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  1. Apologies if there's already a topic on this, couldn't find one myself What was the very first anime that you have seen? The very first manga you ever read? (If you can remember ) My first anime: My cousin made me sit down and watch it when I was a kid, he was always drawing his own fan art and watching anime. He got me into it all. My first manga: My very first manga was a random Dragonball one that I just decided to check out from the public library way back in the second grade. Can't remember the exact one, but my faint memory says that it looked very similar to this
  2. Not sure if this thread has already been created or not, just popped into my mind now as I'm trying to find FC3 lobbies. Sorry if it has... Just basically say whether you would fight the avatar (or person, if you wanna get all personal) above you or run away. Feel free to explain why as well. So fight or flight?
  3. but just as
  4. Banned for banning my good childhood memories. Like sitting through boring church just to get free churros after.
  5. Look at them legs, hell yeah.
  6. Should know there's a lot to hate about them.
  7. Bloosh
  8. I really need to start buying more longsleeve undershirts, work has my arms looking like I enjoy cutting myself.
  9. You're under arrest for boobage.
  10. Banned for making me think of the outdoor swap meets we used to frequent with my grandparents when I was little.
  11. My character Wulf from Way of the Samurai 4. He's an unpredictable dude who runs around defeating worthy opponents in nothing but blue/white striped boxers and enjoys night crawling whenever possible....sweet. I don't see where you could go wrong.
  12. Forgot the royal gifts.
  13. centuries ago when
  14. for all University
  15. Could be a good lead victim in the same movie.
  16. Banned because I lost at least 20 pounds while dead.
  17. @Rose Amicitia Hahaha, thanks my friend. And here's for you. 💀💀💀
  18. Should know that goes without saying! :P (Haven't actually watched anything in months, lol, my time either goes towards playing or watching videos on youtubes.) Although I probably should mention certain titles I'm into or something.
  19. I'd probably say it was the one in which some man was chasing a kid around a car with a kitchen knife and I was trying to run and stop him. He stabbed the kid once in the chest as soon as I got hands on him and it ended with me stabbing the guy in the cheek multiple times while I had him pinned down. (there was no blood in the entire nightmare though). The thing that made this the worst nightmare for me was seeing the kid get stabbed and hearing him cry out in pain. Stabbing the bastard who did it was no big deal though. Another one is this strange recurring dream I often get that takes place in different locations every time, but ot always the same thing. I am in a house alone and there is always a door locked somewhere in the location. I never see it but I just know that there is something behind the locked door, and that is it. No banging on the door, no hideous creature jumping out at me, just this very very heavy sense of fear that feels unbelievably real! I've never felt fear like I do in that dream, it's almost like I feel myself scared shitless in my bed while I'm experiencing the dream simultaneously. There's also a heavy sense that I'm being watched and stalked closely. I just can't believe how scared I am in these dreams, it's the kind of fear that hurts your stomach with sharp pains. Started having them within the last month or so, about once every other week.
  20. A shot from this video.
  21. Only after soul-transferring you in the flesh pits.
  22. And the Blood Queen still remains.
  23. Witnessed my sleepy return.