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  1. Right ok but what does the green box mean? Surely if I save and quit during mission 8 it should take me back to there, not the start of mission 4? And as for the girl she was stood between the window of the house and the tree, nothing was happening at all, killed myself s few times but nothing
  2. Hey guys, so I'm almost level 27 now and my level 25 trophy still hasn't popped! Iv done a handful of races, death matches and heists and it's still not popping, is there anything I can do to trigger it at all? Cheers! EDIT: It has now popped, I got to level 27 and completed a race and it worked, Yey!
  3. Hey guys, so I'm going for the realistic play through and I'm up to mission 8. Annoying I got a major glitch right at the end where no more zombies came out but I couldn't leave the house or anything, so I saved my game and quit to the main menu. Infuriatingly, when I click to continue my game it ALWAYS goes to the start oh hypo centre, I'm seriously losing my shit!! This means I have to try the mission in one sitting and pray that it doesn't glitch again, or id have to completely restart! Is there an easy fix for this? Something in the settings? Also, I'm worried that when I do complete all levels on realistic my trophy won't pop as on the left hand side of all the mission names only the first 4 have a green box the to them, the others don't, what's going on and how do I fix these problems?? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey guys, ok so I'm heading through the clean up part of the game nicely until I went to heal a sick dinosaur. Unfortunately, it's nowhere although you can clearly see it on the map. I have gone both over and under the bridge, I have even travelled there in daytime and night time but to no avail. I've put a stop to the game for the time being as, if it is s serious glitch I will have to completely start again! I've read somewhere about patches but I'm playing on the most updated version, is there a solution or a fix to the problem? Is it something I'm doing that's wrong in the game? Cheers!
  5. It doesn't matter, loads of people have tried and it is confirmed, unless you get hold of the NA version to finish off the final 2 trophies the platinum is impossible