would be ridiculous as to why this wouldn't be real (as April fool jokes are supposed to be something ridiculous like one I saw the other day for an advert from my local waste skip company now using inflatable skips). Does the trailer not follow the narrative/idea of the game.
  7. £12.99 is so expensive for DLC so you would hope it will be one payment to access it on both PS5 and PS4. Was going to start playing this tonight but might hold off and start Control instead.
  8. Yes. It explains this in the guide in this forum. (the guide is excellent by the way)