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  1. 8 hours ago, gymmmmm said:


    No bro. For the game to work properly for me I had to sacrifice my progress; I mean, I had to start it over. I tried to copy my progress again once I was able to get back into the game and it crashed again. I think it's a profile issue or something. Luckily for me I only missed the first championship.

    Okay man thank you again. I was losing my mind trying to figure out how to transfer progress but I figured I’d have to restart. I’m on the 3rd championship but I do find the game enjoyable so I don’t mind restarting. Cheers brother


  2. 6 hours ago, gymmmmm said:

    Hi bro.


    Indeed the last update on PS4 brought the problem that the game closes when starting it. The only solution I found was to delete (or transfer to a flash drive) my saved game when starting a new one but doing something important: when you start the game for the first time a notification appears that you can accept or reject (I don't remember very well what it says the notification), and the key is to reject it. Only then can you play but of course, you must start again the game.


    It was the only thing that worked for me since I had tried everything you tried before.

    Hey man thanks for the reply. I’m a bit confused as I’ve deleted my game save. Loaded up the game. Rejected the notification, closed the game and downloaded my progress. Now the game opens but I’m back to level 1. Did you have to restart from square one or did you actually get the game to boot up with your old progress?


  3. Is it just me or is wreckfest on ps4 unplayable after the latest patch? I’ve tried streaming the game, deleting and reinstalling, deleting saved data on console  for a fresh boot. Nothing seems to work. I seen there’s lots of recent players earning trophies. So I’m not sure what my issue is. Any help would be appreciated TIA. 


  4. So does this game not auto pop every trophy from ps4 to a ps5? I have the platinum on ps4 but don’t have a ps5. However my buddy just got a ps5 so I’m wondering if I can just go to his place, sign in and auto pop the whole list


  5. I’m up to 35 sets of wheels purchased on the ps4 version and still didn’t pop. I had the wash the car around 50 times for that to pop. And the “looking good” trophy for buying and equipping aerodynamic parts won’t pop either. Assuming that’s just the bumpers/skirts/wings. Even weight reduction 4


  6. On 2021-12-13 at 0:46 PM, ciccio_92 said:

    Do I have to win the game to confirm the kills?  or if I lose they are always confirmed

    You don’t have to exfill. You can even disconnect and still have the kills count. I got kicked from a game after 3k kills because I needed an update and it still counted 


  7. 29 minutes ago, jrod2510 said:

    Lol, your GTA IV would beat my GTA IV if you went back and did that one.  Looks like plenty of others to choose from too.  GL lol

    Damn, yeah you got two that are 12 years plus.

    With my GTA IV, it's funny cuz the whole reason I wanted a PS3 was because of GTA IV.  Then I didnt even get a PS3 until the summer of 2010, and when I did all I did was play Tiger 11 & 12.  Wish I would've finished those off in time, or just had the ability to go back and finish them.


    Is  there a thread for most disappointment or regret of a title that you were unable to platinum? Cuz I've got 4 so far, no 5:  Tiger 11 & 12, Burnout Paradise, Black Ops II & NFS The Run.  BO2 & The Run especially hurt because those were the main two games I was playing in 2015 (mostly BO2) right before they both became Plat blocked in early 2016.

    Still mad respect on finishing GTA4 if I had the time I’d buy the game and again but if I recall that online was more time consuming than GTA5? and yeah lately I’ve been on a kick of finishing old games I was close to but never got the platinum. 

    currently working on the giant achievement trophy in bo2 and oh my what an understatement that name is.  


  8. 10 hours ago, jrod2510 said:

    10 years 9 months 1 week 3 days 21 hours between 1st GTA IV trophy and Platinum.


    I think I have a pretty unbeatable gap there, lol.



    Yeah man 12.5 years on the original little big planet

    also by the time I beat killzone 2 on elite difficulty it’ll be probably 15 years lol 


  9. They are still active. But the trophy is not easily attained. Unless you have a racing setup. I’m fairly decent at racing games. I probably have 20+ racing platinum trophies. But reaching top 1% is not easy especially with a controller. Something to keep in mind.