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  1. Solo or with others? If it was solo, then that's because someone on the dev team had the absolutely amazing idea to disable progression in solo. Why? We may never know. Thankfully they're looking into that and will hopefully let us earn trophies in solo. If you were playing public or private matches with others, then I'm not sure why the trophies aren't unlocking. I haven't had a single issue so far.
  2. Every act has been beaten on Nightmare on PS5. You might want to ask those people how they did it.
  3. I want the Jurassic World Evolution expansion pack, but the PSNP guide says that the DLC makes the base game platinum longer but the PS3T guide says the DLC doesn't affect the base game. I've already gotten the Jurassic Park edition so if the DLC does affect the base game I'll already have one DLC to deal with. I'm considering getting Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, the Fallout 4 Season Pass, and the gold edition for AC Origins but I'm not sure when I'll play them. I've also looked at Umbrella Corps just so I can say that I have every Resident Evil game that is available on PS4/5 but I'm not sure I want to spend the money just to do that.
  4. From what I'm seeing, you don't get the results screen on very easy difficulty. You'll have to play on either easy or normal for the results screen to pop up.
  5. According to the trophy guide, you need to beat the game in under 4 hours, not 4 hours 30 minutes and from what I can find about the different versions, the time limits stayed the same across all versions of the game.
  6. Back them up just in case I want to revisit them.
  7. I used Atomic Shark with Shadow Teeth and the organs Advanced Sonar, Targeting Sonar, Hearty, and Reinforced Cartilage. The atomic blast you can do tore the Atomic Leviathan apart, especially with the damage boost from Targeting Sonar. There is also a health regeneration organ you can use instead of one of the ones I picked.
  8. Can you make a private lobby, play with bots, and earn trophies there? Or are private matches how the game does its solo mode?
  9. No. Why would it?
  10. I feel the same way. However, I am legitimately terrified of going for this trophy considering RE8 Mercenaries actually made my Dualsense start drifting. Hell I'm already scared that FF7 Remake on hard is killing my controller. I've honestly considered getting someone to do it for me with their own controller but I really want to get it myself.
  11. I wish Sony would require devs to implement trophy tracking in PS5 games instead of leaving it up to them. Avengers would've been a great candidate for trophy tracking due to how grindy some of the trophies are. The number count also shouldn't just be the same as the percentage like how Aliens: Fireteam Elite is doing it.
  12. Just for the trophies? Sure. As a new MP game? Hell no, especially if you're on PS4. I've been playing since 2017 and this game will get incredibly frustrating if you try to make it your main MP game. I went from only playing this game to only playing it periodically. The developers got extremely lucky and found a playerbase that is ridiculously loyal and secured high profile horror licenses. A game like this would normally be dead in less than a year. I could go into a long post about this but I'll try to give you the short version: Last gen console performance has been terrible for years and devs seemingly don't care enough to actually fix it. Killer designs have actually been held back because of this. I am convinced that the only reason the game runs so well on PS5 is because of how much stronger the console is, not because the devs suddenly got competent. The devs sometimes won't take consoles into mind when creating new Killers (Nurse and Trickster are examples). For some reason, the playerbase can be extremely toxic, more so than other games. The grind for a new player is insane. You have about 50 characters, 150+ perks, and hundreds of add-ons to get, and that's if you don't want to get everyone to prestige 3. The balance is not very good. The developers are prone to caving under pressure when it comes to balance decisions and also focus their balancing decisions on low levels of play, often ignoring the higher ones. This leads to the game becoming incredibly Survivor favored as you reach the higher levels of play. Only 2, maybe 3 Killers can actually compete at this level. These devs do not care about accessibility at all. It took years of requests and a dev snapping on stream for colorblind options to be announced. Some Survivors will rapidly click their flashlight to taunt you, which can be harmful to people sensitive to flashing lights. I'm 99% sure there is no warning about this either when you start up the game. The matchmaking system does not take into account people who take breaks, so you can come back and the game still thinks you're good as you were three months ago. The game breaks very often and each patch brings in several bugs. Some of the bugs present in the game haven't been fixed since its launch in 2016. Sure this game can be a blast when everything's working properly (that's why I still play it sometimes), but so many pieces have to fall in place for that to happen. If you're going to play this on and off, then I'd recommend it. But you want to make this your main game that you're going to be playing for hours and hours each day, then stay far away from this game, especially if you have limited time to play each day.
  13. Miles Morales Resident Evil Village Jedi Fallen Order (autopop) Maneater Ghost of Tsushima (autopop) I'm very close to the plats for FF7 Remake and Dead by Daylight.
  14. I recently got into Resident Evil with the 3 remake, loved it, and quickly bought the rest of the series available on PS4. It's up there with God of War as my favorite video game series. Village was my first collector's edition. I've got the platinums for 3, 2, 7, and 8. None of them are at 100%.
  15. I would think so. That's what I did for Black Ops 3 and Arkham Knight. I have the discs but I bought the deluxe editions when they were on sale and downloaded the season passes separately. BO3 Zombies Chronicles ended up being free thanks to the PS Plus Collection. As for the PS3 version, I don't think you'd get the season pass for it. I think all the PS3-PS4 cross buy promotions for COD games have expired by now. You'd have to buy the PS3 digital pro version separately.