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  1. I also agree with this.
  2. In Trophy Advisory, when I click to sort by "Order" it won't let me select "Achievers"; it always stays on "Rarity". Also, I agree with the green and blue highlights being too faint.
  3. God of War - 2 years 7 months
  4. Make sure none are hiding under any side mission beacons if you haven't completed them all already.
  5. God of War Collection; however I just started really playing it in the past week. It took me 2 years and 7 months to Platinum the first GoW.
  6. I got 13 Platinums.Three rarest are Worms Ultimate Mayhem, LittleBigPlanet2, and Batman Arkham City.
  7. 1,325/1,686 total trophies 79.47% complete I would like to get above 85%.
  8. My first Platinum was InFAMOUS and it was my 68th trophy.
  9. 833 bronze / 1,277 total = 65.23%
  10. Worms Ultimate Mayhem 5.20%
  11. I'm working on Borderlands. Only have the viral trophy from co-op and then the level 50 trophy. I'm currently working through the DLCs to gather experience toward level 50 and obviously the DLC trophies. Next up will be AC: Revelations since I put that down months ago. I'm also slowly working on Tony Hawk HD...
  12. Borderlands. Then going back to Crysis, I think.
  13. Just go to the PSN+ left menu and select the Borderlands game inside there.
  14. I go for Platinums because of that idea of "mastering" the game. The game developers came up with these things to do to get the most out of the game. I like to feel like I did everything the game had to offer.