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  1. As most of you probably know, there was a glitch to beat Titan mode on the PS3 version and now this time there is an other glitch to make your playthrought much easier on the PS4 version where you can have every thing maxed out in the very beginning and skip directly to the final fight. *Forgot to tell that you'll need to beat the game once first in order to perform that glitch So here it is :
  2. Look at the trophies descriptions it looks like you just have to complete the game normally and get the plat lol.
  3. Yeah for some reason this trophy is glitched, Ive just beated the game and thought maby by the end it will popped, but it didnt, Idk how did this happen but.. anyways if anyone had the same issue and found a way to fix it, please let me know. edit : what piss me off is that this game save data is only online, which means I cant try restarting the game ..
  4. Damn you're right, but I wish there was a way to make a back up ... as I spent over 35h in this game Lol
  5. Yeah i know but how am I suppose to "start over" lol ..
  6. Are the servers still up for this game??
  7. Hi, so I was wondering if there was any way to buy anything from the UK ps store even if my account is register to the NA/CAN store. Because I'd really like to purchase an avatar, but for some reason the avatar is a UK store exclusive.. Any idea/tips? Thanks
  8. well buying stuff with a different account only work with games, avatar can not be share between accounts
  9. This is off topic but it's funny how we have the same amount of plat and you have more trophies than me, but yet I am 1 level ahead Lol
  10. lmao just be reading the game title, I bet it's one ugly ass game with an ez plat
  11. lol at this
  12. best way is to record your gameplay, Id say if someone disconnect, no matter the reason, the game keeps running and its to bad for the team. If you knew you had connection issue, why even participate in a tournament? lmao
  13. Put me with: Ewin_CAM - Team Fat
  14. Actually nvm I just got the trophy
  15. if people still want to go for that glitch its simple, dont update.
  16. instead of going through the portal near the minotaurs, trying going down from the same portal you came from . I had the same issue at first.
  17. lol^ "shame"? it still has a plat & its on the ps4, works for me.
  18. hopefully this rocket game will have a plat Haha
  19. Is it really necessary to make a guide for a game that can be plated in less than 3 hours...?
  20. What a rip off, it's 75$ in the Canadian store...
  21. Lol this guy should be a Trophy Officer
  22. really?? I mean it's a video game lol... Stop the killing? Call of duty? Gta? Every shooting game? Hahaha