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    I was gonna make an awesome profile like the others, but....naah, just gonna say a bunch of stuff. I'll update and add on things as they come to mind xD My name is Mark, I am mixed with black/mexican, and I'm just a pretty laid-back gamer who enjoys action titles, fighters, and RPGs. I wouldn't call myself a trophy hunter, I play more for fun. My second love in life is music, I listen to a lot of genres from hardcore,all the way to zen. I don't even bother with separating my music by genre anymore. I watch a couple of animes, but I prefer reading manga. I'm into the old school and bloody stuff. And I like cheese. And bacon.

    Uh, I am the youngest of my mother's four children. I am pretty weird when it comes to music. I might be thrashing to some hardcore punk one minute, then meditating to some chill zen the next.

    I'm pretty weird to most people, but not in a bad way :D Hate math even though I was great at it in high school. Loved writing essays and did the best in english ( don't apply that to my typing here xD ) For a pretty clever guy I sure do say, think, and notice a lot of weird random crap. I have small conversations with myself when alone, but they are usually just trying to decide something, so I see that as perfectly normal. I also like to make little catchy songs on occasion, or just say random things at the most random times.

    I only turn on my television for the following :

    .It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    .American Horror Story
    .Rick & Morty
    .The Ultimate Fighter
    .Original Looney Tunes
    .Loiter Squad
    .The Eric Andre Show
    .Off the Air

    .Maybe some stuff I forgot :/

    I think Desert Punk is my favorite anime of all time, yeah. Akira is my second and Samurai Champloo is my third.

    I love blue, purple, and black.

    I wear black most of the time, nothing emo about me though.

    If a stranger is staring at me, I wave at them. And I'm very protective over my loved ones.

    I love the beach, raised in the smoggy city. I enjoy making myself cold just to get all warm and cozy, not the other way around though.


    . Japanther

    . Sublime

    . Nirvana

    . System of a Down

    . Rage Against the Machine

    . Slayer

    . Mayhem

    . Misfits

    . Antischism

    . Suicidal Tendencies

    . The Casualties

    . Clouddead

    . Deltron 3030/Del

    . Gang Starr

    . Immortal Technique

    . Jedi Mind Tricks

    . Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9)

    . Atmosphere

    . Flying Lotus

    . Bonobo

    . Apex

    . Grimes

    . Eek-A-Mouse

    . Scientist

    . King Tubby

    . Bob Marley

    . Peter Tosh

    Oh yeah, I'm crazy about everything space. If it's not on this planet, I love it. My favorite type of art is surreal, especially dark surreal! I was never into paintings as a kid, unless it was by Van Gogh. Something about his Starry Night painting pushed me to find more paintings that bring out the eerie darkness I felt. So now I enjoy finding any art that relates, a lot of the famous haunted paintings interest me as well. I am not for the bright paintings with popping colors, I love dim and dark colors!

    I like turtles, dogs, and jellyfish. Iguanas are cool too.

    That is all for now...

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