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  1. Getting stoned. :P Seriously though I was always good with writing. I've been getting complimented on my writing skills since grade school. It was just natural because I HATED writing essays but always got great grades on them. 


    Same question

    2 hours ago, Hyakulegger said:

    A gay protest or a gay parade?


    Hmm... No. Except cigarette butts.


    Ever drop something on the subway rail?


    It was a parade but it was during a time when the gay communitu was protesting a lot, that's why there was such a large police presence. Cool thing was that it seemed to be mostly fem lesbians there. :P 

    Same question, skilled in anything in particular?


  2. Hworang


    Actually I meant the real animals, but the characters are what made me think of them. :P


    Pork or beef?