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  1. Thank you! The servers are still up (for now), but those trophies are pretty much the only ones I have got so far luckily. I’m making the hitman games a priority now that they’ve delisted 1 and 2, just in case they do go down soon.
  2. This one didn’t make sense. It had an expiry date of 28 days when I checked it earlier, now it’s expired. I thought it was for playing the DLC that’s coming with ps plus tomorrow though? So why is it expired already? It’s even named ‘Your PlayStation Plus games await’
  3. On your list there’s only one Lego game at the moment, so if you’re planning on doing a few of them you might want to add them to your list so they count
  4. You can do more than 1 game a month. I did 7. You just need to do at least 1 game on your list each month
  5. This is amazing news! I was going to play the game anyway because it looked interesting, but after starting it up my trophy list kept bugging out and I had to manually sync my lists through the ps3 xmb menu on plus premium to get them to work. Hopefully my trophies will go back to updating properly now and I can officially start this game
  6. Okay, I am signing up again. Here are the games I’m hoping to get done this time: - Man of Medan - 34% - Knack - 0% - Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order - 7% - Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse - 0% - Gone Home - 0% - The Last Day of June - 0%
  7. @BlazzingWind I just wanted you to let you know I’m adding Hitman 2, Hitman 2 Expansion and Fallout 76 (platinum only) to my list. They’re all way under 33% so hopefully that’s ok
  8. I’d like to sign up again please. So far I’ve finished 1 DLC, Hitman 2 Himmelstein dlc pack 7. I’m currently working on the Hitman games which have a lot of dlc, but not much planned for after that
  9. I finished it, got a bit distracted with games for other events, but I’m finally done and ready for my next assignment (only game I can’t do is Mirror’s Edge since it left ps now/premium).
  10. I finished The Swapper and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge I highly recommend The Swapper if anyone is at all interested in puzzle games. There are some collectibles which the trophies are linked to. They can be very difficult to find so I suggest finding a spoiler free guide for those. The story is great if you take the time to read the memory logs as you go. I’m adding Hitman 2, Hitman 2 Additional Expansion and Fallout 76 (platinum only) to my list. I’m m hoping to get the Hitman levels done after I finish up Hitman 1. I’m less optimistic about finishing Fallout 76, but it’s been sat in my backlog forever with only one trophy, so I will try to get it done. Congratulations everyone on beating down your backlogs, I’m running out of easy games so I think I’ll be slowing down now
  11. Final Fantasy XII, you have so many jrpgs. Many props to you for completing all those long games Spyro 1, very different to all your long rpgs, might give you a break
  12. I’m making progress. I love me some point and click adventure games and these are some classics. I’ve played Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space before, but it was still fun to revisit. I did the PS3 version since it’s included in the plus premium tier. I did do the whole game though, not just the first episode, also I saw that there is a lovely looking PS4 remaster that I might have to get I've never played Monkey Island 2 before though, despite The Secret of Monkey Island being one of the first games I ever played (and gave up in frustration as a 5 year old, don’t worry I’ve finished it many times since). It was so much fun seeing another story of Guybrush Threepwood. I do wish the other games were available to play on PS4, but hopefully I’ll be able to play the new one once I get a PS5. The Swapper was my favourite recent game. It’s such a nice puzzle game. The puzzles are just tricky enough to give you some satisfaction at figuring it out without making you want to quit in frustration. The story was also fantastic, I absolutely loved the ending when everything fell into place. Next game that’ll be finished is this: It looks purpley blue to me so I’m unsure if it’s a better fit for Light Blue or Purple, or even Deep Purple since it’s a very blue looking purple. I’d love a second opinion.
  13. Update 6, aka I’m running out of games to procrastinate with before I have to play Titanfall 2 again - Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star - 100% - Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge - 23% >> 100% - Never Alone - 100% - Spider-Man: Miles Morales - 100% - Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space PS3 - 100% - Titanfall 2 - 39% - The Swapper - 15% >> 100% - Doki-Doki Universe - 100% - Hitman - 2% >> 18% 1/3 Swaps I finished The Swapper and Monkey Island 2 this week, and also put many hours into both Hitman 1 and 2. I love point and click adventure games, they’re probably my favourite games to play, but somehow I have never played Monkey Island 2 before. It was a good time, great music of course, and the puzzles were t too bad either. I’m trying to think of there was a bit that I really struggled with. I think maybe at the end trying to figure out how to get ‘something of the head’ from LeChuck, but otherwise it was a fun time. However, I as still stressing out with the speed run, for some reason I thought it would be best to use an earlier save instead of starting over, and that was incredibly tight, especially at the end where there is some element of rng. I think The Swapper was my favourite game this week though. I finished Soma last year and kept seeing comparisons to this game so i decided to try it out. I was having a lovely fun time solving light based puzzles, reading rocks thoughts and following the other person around the space station. And then the ending happened, and the story clicked into place. It felt like it came out of nowhere, but if you played it again you could see the hints all the way through. I recommend it if you like puzzles, there’s no platinum trophy, and it’s pretty short, but worth a try
  14. I’m pretty sure with the rules for this event you would add Persona 3 Portable to your list and then in April or August you would be able to remove God of War if you still wanted
  15. Uncharted is just the medal, the background is transparent and shows up as whatever colour it’s placed over. There are a few games that have been to be like this earlier in the thread. If you click the game image it’ll take you to a page where the trophy is on a white background instead