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  1. Tip for Magnate trophy This trophy can be obtained very easily, for this you need to craft a legendary chest from engineers for 60 coins (approximate price) which is very cheap.
  2. Crossout in 2021 PVP and PVE can be found quickly without any problems, but there is a problem with the Leviathan raid, if you have only 5000 power points (minimum to play Leviathan) then you can not find a match, I waited several times for 50 minutes and did not find anything and I know that the other guy had a similar situation, but when this guy and I started playing together, we were able to find a match in 3 minutes and then everything was fine, you can play alone in Leviathan, but this requires a machine with 10,000 power points to find a match.
  3. If short: No. I'll just insert the text from my video where I mentioned this topic, I advise you to watch the video because I will show screenshots there, where I got the information from and if you are interested, you can find and read it yourself. Video: "How to get all trophies in AdVenture Capitalist (trophy guide)" - 1:44 - 2:52 - about banned for glitch (There are timecodes in the comments) Banned for glitch? You are probably interested in the question, are they banned for this? I spent an hour and a half looking for an answer to this question, the only thing I found was a message from Hyper Hippo Productions on steam, who wrote that yes, they banned players who cheat in events, and messages from one guy who was banned during an event when he poured in a ton of in-game currency for promotion and the system considered that he was cheating. I found messages from people who got VAC banned in steam, but I honestly think this is not due to AdVenture Capitalist, but for the use of cheats in other games. It seems to me that this guy is right that you will only be banned if you use the glitch during events. Messages in terms of banning a psn account for using glitch, I simply could not find, not a single one. From my own experience, I can say that I got all the trophies on the 16th January 2021 using the glitch and after all this time nothing happened. P.S. If you do not believe, then I advise you to look for information about this yourself, it will not be superfluous.
  4. You are welcome, thanks you. :з
  5. Hello, I decided to make a separate video showing how to use a glitch with a good look, because others shoot the TV screen with their phone and it looks bad. I was looking for a similar video, but did not find it, so I decided to do it myself, I will be grateful if you watch the video, because then there will be a greater chance that a person will find the desired video with a good appearance. Thanks to everyone who watched the video and good luck.
  6. Hello, I created a guide for AdVenture Capitalist. In this video I will: 1. Tell about 100% characteristiс. 2. Tell about "banned for glitch?". 3. Show how glitch works (not with my shaking hand like others do). 4. Show the trophies and tell how to get them. 5. Tell about one bug when your game isn't saved and how fix that. I also created subtitles for a video with the Languages of the European Union, I got the idea that someone might find this useful, I hope they are translated normally because unfortunately I do not know all of them, sorry, but I only know 3 languages. Basically that's all, good luck to everyone in getting trophies, and I will also be very happy if my guide helps someone. :з
  7. It's so cute, thanks. :з Agree with you about DmC, remembered video where said just like: This game all would love if her name was not "Devil May Cry".
  8. Wow, so fast... Thanks you very much. :з Yeah, these ninjas so hard, remembered how was hard to kill 2 together, I hated them so much and one day I got tired of everything and bought a lot of "Large Devil Trigger Star" and when I saw them I immediately used devil trigger. By the way, I will do more guides, wanted create guide next for God of War (I have text for this video already), but I haven't time for mount video and record my voice now, so I decided create short and simple guide for AdVenture Capitalist.
  9. Hello everyone, I recently created a short guide for DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition. I hope my guide will help someone. :з There are English and Russian subtitles in my video, if anyone needs other subtitles like: German, French, Spanish, etc., I can try to find the time and do them with google translate. P.S. Hope I speak English well, because English doesn't my native language and I a little worry about this.