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  1. For Local Battle 1,000, it says "Played 1,000 Multiplayer Battles" so i don't think it matters if you win, loose or draw. I'm pretty much sure a match is finished until someone won all the required set. If you need 5 set to complete a match, you will need to play more (5000 set in total). A good strategy could be using 1 set by match, one minute battle with block pressure to optimize the time for this trophy. It should not matters if you use a 2nd controller or play with AI. Good strategy for Bomb 1,000,000 and Destroyed 1,000,000 Blocks. I haven't yet looked for these trophy. There is a bomb that can destroy all block in the range of the explosion (pierce bomb or spiked bomb). It would be great and more easier if it's possible to gain this bomb from the start of a battle.
  2. Same here. I did at least 3 times all the map of the 3 Districts and found nothing. I searched for an accurate map, and found out there was a shard literally on the ocean. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/99-infamous/13-rockhound It's on the Neon District (south island), on the right. There is a destroyed pier. The pier do not appear on the map, so the shard is in the ocean. You need to jump from pillar to finally get this shard. If you fall into the ocean, you restart at the beginning of the pier.
  3. I tried to play in the hardest difficulty. Until then, it was a bit hard but nothing impossible. On the roof of the FBI HQ, Jones go in front line even when I tank with XIII to protect her and she keep dying most of the times during the mission. I found ways to continue with each try. The checkpoint is in a room with 3 killed enemies's bodies (in this room if I remember correctly : https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-XvB-x6SeQ&t=1808s), XII and Jones both having very little health. I had the very unpleasant surprise to found a bug where the 3 dead enemies get back to life at some point when you keep restart at the checkpoint (XIII fell in the hole and respawn at this checkpoint). So you start the checkpoint surrounded by them, and XII either get killed or Jones is killed. I even tried suicide attacks, but in the end XIII got killed lots of times (enough to get the trophy Get good). To be clear, the first few reload at this checkpoint the enemies were dead. But at some points, there were respawn and attack XIII and Jones when they are exposed in the middle of the room. I probably have to restart the chapter (or the game) from scratch to at least finish the game (one day when I will get motivated).
  4. I had a hard time to get this trophy. You need to use Execution on a burning Berserker. There are 3 ways : 1) If you do it the "normal" way with the ability Execution (every 8 consecutive hits) on a burning Berserker, then it's quite hard. I tried many times, but it didn't work for me. 2) You can also use the Double Charge ability to use Fire Arrow (need 8 Hit Streak) on a Berserker to burn it and then try to Execute it before the fire stop. I think it's more harder. 3) I used the ability Wraith Execution. When used, it allow the player to freely Execute any enemies during a limited time. I found a Berserker near a fire camp, killed all enemies around, used the ability to freely execute enemies, grabbed the Berserker, throw the Berserker in the fire camp to make it burn, finally directly execute the burning Berserker thanks to the ability. It's better to kill all others enemies or they might come between you and the Berserker.
  5. At the end of the mission, you can see stats and deduct how many enemies you killed and how many you missed. Remember the total enemies to hunt and try again. Whistling in the map is indeed a good way to attract missing enemies. You can also alert the enemies to make them actively search you (when a guard found a body by example). Look into place you might not have already found.
  6. I think Yurei is easier than Oni. I always missed at least 1 enemy and at to repeat again a mission. An enemy can discover a body or is suspicious and try to found you, it won't void Yurei. When an enemy spot you and try to kill you, Yurei is over for the mission. Reload checkpoint and try again. You can play in Oni mode to kill every enemies (and hide their bodies with shadow powers) or play in Kami mode with full stealth.
  7. I used the thief, put all points in damage when level up, had the last armor, had a decent weapon and around 120 hp for the fight. Strategy:
  8. Eye of the Beholder Strategy:
  9. If you don't want to be spoiled of the story, please don't read the theories about the end of the game below. I played the game some times ago, but I theorized some parts and wanted to know what others players think about it. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  10. There are 3 trophies that should need 3 playthroughs : Flesh and Steel : Play as Corvo or Emily. In Mission 2, refuse the Outsider's powers and finish the game without powers. The Lovers : Play as Emily. In Mission 2, accept the Outsider's powers and make 2 humans kill each others with Domino. Domino is Emily's special power and Corvo don't have it. Circle of Life : Play as Corvo. In Mission 2, accept the Outsider's powers and do the trophy in Mission 5. Possession is Corvo's special power and Emily don't have it. I used Corvo to do my 1st playthrough in Clean Hands, Shadow and Flesh and Steel, so I will have to do a 3rd playthrough just to gain Circle of Life in Mission 5 for the platine. I thought about how to do it in 2 playthroughs, so here my tips. 1st playthrough : Play as Corvo, kill many (High chaos), accept powers, get all collectibles. 2nd playthrough : Play as Emily. Play Stealth, no kill (Low chaos) and without powers. Save and reload to do specific trophies. It should be more easy to do stealth on your 2nd playthrough since you should know more about the plot, map and enemies. Thanks to amazing work of others contributors, there are many guides and tips. Please refer to them for complementary informations. 1st playthrough : Play as Corvo with powers in High Chaos and do all related collectible (Art Collector, Well Funded, Souvenirs, and Royal Spymaster) and killing trophies. Loot lots of runes to upgrade Possession for Circle of Life in Mission 5. Mission 1 Imperial Seal Freedom of Speech Sliding Marksman Familiarity Breeds Contempt part 1 : Rob the safe. Mission 2 Jewel of the South Stay of Execution Heart Whispers Songs of Serkonos part 1 : The musical duos are civilians. Be careful to act nicely in front of them, or they will run away. If they don't play music, they saw a battle or a body. Reload or restart Mission. Black Market Burglar : Before Mission 8, if you rob more than 1 black market then the duo in Mission 8 will not come and the trophy Songs of Serkonos will not be possible. Heartbeat Reaper Morbid Theft Fatal Redirect Mission 3 Fearless Fall Rogue Acrobat Counter-serum : needed for Souvenirs. The Beast Within Mission 4 Place of Three Deaths part 1 : kill Paolo for the 1st time. Clockwork Collector Silence : kill Jindosh in ninja style, then loot the manor. It required to have powers to do this trophy. Labyrinthine Mind Mission 5 Circle of Life : in Mission 5, need lots of runes to upgrade Possession so be carefull. You can save before doing this trophy, then reload and use your runes as you see fit. Oracular Echoes Occult Carver Mission 6 Songs of Serkonos part2 : get in stealth mode in the saloon. If you give the Overseer's body to Paolo, they won't play. You should kill/neutralize stealthy the Howlers around to be in front of the duo and listen to their music. The duo should not be alerted or see you put down people. Place of Three Deaths part 2 : kill Paolo 2 more times and get the trophy. Faithful to the Abbey : give Paolo's body to the Overseers. Mission 7 A Night in 1849 Under the Table : you can get it or save it for 2nd playthrough. Flooded Basement Dilapidation Mission 8 Heart Whispers : count continue in new playthrough if you forgot this trophy. Spirit Thief : Delilah's soul will take the place of Jessamine in the heart. I didn't try if Heart Whispers work with Delilah. Down with the Duke Songs of Serkonos part 3 : Listen to them in front of the black market.If you robed more than 1 black market before Mission 8, they won't play. Mission 9 Familiarity Breeds Contempt part 2 : Rob the safe again. Gazebo Art Collector Well Funded Souvenirs Royal Spymaster The Greatest Gift : you need to manually release Corvo/Emily after defeating Delilah. It's not automatic. The Royal Protector Empire in Chaos 2nd playthrough : Play as Emily. Don't kill any humans for Clean Hands. Don't be spotted by anything (humans, dogs, clockwork soldier) for Shadow. You will need to finish the game without powers for Flesh and Steel (read more detailed informations for Mission 1 and 2). Mission 1 : Save before talking to Meagan on the boat and start Mission 2. Ghostly Alternative Approach Mission 2 The Lovers : Accept the Outsider's powers. Do the trophy, then reload the save in the end of Mission 1 and finish the game without powers for Flesh and Steel. Mission 6 : Read the Jindosh's door riddle, then save in front of Jindosh's door. Reading the riddle will make sure it will not change when you reload your save later. Howlers โ€™til the End : Deliver the Overseer to Paolo. You can get the code for the door (write the solution or screenshot it) or solve the riddle with your brain later. Reload in front of the Jindosh's door. Eureka : You can bypass most of the Mission 6 by just getting to Jindosh's door. It will be more easy for Shadow. Open it (without finding the solution in the game) and start Mission 7. Mission 7 Under the Table : if you didn't get it during 1st playthrough. Mission 9 Years Ago, Another Time : only work in Low chaos. Clean Hands Shadow The Empress In Good Conscience Flesh and Steel
  11. It work an any human (civilian, soldiers, ...). I got it killing a civilian. Since they are mostly unaware of your presence, it's more easy to use it on civilians.
  12. In mission 7, the trophy should pop when you climb on the balcony. I had a bug when it did not pop. I tried to get back on the floor and climb back on the balcony (past and present) until it worked.
  13. I finished the game for first time with this challenge. Fun to play because it's more harder Without powers, you can't go to some specials path including collectibles (like for Art Collector) and can't evade more easily being spotted. Make different save in case you are spotted to reload. Tips for clean hands: it's allowed to kill Clockwork Soldier, Dog (including witch's familiars but the witch will be alerted when it's killed), rats, fish, bloodfly. Don't kill humans (soldiers, civilians, bloodflies guardians, boss/targets, ...). Tips for Stealth: humans, dogs, clockwork soldiers can spot you. When suspicious, the alert bar will be white. When white, it will try to found if there is something. If spotted again, the alert bar will become red. If it's completely red, you are spotted and it will attack you. Reload previous save when spotted. You can also check in you stats if you were spotted. If a body is found, the bar will be white and it will search around but it will not count as being spotted. At the end of the mission, you also have stats to see if you killed and were spotted. You have the choice to try the mission again from scratch or continue the next mission. Good luck ๐Ÿ˜†
  14. Mission 4 : Paolo visit the black market and then go back in a alley (where the windows is open). From afar, shoot Paolo with a sleep dart (best if they re at the end of the alley) and run before the 2 Howlers (Paolo's bodyguards) spot you. Paolo's body will disappear and it will count as killing Paolo one time with no kill count. Mission 6 : Put Paolo to sleep with Sleep dart to "kill" him a second time. Paolo will come back to his office. If you put Paolo to sleep a third time, it will not count for the trophy. Save. Kill Paolo for real the third time to gain the trophy and reload your save to not have killed Paolo for Clean hands. I wanted to give Paolo to the Overseers to see if it will count as killing Paolo with Clean hands, but he died accidentally before I could try. I moved on, but if you are curious you can check if it work.
  15. In High chaos, there are 2 naturals opportunities in Mission 5 to do this trophy with the power Domino. On a roof in front of the Royal Conservatory, you have a female soldier talking with a female civilian. The soldier will push the civilian off the roof at the end of their talk. Near the Black Market, 2 females Howlers will play robbing in hope a dumbass will save the fake victim. At the end of their talk, the fake attacker will be pissed by the acting of her comrade and kill her. In Low chaos, the fake victim will play her part and at the end they will not fight. There is also another male Howler hiding near them to join the fight against you if you are spotted. In High chaos Mission 6, near the Overseers target's office there are 2 Overseers. One of them is in the bed, and the other in standing near him. The Overseer in the bed is dying (hurt by a Howler) and his comrade will kill him to relieve the pain. I used a soldier as shield (when using R1 but not strangle the target) and make the other targeted soldier kill him to gain the trophy. Update: if you buy the power to turn bodies to ash, know it only work for people you killed. If a NPC kill another NPC, the bodies will not disappear (even with Domino).