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  1. Sign me up for the Undine category (Graces, X1, X2, Heart R and Zestiria), also I got the special Innocence R here Now I really should dig Symponia out from my backlog...
  2. Actually, SG has 9 trophy lists already... There are also Traditional Chinese and Korean versions as well.
  3. I got mine yesterday too! I like the fact that it can get much dimmer than the original 1000.
  4. You get one as reward for finishing CODE 6 exam without losing sustainability.
  5. I got plat for the Japanese version. There is one trophy asks you to accumulate 100M money. and one to defeat 10000 enemies. That's a lot of grinding even with DLC. Other than that, the rest are pretty straightforward.
  6. #26 Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
  7. Amazon actually sent me a seperate set of AR card along with my VITA... They all sit in my drawer now. I haven't opened them yet but I don't want to throw them away just in case
  8. As far as I know, you can't make purchases use your EU paypal or EU credit card on JP PSN store. You can buy Japanese PSN card from other online store... DLCs are really depands on the game. Usually they will work on a linked account. At least those I bought from JP store worked fine. By the way, Asian PSN store is so much different from Japanese PSN store... (I was kinda confused when I first read this thread >_>)
  9. I got this kind of email twice for the same game (beyond: two souls) two weeks after I got the platinum.
  10. Just came to say you have an adorable profile pic

  11. It's better you do a search on that particular game you are focusing on. Some games do not require a entire playthrogh for the difficulty trophies which is convenient. Ex: Tales of Graces F on your list.
  12. It should be 405px × 120px if I'm not misunderstood.
  13. I personally love Sakura Wars series... Since the first 4 Sakura Wars games never came out to the West,you may not familiar with this... Sadly it's a dead franchise now.
  14. Seriously?! Maybe A16 or A17 will be a continuation of Mana Khemia series? Just wondering... Also found this: エスカ&ロジーのアトリエ Atelier Escha & Logy エスカ&ロジー エスカ と ロジー Escha と Logy Escha to Logy = Eschatology Seems they really put effort on the naming.
  15. ↓ I don't remember how old I was... probably around 5