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  1. Use Soul Thief that passive combined with  Nocturnal flash ( from persona fusion or skill card) which can make the enemy dizzy

    to get a higher chance of making the enemy dizzy

    get the passive Dizzy boost ( from persona fusion or skill card)

    use the skill on a wave of enemies multiple times

    and get from low SP to your max SP in a flash



  2. Heyho

    first i wanted to thank you guys for the suggestions, tipps and runs

    and  i did try every suggestions and looked up max stats guids and persona skill guids and stuff like that

    to get the personas you mentioned with maxed stats

    and i havent seen anyone mention my own quite a lot faster snake king run build in here

    so i wanted to mention it and saved a video of a run with everything i use

    1. i ofc started with metatron till i was lvl 90

    2. then i build max stats alice and black frost so i can clear my way till sendai

    3. i did the black frost snake king runs till i got about 450-500 sp through the first 2 enemies + snake king with SP Incense and of course powered up my teammates with everything except sp and hp incense

    4.I buff myself up with Heat Riser and use Debilitate with Metatron on Snake King

    5.  After that I use Nocturnal Flash on Snake King which has a high chance of making Dizzy

    6. I finish him up with many Technical Morning Stars from Lucifer and all outs+showtime

    I think this build and run is way faster then the Black frost version

    I still need about 2 hours for my own platinum