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  1. Still mad respect on finishing GTA4 if I had the time I’d buy the game and again but if I recall that online was more time consuming than GTA5? and yeah lately I’ve been on a kick of finishing old games I was close to but never got the platinum. currently working on the giant achievement trophy in bo2 and oh my what an understatement that name is.
  2. Yeah man 12.5 years on the original little big planet also by the time I beat killzone 2 on elite difficulty it’ll be probably 15 years lol
  3. They are still active. But the trophy is not easily attained. Unless you have a racing setup. I’m fairly decent at racing games. I probably have 20+ racing platinum trophies. But reaching top 1% is not easy especially with a controller. Something to keep in mind.
  4. I say go for it. I got one at the end of 2020 and I’ve loved it so far.. wish I got the little big planet online trophies done before the servers got hacked though.
  5. Little big planet. 12.5 years.. about an 11 year gap in trophies lol
  6. What’s your source on this? edit: I can see it in my reply. Thank you
  7. Black ops 2.. if the zombies Trophies weren’t bad enough..the single player challenges can be a nightmare