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  1. Ah gotcha. I actually got most of the legendary trophies so far, just need 3 more. If you need a fourth at some point for help you can add me on psn.
  2. Hey, are you still looking for a fourth player? I’m thinking of trying to get a group together to tackle legendary trophies.
  3. Gotcha, i’ve seen that a lot of times I try to SOFLMA as passenger I don’t spot anything besides vehicles (on-foot enemies don’t get marked). But last few games its been fine…strange glitch.0
  4. This sounds strange, but I think SOFLAM in the LATV4 recon only works in passenger when there is someone else in the car. Just had a match on Hourglass and I got 64 assists when I had a driver.
  5. I havent found a single damage+ on the obsidian run. What seed did you have if you happen to have it?