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  1. Is the 1/10 for people who are already familiar with the game/series or does it include new players?
  2. I got DS3 platinum on my original 60GB fat PS3 years ago. Was there a recent update?? I can believe this is true because it happened to me with Twisted Metal. One day the game simply refused to be played, since then it shuts down the console every time I try to play it.
  3. They are going to tell stories about this one Boss.
  4. There should be an autosave file with the final mission. just load that file and try again.
  5. Im pretty sure Jimbo has everything covered. According to their plan they want to keep doing their AAA formula plus those 10 or 12 live service games that will arrive in the next 3 years. As much as I would like to complain about how a lot of their over the shoulder third person games feel the thing is that gameplay in all these projects is king and the GAAS that awaits us in the near future sound interesting to say the least especially considering the IPs Sony has.
  6. First of all congratulations! Im sure youll get to the top 100 sooner than you expect Alright, if I had to guess I would say: March 22nd, 2019 (3 years old)
  7. The game is available on PS5... Well, the PS4 version that is. Now obviously you are asking if there's a PS5 native or enhanced versions and the answer is no. To make it even more confusing REverse is not an Add On or DLC. its simply a game mode that for some reason is presented as an individual game. I guess that Capcom is still trying to figure out a MP for their RE series and they are testing these akward strategies. Now lets talk about the ID thing. From now on all of Capcom games, especially if they have crossplay, will require and ID for that specific purpose.
  8. What about MGS3?
  9. I would like to add some info regarding the ID. As someone who has been playing a lot for fighting games and competitive Mps this ID check is a must ESPECIALLY for the future. SF6 is the first one that comes to my mind, I think that from now on this ID will be mandatory for every Capcom game. To be honest at first I wasnt a fan but after but after having to do the same for Square Enix and Blizzard and so on this time it doesnt bother that much as before.
  10. A lot of new players who didn't play the original really liked the remake. since there's no perspective the dont know whats missing and whats added. Its super interesting because this only shows that despite the game missing a couple elements in the end its still very fun.
  11. I would like to know this as well. Been interested in this game and is 100% but never knew how the digital bundle worked.
  12. I recently bought a Vita and I fell in love with the system. Would buy a Vita 2 day 1 this time. Sadly, under this direction I dont see it in the near future.
  13. This is so confusing. The game looks really good but I cant stop thinking about how serious is going to be and wonder how much it will impact the experience.
  14. This thread has been very helpful guys, going to start the game tomorrow. Going to report results.