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  1. Thank you! I can confirm this works still on version 1.33
  2. There is a lot of really great games that have already been mentioned but one game I want to bring to light is a little indie game called Rain World. It is survival exploration platformer set in a sort of post apocalyptic world. The world has a dynamic ecosystem with creatures that move around searching for food and you have to learn to adapt within the ecosystem to survive. The game has absolutely amazing art direction and is very addicting once you get the mechanics down. It is a very tough and unforgiving game however so I wouldn't recommend it unless your up for the challenge. It also has a story and an ending with some very interesting places and characters to meet if you can find them. I don't want to say any more with the risk of spoiling the game.
  3. My first ps4 game was last Of Us Remastered. Such an awesome game I beat it so many times.
  4. I just got the Prince of Persia trilogy and I might get the Tomb Raider trilogy too when I am done with the pop games.