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  1. Enough to make people want to have safeguards should this happen to them one day.
  2. Actually, putting it up to a vote was genius. What happens after this will be the community's responsibility.
  3. They are all for the extra workload plus the drama that comes with it.
  4. This is also about respecting one's own gaming experience. Would you be able to have a good time with your hobby on a sick console that god knows what kind of issues will throw at you the next time you boot it up and start earning trophies? This is far from being worried about having a few glitched games here and there in all the years you've spent with playing on an otherwise stable system. You would think that the people affected would recognize that it's for their own sake to do something about this. A trophy site shouldn't be the one that "forces" them to do that.
  5. Unless you already know about the bug, you just don't care and leave a trail of glitchy mess all over the leaderboards before you get the inevitable "warning". I say this with the obvious potential of being labelled as an ass-licker but I really feel sorry for the CRT considering what's on the horizon for them.
  6. What I mean is options #4 and #5 don't make too much sense. They would have to hide the games anyway, why go through an unnecessary process before doing so? Unless the concept is to let even more people roam free with a pile of shit on their profile until they get caught, encouraged further by the fact that they can repeat this unlimited times.
  7. Stupid question, but does the "requirement of hiding the games" option mean they need to hide them immediately when they notice the issue or only when their games get reported?
  8. How many triple-A games does one have to play so that they fit your standards of a true gamer, chief? Just so I know.
  9. @visvoer18 quoted me in this other thread that has been closed so I reply here. No, that's not what I was saying. Both @ikemenzi and @The_Punisher_NL are "worried" that their problems stem from the shitware games they flood their systems with, yet they keep stacking them even after they were told that should they be flagged again for this anomaly, there will be no leniency. And this has nothing to do with how unfair or illogical the current leaderboard ruling regarding this PS5 bug might be. If it was me, I'd definitely slow down a bit until the situation isn't addressed properly.
  10. Don't think about flaking, he'll remember.
  11. As the trophies say "play" and not "win", I imagine they unlock immediately after you join a match, so you probably don't even have to finish them.
  12. Make sure you have enough slots for every item you take from a lockbox. For example, if you attempt to grab 5 arrows, you should have no more than 45 in your inventory, as the game doesn't seem to like when you're unable to take all 5 and it might crash.
  13. A round for everyone before they close the bar.
  14. Digital is practical to players who jump from one game to the next, without hardly touching most of them, until they find one they really like. I stopped filling up my cabinet with physical games once I realized they'll just be a playground for dust mites and baby spiders.
  15. I can't. Your AC2 analogy shattered my core belief about gaming, and pherhaps life itself. I need time to reassess what I've thought was right and wrong in the last 26 years, since I first played Dyna Blaster. How much time, I don't know yet.