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About Me

I'm just a simple guy who has been a gamer since childhood.


I personally go for quality over quantity when it comes to the games I choose to Platinum/100%. Because of this, I refuse to platinum games such as My Name is Mayo or anything similar. I have nothing against these type of games, I just hate that they're made for the sole purpose of being Platinumed in no time at all for a cheap buck.


Majority of the S ranked games on my list are games I've played before in the past on different consoles and have cherished my whole life.


My Current Goal Right Now

I've made a list of games I'm gonna platinum for now in the following order:

  1. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros (I know it has no platinum but I've always wanted to play this, mainly to get context for MGS5: Phantom Pain)
  2. Dead Rising 1 (Putting Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record on hold, at least until I don't care about keeping a 100% streak)
  3. Akiba's Strip: Undead & Undressed (Played before and thought it was pretty good. Gonna replay this again and get the platinum)
  4. Life is Strange ( I have never played this game or any of the others before. I've heard nothing but good things about it so we'll see soon)
  5. Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  6. Life is Strange 2
  7. Life is Strange: True Colors
  8. Night in the Woods (Never played before but heard good things about it.)
  9. Spyro Trilogy - Spyro the Dragon (I've never played Spyro growing up even though I would've loved it if I did. I was more into Crash Bandicoot)
  10. Spyro 2: Ripto's Revenge
  11. Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

Any games I've completed will be slashed through.


Current Goal Progress as of 10/8/2021

Finished Platinuming Life is Strange. Will soon start on Life is Strange: Before the Storm


Personal Main Goal To Achieve Someday

100% Red Dead Redemption 2


What I've Been Up To Lately

Playing through Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode. It's seriously really good, Barry is a really good character to use throughout.


Finished Batman Arkham Origins (Xbox 360) on New Game Plus and I am the Night mode, as well as the DLC:Cold Cold Heart. Playing Arkham Asylum and City made me want to play Origins again. Despite being the black sheep of the series, it's still really good.


Also played Snoot Game, a parody Visual Novel a couple of months ago. Absolutely loved it. I do plan on playing Goodbye Volcano High once it comes out, mainly because I'm extremely curious as to what kind of game its going to be. And also see how much it pales in comparison to Snoot Game.


My Personal Thoughts on Games I've Platinumed/100 Percent-ed

Angels with Scaly Wings

I thought the story and characters were really good. All I have to say is this: Adine is best dragon, with Remy right behind her.


Dust: An Elysian Tail

When it comes an awesome indie game that was worked on by 1 guy, its this game. Beautiful artwork and amazing gameplay to boot as well.


Kingdom Come Deliverance

I was really blown away by how invested I was in the story, especially the main character Henry. The game has Skyrim's world but Oblivion's leveling up system and it somehow makes it work. Seriously, I really recommend this game to anyone looking for an immersive single player experience.


Life is Strange

After hearing nothing but good things about this game, I finally got around to playing it. I thought it was very good. The final choice was pretty easy for me. Considering I liked Chloe more than anyone else, I chose to save her over the other choice.


My Personal Most Annoying Trophies Earned

Fallout 4

Benevolent Leader - This is one was incredibly annoying to obtain. Thankfully you can do this with one settler at the Red Rocket Truckstop. I saw a comment on a YouTube video about getting this trophy but basically assign the settler to a Bar, have plenty of food and water in the workbench, then sleep for 2 hours and wait 1 hour to make the happiness go up. Rinse and repeat till 100 Happiness.


Eyes on the Prize - The method you can use to make this process easy is honestly pretty stupid. Basically you line up 5 Basketball machines till the hoops line perfectly with each other and just crouch with the ball and put it in the hoop over and over. Pretty stupid method but it works.


Final Fantasy 9

Bloodlust - As much as FF9 is my favorite Final Fantasy game, this trophy is just absolutely absurd. You can grind this easily in the forest after beating the plant boss, but holy hell does this take forever. I'm not kidding, it probably took me several 6 hour sessions to grind out the kills for this trophy. When it comes to trophies that require killing certain number of enemies, this one defiantly takes the cannoli. Speaking of which....


GTA: Vice City

Taking the Cannoli - The hardest part of this trophy is not getting a Sea Sparrow and shooting at a Truck with a rubber banded controller for several hours, but the massive prep work you have to do first. Not only do you have to get 10 million dollars, which THANKFULLY you can do easily with the side game, Cone Crazy, but you need to get to the other mainland by using an Ambulance to glitch through the gate pier and get a helicopter. On top of that, you have to get 80 hidden packages all over the map to unlock the Sea sparrow and only THEN can you finally work on getting this trophy.


Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Sounds of the Battlefield - Screw the Chicken Emblem. No seriously, not only do you have to get over 150 Alerts, over 500 kills, over 50 continues, and use 50 recovery items but you also have to finish the game with a playtime of over 35 HOURS. Not only that but you have to play the game 8 TIMES to get all the emblems and only then do you unlock the IPOD song:Snake Eater to finally get this trophy.


Star Ocean Till The End of Time

Bunny Betting - As much as I loved this game on the PS2, I never bothered with the bunny races. I did 2 one time and never did them again. The fact I had to get 1000 points was absolutely absurd. But after 873 races and 3 and 1/2 days later, I did it. Needless to say, I am NEVER doing this again on a normal play through. And for those wondering, I did not use a Turbo Controller.


My Personal Hardest Trophies Earned

Batman Arkham City

All 4 character's challenge medals - This was pretty time consuming, not only was it really RNG dependent but some of the medal conditions were just absurd, such as Catwoman's Caltrop Trip in Lost City and Friends Fly for Free at End of the Line.


Of all 4 characters in terms of difficulty I'd say Catwoman's was the hardest, then Nightwing, followed by Batman, and finally Robin being the easiest. All i gotta say is thank goodness for the Free Medal buff otherwise End of the Line Extreme would have ended me.


To sum it up, The Predator maps were frustrating, but the Combat Maps were extremely easy. Last note, Top of the World Extreme and End of the Line Extreme can go screw themselves.


RE7 Biohazard

You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em - Of all the DLC trophies, this was the one I was most worried about because of how luck based it is. Thankfully on my 3rd attempt, I had 2 Perfect Draws and Destroy++ for the last guy and took him down in one turn.


King of the Swamp - Forget Ethan Must Die being difficult, this one I died many times. That quarantine area 2 with the gators and fat molded was the worst section I've ever played. Felt so good to finally get this trophy. All I gotta say is thank god I had the Spirit Blade.


Crash Bandicoot 4: It's about Time

The Platinum Trophy - Those damn Time Trials almost did me in for how strict the Platinum Relics were. I could handle the gauntlet of Toxic Tunnels, I could handle the terrible polar bear hitbox in Bears Repeating, but for some reason I had trouble meeting the really strict time requirement for Rock Blocked. Seriously, it's like you have to play absolutely perfectly. I don't even want to know how one even gets the Toys for Bob relic.


Hollow Knight

Embrace the Void - The Radiance can go to hell. I had to go through the boss rush about 5 times before I finally got the trophy.