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  1. While your signal strength may be high as that is testing the signal to the router, it does not always correlate to accurate internet speeds.. Having your router be 50-60 ft away from your consoles you are def losing some speed as that is quite the distance for a wireless connection to maintain optimal download and upload speeds. Have you tested other devices from the same distance aside from your PS4's to get a better baseline of the loss of speed. If not try plugging in the PS4's closer to the router and run another speed test from there to further your baseline understanding. How far is the cable line coming in to your residence from the router? Hardlined or not if your router is a significant distance away your already getting a chopped down connection before the router is even in play. My cable line comes in about 12 feet from where my router is set up (i ran the wires through the wall) and my speeds were not optimal. Had the ISP come out and place a amplifier on the wall and that resolved the issue. Networking is tricky and many variables come into play, the wireless antennae of the PS4 is not great I agree but I am not 100% sure if that is sole reason for your speed issues. Also if you are in a heavily populated area with many routers within close proximity (apartment complex and such) that can interfere with bandwidth significantly. Also I would ensure that you password protect your network to ensure nobody else is hopping on without your knowledge and impacting your bandwidth.
  2. I believe I grinded the eggplant man in the pure land
  3. Eggplant man drop was the rarest for me.. took about 3 hours total. Keep grinding it will drop!
  4. Platinum #123 - Secret of Mana (PS4) It has been a looooooong time since I have posted in this thread... At least 30-40 plats . Anyway this game was on the MUST HAVE list the day it was announced as it is my fave RPG from the Super Nintendo days. I am not much of an RPG guy anymore (unless its Fallout) but I have to admit this remake was a good one! The game still keeps all the appeal from the original while enhancing grahics, adding cutscenes (which are kind of pointless), a new soundtrack (played the game with the original soundtrack, available in the options), changed a few enemy names, adding a collection guide and of course TROPHIES! The trophies are as straightforward as the linear plot line. Only two trophies are "really" missable as they require "rare item" drops from a specific enemy, once the location the enemy resides in is completed, the enemy disappears. The only downside to the game, same as the original, is the grinding required to complete the armor and weapon orb trophies. Expect to put anywhere from 5-10 hours into grinding, all dependent upon how much the RNG cooperates Plat Difficulty: 3 (Mainly for the grinding) Fun Factor: 9/10 (This may be seen as a homer vote lol)
  5. Please re-read the second sentence from my comment. It was a known glitch reported on the fortnite site. The dev team emailed me directly about it when I submitted my claim. Doubt they would unlock all trophies, a bit unethical for a development team. They can clearly see my progress in the game from their side.
  6. #123 Secret of Mana

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      I'm at 76 myself and I still have 6 orbs to go lol.  Congratulations!

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      Nice work!

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      Well done! 💯

  7. PSNP removes cheaters, PSN does not based on that comparison alone it is logically and statistically impossible to draw an accurate conclusion as you are comparing inaccurate samples based on the assumed criteria
  8. Is the vote locked for 1 submission per user involved in the session? I have seen instances of users being spiteful and it would be a shame for someone to negatively rate someone based on personal indifference as opposed to participation within said boosting session. Otherwise as always nice work Sly!
  9. I had this issue when I started playing a couple months back. I completed the troll loot quest treasure on multiple occasions and yet the trophy did not pop. I emailed the devs directly through their website, within 5 days a developer emailed me back saying he manually progressed my storyline and as soon as i logged in the trophy popped and the quest completed. They will have the issue resolved eventually they are pretty good about keeping the player base happy, engaged and informed
  10. #122 & 100% Marvels Lego Avengers

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      Great job! 👍

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      Well done! 💯

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  11. Any R&C, Fallout: New Vegas or Horizon: Zero Dawn
  12. @Fenderfix21 - Black Ops II.. The one COD game that eluded me during my COD fanboy phase lol