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  1. @Rose Amicitia Hahaha, thanks my friend. And here's for you. 💀💀💀



    I a

    m the epitome of a notorious serial killer
    I am the mystical king of your misery
    Sociopathic, we spray automatics
    The measures are drastic when Scarecrow attacking
    The bloody ass package I wrap up in plastic
    There's not enough of your corpse for a casket
    Keyser Soze, I set souls on blaze
    The nickel plated razor blade
    My sector of Hades amazed
    Demonicily crazed a wicked race
    Come back with me to hell
    I'm cannibalistic for blood and I want me a taste
    Erasing the every damn trace of your waste
    I bite off your face not enough for a case
    Oh what a tangled web we weave
    Black widow triple 6 degrees
    Maniac from Mercury..."


  2. I'd probably say it was the one in which some man was chasing a kid around a car with a kitchen knife and I was trying to run and stop him. He stabbed the kid once in the chest as soon as I got hands on him and it ended with me stabbing the guy in the cheek multiple times while I had him pinned down. (there was no blood in the entire nightmare though).


    The thing that made this the worst nightmare for me was seeing the kid get stabbed and hearing him cry out in pain. Stabbing the bastard who did it was no big deal though. :P


    Another one is this strange recurring dream I often get that takes place in different locations every time, but ot always the same thing. I am in a house alone and there is always a door locked somewhere in the location. I never see it but I just know that there is something behind the locked door, and that is it. No banging on the door, no hideous creature jumping out at me, just this very very heavy sense of fear that feels unbelievably real! I've never felt fear like I do in that dream, it's almost like I feel myself scared shitless in my bed while I'm experiencing the dream simultaneously. There's also a heavy sense that I'm being watched and stalked closely. I just can't believe how scared I am in these dreams, it's the kind of fear that hurts your stomach with sharp pains. Started having them within the last month or so, about once every other week.